How do I get more engagement on Instagram in 2019?

In total, Instagram ranks second to Facebook in popularity. But for online marketers, Instagram is a top notcher. The statistics say it. Forrester states that Instagram rate 4.21% in engagement. Statistically speaking, IG outranks Facebook by ten times, and Twitter 84 times!

These results make it hard for many starters in the modern days to compete with the leading ones. If you are one of those newbies, you are in luck because, throughout our discussion, we will give steps and tips that will be very useful for gaining more engagement on Instagram. The guides we offer you are very exact help for social media marketing in 2019.

Steps to increase IG engagement

  1. Finish your Instagram bio

To attract new followers, you must have a good and complete Instagram bio. Your Instagram profile is your brand’s homepage, and if you want people to follow your page, you must adjust it to be very easily understood. Your bio will tell them what your business is about. You should give a style that talks directly to the audience. This style gives you more possibility of gaining quality followers, prospects, and hopefully, customers.

  1. Schedule your Instagram stories to gain more views

Brands should be active to draw followers and increase engagement rates. However, the posting must be done in a moderate frequency, not too rarely and too often.

According to researches, the right timing is a regular one to two posts per day. Identifying the best time to post on Instagram is also crucial, especially when trading with Instagram’s algorithmic timeline.

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One feature you can use for revealing your own followers’ Instagram activities by using the Insights feature of your Instagram Business account. It will give you the information of when your followers are mostly online and enable you to schedule accordingly, assuring your posts stay at the peak of their feeds.

  1. Attach interactive stickers to your Instagram stories

If you want to improve your Instagram engagement, you need to use stories that are all the rage on IG. One ideal way to enhance Instagram story engagement is by making use of Instagram’s extensive library of interactive story stickers. The famous Q&A sticker, opinion sliders, and two-option voting sticker are included here. These stickers let your audience very quickly engage with your brand page. Just make sure that you are not using a similar interactive sticker in some of your Instagram posts. To make it enjoyable, mix it up a bit.

  1. Have concern to your Instagram branding

To build brand awareness on Instagram, you should be clear, creative, and consistent. Try to concentrate on centre fields like displaying your profile, building style patterns that keep your images looking new, and studying hashtag usage. Your interaction with your audience should be regular. This will build up engagement and commitment.

  1. Examine the full scope of Instagram video formats

There is no doubting the efficiency and fame of online video content. Instagram sees this and gives a series of video options for marketers to use. From Instagram Stories that can mix up videos and combines into a single ad to standalone 60-second videos great for long-form traits, make sure you apply the strengths of each video format.

  1. Write long captions
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An Instagram caption can be up to 2,200 characters long. That should be enough to make up the right message. Take note that one of the factors that influence how your Instagram post does in the algorithm is “time spent on post.” The easiest way to get them to spend a significant amount of time on your post is when it has extended captions. The challenge is, you have to make it very engaging so they will read it down to the very last word.

  1. Speak up about your brand and business

Nowadays, people on Instagram await more from brands than just product shots. They also want to recognize your brand’s mission, the people behind the brand, and where and how your products are made and produced. Lucky for you, Instagram is an excellent place to share this information with your followers and, in return, you may find your audience feels more associated with your company and actively follows and gets involved with your account.

  1. Review your analytics

You should always keep track of the efficiency of your Instagram marketing and how it cooperates with your overall marketing aims. To boost engagement rates, you must know which parts of your system is working and which is not. There are a lot of analytics tools you can search for. For example, you can use Socialinsider. This tool will let you have the possibility to track your posts’ performance, monitor comments and count the number of likes your posts get. Developing your number of followers and likes is a constant goal that needs time and a very well planned approach.

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Final thoughts

Just like your online market itself, your Instagram profile is a continuous process. If you want to compete for more engagement in 2019 and beyond, apply the provided tips above. Then, sit back and see how your audience likes it.


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