Yive Stacker CTR Unlimited Lifetime Deal! | Improve Rankings and Click Thru Rates With This CTR Deal

Yive Stacker CTR Unlimited Lifetime Deal! | Improve Rankings and Click Thru Rates With This CTR Deal

Yive Stacker CTR Unlimited Lifetime Deal! | Improve Rankings and Click Thru Rates With This CTR Deal

Get the Lifetime Deal here:

Are you struggling to get clicks on your online ads? Do you find yourself constantly tweaking your campaigns with little success? Look no further than Yive Stacker CTR Campaigns! This cutting-edge tool is designed to help you optimize your campaigns and improve your click-through rates (CTR) like never before.

Yive Stacker CTR Campaigns uses advanced algorithms and data analysis to identify the most effective keywords and ad copy for your target audience. It also provides real-time feedback and insights to help you adjust your campaigns on the fly and maximize your ROI.

But don’t just take our word for it – Yive Stacker CTR Campaigns has already helped thousands of businesses and marketers increase their CTR and achieve their online advertising goals. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, Yive Stacker CTR Campaigns is the game-changing tool you need to take your campaigns to the next level.

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Yive Stacker CTR Lifetime Deal

Yive stacker CTR Unlimited in this video We’re going to talk about yive systems And their stacker CTR campaigns they Just released an unlimited version which Means that you can get a lifetime Monthly recurring deal where they give You 2 000 or I’m sorry 20 000 credits Per month for a one-time payment of 397. So what does this mean what’s the deal About let’s get into it so first and Foremost what it means is A CTR campaign through I’ve stacker is Where they actually allow you to plug in A website uh URL and what they do is Their system behind the scenes goes and Searches Um through Google for a specific keyword That you enter and they try and match it Up with your URL and then they click on It and spend a little bit of time on the Website so so what this really does is It boosts your search engine rankings uh Because you’re getting click-through Rate per keyword they’re going to spend Some time as mentioned on the website And engage a little bit so it gives Boosting signals as you can imagine to Google there’s nothing to install There’s no proxies no vpns blah blah Blah blah it’s all handled by their System and again it’s twenty thousand Credits per month so let’s get into how It works so when you do purchase this Plan

Um I actually had the uh the the One-time um credit offering of a hundred Thousand uh before I upgraded to the uh To the recurring 20 uh 20 000 per month But really what it means is it’s going Back it’s one credit per Um per click and so what we’re gonna do Just keep that in mind is we’re going to Use a a website here and uh I’m gonna Just call this the Primitive survival Tool Um campaign and so this is going to be The the concept is going to be the Keyword I’m searching for or that I Wanted to rank for so I’m gonna just put My search keyword in here I can put Multiple in there and again Um they’re going to find my URL with the Keyword Um on Google but just make sure that You’re doing a comma separated if you’re Doing using multiple So I’m just going to copy in the URL of The page I want it to drive traffic to Match any is always good so if for some Reason primitive survival tool pulls Another URL in Google higher up they’re Going to try and get that one for me and Just start driving traffic to it there You can change your geolocation I’m Going to be using uh United States and Really what they do is they allow you to Mention how many clicks you want uh in a Given time period so a maximum of two

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Thousand so for this purpose I’m just Going to a thousand clicks to my website And uh it’s got to be more than seven Days I’m gonna do 30 days and basically What this will require is a thousand Credits so again I get 20 000 credits Per month recurring so imagine getting You know if I want to do 20 000 over 90 Days for example that would use up my Monthly recurrence but at the end of the Day it’s still 20 000 per month so I’d Have 60 000 over that three months period but You can do you know uh 500 you can do 20. you can do whatever you want um I Always try and do big numbers like 500 000 or 2 000 Um and I usually do a 30 60 or 90 day Campaign just so it’s spread across Evenly um so I want traffic going Consistently Um to that website through Google Um in order to boost it so um again it’s One click per um credit so all you’re Doing then is hitting next step now Something to keep in mind is that if You’re not ranking Um in a certain period or certain area So if you have no ranking whatsoever for That keyword the campaign will stop Automatically and if it doesn’t use any Clicks then that those clicks will or Those credits will be refunded but Usually what I try and do is find

Something in the first you know top 20 Um on Google top 20 uh positions on Google and if this isn’t there then you Know then it’s just gonna refund I don’t Think that this is actually ranked in The top 20 but I just wanted to Demonstrate it and so this one Run for The next uh you know 30 days Um or whatever I get yeah 30 days and It’ll take about 33 clicks per day based On the thousand credits and uh you know Really it’s it’s simple Um again all you’re doing is finding a Website that you want to rank for Um and find a keyword obviously it’s Great for getting CTR and spending a Little bit of time on the website Um but again lifetime value of 397. Um is super impressive I know that There’s uh you know that people spend a Lot more money on this on on a monthly Basis Um just to get like about 5 000 uh Credits or clicks to a website so uh Having twenty thousand clicks to Websites during the course of uh a month Unlimited recurring um for a one-time Payment of 397 is a no-brainer so I’ve Got a link below uh if you want to take It take advantage of this offer Um there are no refunds on this so make The decision beforehand before you buy It Um they’ll only be um be issued within

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The first seven days after that you’re Done on and if you use more than 20 25 Of the credits then obviously they’re Not going to issue a refund if you’ve Used half of them or whatever so Um really uh I’m a big fan of yai Systems um I’ve used them in on multiple Occasions Um I do miss their uh their YouTube uh Tool that used to let me um kind of pump Uh some YouTube credit or views to uh to The system but I guess their system was Overwhelmed so this does not work on YouTube but if you do have a website It’s a it’s a fantastic way to uh to Boost your ranking so again link below Hope you uh take advantage and I’ll Catch you on the next video

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