Pictory Affiliate Program Review & Demo | Plus My 2 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners

Pictory Affiliate Program Review & Demo | Plus My 2 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners

Pictory Affiliate Program Review & Demo | Plus My 2 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners

💰💵Pictory affiliate program signup and free trial
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The two other recurring affiliate programs I love
💰Go HighLevel: https://diy.agency/recommends/ghl-affiliate/
💰Marketing Boost: https://diy.agency/recommends/marketing-boost-affiliate-program/
Demo: https://youtu.be/gqF__GEmswg

How to Promote Pictory using YouTube:
video 1 recorded 2 weeks ago https://youtu.be/CNGduxRAEH0
video 2 recorded yesterday https://youtu.be/JaaNtuQLwtc

Also promoted on my website:

How to find keywords and topics:
Google Alphabet method
Shine Ranker Free Trial:

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners Program Links:
Pictory – https://diy.agency/recommends/pictory/
Use Code: DIYA20

GoHighLevel – https://diy.agency/recommends/ghl-affiliate/

Marketing Boost – https://diy.agency/recommends/marketing-boost-affiliate-program/

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🔥▬▬▬▬▬My Favorite Affiliate Programs▬▬▬▬▬💰
💰Go HighLevel: https://diy.agency/recommends/ghl-affiliate/
💰Marketing Boost: https://diy.agency/recommends/marketing-boost-affiliate-program/
Demo: https://youtu.be/gqF__GEmswg
💰ClickFunnels: https://diy.agency/recommends/clickfunnels/

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Pictory Affiliate Program Review & Demo | Plus My 2 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners

Pictory Affiliate program and demo. Hey, what's up everybody? This is Adam with DIY agency. And in this video we're gonna
walk you through the Pictory Affiliate Partner Program. And first I'm gonna show you
exactly what it is and walk you Through all the good details of it. Then I'm gonna show you how I
promote it and how I've made, uh, You know, money already within
first two weeks of promoting it. I'm gonna also share two other
affiliate programs where I'm Making thousands a month, and
I'm gonna share exactly what I'm. How I'm doing it so that
you can copy these ideas and Start making money yourself. So if you're a beginner or you're brand
new to affiliate marketing, um, this Is gonna work for you and all you have
to do is kind of just simply copy the Concepts that I'm putting out there
and start doing the same things and You'll be making money in no time. Okay? So I'm gonna start by walking you through
the Pictory Affiliate Pro Partner Program. And as you can see, um, they offer the
opportunity to make, um, up to 50%. Of each new Pictory subscriber. And, uh, they also offer an
opportunity to get a free lifetime Pictory premium account, um, plus
a thousand dollars cash bonus. So let's start. Um, there's a link below
if you use my link. Um, I'd certainly be,
uh, appreciative of it. But more importantly, um, there's, uh,
you know, just simple and easy way. If you do become a picture, uh, you
know, partner, um, and you become a Pick subscriber, um, you can actually
save 20, uh, percent on your account Lifetime by using MyLink below. Um, but it'll also give you free access to
the, uh, the pick, uh, affiliate program. So really wanna start
at the beginning here. If you just get started, um, you
automatically get 20% of every Subscription for new paying customers.

Um, they do incrementally grow that number
based on how many customers you have. So I'm currently at the 20% cuz
I literally just got started with This program and I'm already making
money, which I'll share with you in. Um, you also automatically get 10% of
commissions paid to your sub affiliate. So if you do sign up through me, um,
I will make 10% of what you make. So it's not 10% of the new
subscribers, but 10% of what you make. Um, so it is really a nice
little bonus if you can get a Lot of sub affiliates below you. Um, however, I'm really here
to just talk about this. The, the partner program itself. Um, you also are able to provide
a unique discount coupon code to Every subscriber that you sign up. And so basically any, uh, any customers
that use that coupon code at, at their Checkout, we'll get 20% discount on
their subscription for the lifetime of. Subscription. All payments are made via PayPal and
there's a minimum $10, uh, $10 payout That you have to, uh, qualify for. Now, they do, uh, make you wait
30 days after, um, payment has Been made to them before they're
gonna start, uh, paying you out. That's pretty much standard. So there is also a v I P
affiliate partner program. Um, as soon as you refer your. Paying customer, um, they
start boosting you up to 30%. Um, and that's a pretty nice deal. It's an extra 10% per month. And then you'll actually get a, a, a
promo discount coupon code that's a Little different that offers the ability
to do flash sales and promotions, um, That are different from the current. Um, program, if you're in the, you know,
the base standard affiliate partner Program, at that point, you'll also
receive a one year premium Pictory Account, which is a pretty nice deal. Um, so it's, uh, it's certainly worth
it just to get 50 people signed up. Um, and uh, the next phase is the
Super Affiliate Partner program. Um, as soon as you get 200 and.

Partners signed up or paying customers
signed up, um, you'll actually be Getting 40% on top of, uh, a lifetime
premium account, um, with pick. And then beyond that is just
a simple mega affiliate. So, um, once you've gotten your
500th paying customer, which is Immense amount of people, but it
can happen very, very quickly. Um, I'm gonna show you that I've
been promoting this very, uh, Short period of time and I had four
customers signed up just yesterday. So, um, once you get 500 people signed
up, you are then eligible for 50% Of every new signup, which is a, a,
a really awesome partner program. Um, they also will give you a
one-off thousand dollars payment Just for reaching that level. Um, you can also then start to
receive payments directly to your bank Account as opposed to PayPal, which
is a really nice feature as well. Once you get from the standard
to the mega, you're gonna be Getting up from 20% to 50%. Um, and there are phases. So you'll get 30, then 40, then 50. Um, you'll get a, a one year Pictory
account once you, um, once you hit the The v i P affiliate partner program. Um, once you hit the Superaffiliate
part partner program, you get a lifetime Account, which is really outstanding. Um, at that point there's
really no upgrade on that. But instead, once you hit the
mega affiliate partner program Level, they'll give you a thousand
dollars bonus, which is a one time. But who couldn't use a thousand dollars. All right, so now I'm gonna start
to explain what I'm doing, how I do it, and the results I've
had, uh, very, very quickly. So, as mentioned, I just got
started with this pro program. Um, I actually just started
signing up, um, customers. Uh, my first new, um, new
promotion was two weeks ago. Um, I've gotten 310 clicks. I've had four referrals, four
customers, uh, and I've made $45. Now, this all came last. Um, which was pretty awesome to see.

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Uh, I really, I, I think I, I made
two videos, which I'll share with You in just a moment, and the second
video really caught fire a little bit And, uh, and, and got people going. But I want to talk to you really quick
about affiliate programs in general. So this one's awesome. Um, again, I'm at the 20% level
and I get 10% for every, uh, Every, every sub affiliate. The beautiful thing about this
affiliate program, which I love, is It's recurring and what that means. , each and every month that you
have a subscriber set up, you Are gonna get paid for it. So, um, if every one of those
people stays, I will be making $45 Every single month just from them. And that's assuming they don't
upgrade their, their program Going from like a standard to a,
uh, to, to the premium accounts. Um, so I'll get a percentage of. Fees every single month for
as long as they're there. So it's not a one-time sale, and
that's the beauty of a recurring Subscription affiliate program is
every single month I'll be getting Paid and I only had to do it once. So I already sold these
customers, pickies, sold Those customers on my behalf. And as long as they retain them,
I get paid and I don't have to Do a single bit of extra work. Now, obviously I'm gonna do more
work because I want to reach That 500, uh, sub-account level. Um, I want to, I want to absolutely
be a mega and, uh, you know, and, And make that extra thousand bucks,
but I'll continue to promote it. But if I didn't, as long as those people
stay, I'll be making $45 every single. All right, so I just finished filming
the affiliate marketing video, So I'm cutting this in right now. Um, if you look at the
timestamp here, it's 1248. If you look at it during the video,
you'll know that this actually Happened during the actual, um, video.

Uh, again, it's not a lot of money,
um, but I just got another sale, Um, while filming this video. Um, so we're, uh, I think it
was an extra $3 and 68 cents. I got an email in it as soon as
I finished, uh, vi the video. So I just wanted to add this in. Um, now back to the main video
about affiliate marketing. So let me share two other programs that
I promote, um, constantly, and it's Because I believe in them significantly,
and they are also both recurring. Affiliate marketing programs. So the first one, and I'll get back before
I, before I leave here, I will get back To, to how I promote Pictory exactly. So that you can copy that
exact per uh, you know, script And, uh, and, and platform. But what I also wanna do is just
share these two others and there Will be links below to sign up for
their affiliate programs as well. I highly recommend you sign up for
Pictory and these two other programs. So the first one, Go
high level or high level? Um, I just wanna share with you, I've
been, this is the last six months. I've been promoting
them for a little while. As you can see, I've made some decent,
um, decent money and about, you know, Over a thousand bucks every single month. Um, just from their
core affiliate program. Now they have two different levels. Um, they have their SaaS platform,
they're supercharged SaaS Platform, which is a completely. Um, affiliate program, but once
you get somebody, you don't have to Distinguish how you, you promote it. You don't have to distinguish
where they, you know, they spend Their money with go high level. They just automatically will start
giving you money whether they're as A regular program or SAS program. So let me show you real
quick the SAS program. So this is the supercharged SAS program. As you can see, I'm making, and again,
we're here halfway through the month that

Are about 500 bucks, uh, making another
thousand dollars every single month from. Um, so I just wanna show you that,
you know, every single month I'm Making a decent amount of money. I've already made, uh,
almost 1200 bucks this month. . So there's a, a great opportunity to make
a lot of money with high level, um, or go High level, whatever you wanna call it. Uh, the, again, this is
a recurring platform. This is for agency services. So if anybody, you know, is, um, running
an ad agency or anything like that, Um, even small businesses can benefit. Um, they do all kinds of great
things, go high level offers, Uh, Agency value, um, services. So, um, if you do o own a ad agency
or you know, somebody that, that Does, I certainly high re highly
recommend they be customers of it. I'm a customer of go high level
as well, as well as a, a partner In their affiliate program. And I recommend the affiliate program
as well, so, The next thing I wanna Talk about is marketing Boost. Marketing Boost allows you to do
incentivized, um, uh, promotions. Um, so if you're doing affiliate marketing
or you run a business, um, you can Incentivize people to sign up with you by
providing, uh, complimentary, uh, vacation Travel, which means that if they go to. I don't know. There's, there's literally like a, a,
a couple hundred I think, destinations Around the world in inside the US and
around the world now, uh, where basically What we're doing is, or they're doing, is
providing complimentary vacation stays. Um, and so what that
means is they pay for the. The nightly, um, fee in the hotel. They don't pay for the travel, they don't
pay for the wifi or any resort fees, But, um, you know, if it, whatever the
room and tax is, essentially they're, Um, you're, you're able to give a
complimentary hotel Stay for that. So what I just wanna share with
you, um, is, is real simple. Um, this is, uh, this year or so again,
um, I'm making about, this is again, Just, uh, we're, we're two months in.

Um, I'm making about a thousand
bucks every month from this, and all I'm doing is giving away vacations. Now I am a customer of Marketing Boost. I am an affiliate marketing partner. Um, actually, uh, highly
recommend their affiliate program. There's a lot of core training behind it. If you sign up, which is free, if you sign
up for their affiliate marketing program. There's a lot of training behind
the scenes that will give you all Kinds of information about how to
promote, promote marketing boosts. , but as well, how to promote all,
all kinds of different products and Services through affiliate marketing. So I highly recommend that as well. Um, and again, links below for
both Go high level and Marketing Boost in the, uh, description here. So let's talk about
how I'm promoting Pick. So as mentioned, I just got started
promoting Pick, uh, two weeks ago. The first thing I did was I made a video,
and it's literally 13 days ago as you can. Um, I did a pick review and
how I'm making faceless YouTube Videos in minutes using pick. Um, it's integrated with chat g p T,
but basically you can watch this video. It's a 25 minute video and I literally
walk as a customer of Pictory. Um, I walk everybody through
exactly how to make faceless YouTube Videos, um, utilizing Pictory now. Um, this one did pretty well. Got a lot of, uh, lot of views. Um, however, uh, I don't know
that I got any sales from that. Specifically, what I do always recommend
is you put in the, you know, in the Description below a link, your affiliate
link, um, as well as the promo code, as You as, as it's mentioned, um, to get 20%
off for as long as you're using Pictory. Um, that's really all I do. Um, I, I put some information
in the description. Um, I'll have the link below to
this video so that you can check it Out and watch it if you want, and,
uh, you know, copy the concepts. Um, I then made a video
yesterday, um, literally just

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Made it yesterday, 19 hours ago. Um, and again, this one is a demo and a
review of Pictory tutorial and review. And again, it's a demo and review
of Pictory and chat sheet, G P T, um, script integration. So I showed. , I use the chat g p t script and
then make again a faceless video. So a little different video. Um, 19, uh, or I'm sorry,
17 minutes long again. I got four brand new customers last night. Um, whether it's from video one or
video two, I'm not quite sure, but That's the only promotion I've done. Now, the one thing I also do
is I have a DIY agency website. I post each and every single
one of the videos that I. Onto that website, but literally all I'm
doing is just copying the information From the website, same exact information,
and posting it up onto my site. So I did the same thing again. I'll have links below to those posts so
you can see what I'm doing on diy.agency. So you'll, it's literally the
same videos, um, that I posted on. . Now you may be asking, well, I don't
know what the content to write about, Or I don't know how to, you know, I
don't want to know, you know, I, I'm not Sure how I should integrate, uh, chat
G b t or what, what should I talk about For a mil affiliate marketing program? I don't know high level,
how can I promote that? How can I promote, you
know, marketing Boost? So I'm gonna share with you a secret. It's really not even a secret
that I use for every single one Of the promotions that I do. I use two different platforms. The first one's free, the second
one's paid, but it really gives me Keyword ideas and content ideas. So the first one is
simply going to Google. So if I want to promote Marketing Boost,
for example, I'm literally, literally Going to start typing in Marketing Boost. And as you can see, I've already
used, you know, marketing,

Uh, boost affiliate program. But what you're gonna find is it
will automatically start giving you. Content and keyword ideas that people
type in regarding Marketing Boost. Now I use the alphabet system where really
I look for, for more ideas behind the, You know, the first 10 that they give me. And so I'll type in a, and so we'll
see affiliate, affiliate login about Agency awards, and then I'll go with b. And so you'll start to see things
that start to not necessarily, Um, work, but I'll try. C So marketing boost, customer
service number, campaign Ideas, um, all that stuff. So as you start, Typing in
destinations, for example, um, Keyword or, you know, I'll take g. Um, that one doesn't have
any real marketing boost. Pricing comes up. But, um, really gives you a starter set
of keywords that you can start to look at. And from there, obviously
you'll have content ideas. So if you start batching a couple of
them together, you know, like marketing Boost pro pricing, uh, marketing
boost destinations, uh, marketing Boost, uh, affiliate program, all
of a sudden you can either do three Separate posts or three separate video. Or you can integrate them into an
all-in-one video about Marketing Boost and its affiliate program. Um, so just the same we'll have
go high level, um, you know, you Have affiliate login, pricing
support, um, you know, reviews app. So again, it's going to give you different
things that you can start using for a's, Uh, for b's, you know, uh, for, for, you
know, again, we'll try a different letter. Um, let's try. Um, you know, pricing,
phone numbers, power dialer. As you can see, there's just tons of
different keywords that are out there That give you a lot of information
to try and start creating content. Regarding those content ideas. So if I was gonna be making a video
about go high level right now, I might Want to be looking at pricing plans or
their pro plan, a deeper dive into it.

What is their power dialer? People are literally gonna type in, you
know, what is go high level power dialer. And if you give a tutorial about
go high levels power dialer, then You're more than likely going to
start ranking for that keyword. So hopefully that makes sense so far. The next thing that I do is,
again, this is a paid tool. I'll have a link down below, um, for
this as well in case you're interested. Um, there is, uh, an affiliate program
associated with Shine Ranker as well, But what I do is I use a program called
Shine Ranker, and so all I'm gonna do. Is, I'm gonna enter some keyword
topics, um, and I'm not gonna give You a tutorial of this platform. Um, but it's a, it's a pretty cool tool
to give you an idea of, uh, you know, Keywords and things that are out there. So since we're talking a lot about
affiliate marketing, we will do Affiliate marketing programs. And I know a lot of you are
beginners, so we're gonna make Sure that we showcase that keyword. So I'm gonna hit submit and this
will run for just a few seconds. And what we're, you know, if you
wanna specify your language or Location, you can do that as well. But I'm gonna let this run in
the background for just a second. And as you can see, it's starting
to find a lot of keyword. Um, for me to choose from. And so there's all kinds of silly
stuff, um, that's gonna be relevant And we can start to again, figure
out what's getting the most Searches on a, on a monthly basis. Um, it gives me difficulty,
which does vary by location. Um, average cost per click. So if I'm running any kind of
affiliate, Um, keywords and I want to promote a program. That's one thing. But we can also use Google AdSense
or adera or any of those other Platforms where, um, they're gonna
pay me for posting ads on my website. Um, and that way I can make
a little bit extra money.

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And obviously the ones that have
the higher CPCs will start to Give me more money, um, for them. So as you can see, it's come
up with a d a lot of different Keywords and there are some d. But what I'm gonna be looking for is the
ones that are in green, they're gonna Be the easier ones to, um, to rank for. Um, Shopify affiliate program has 1300. Um, now this again, is
not a perfect science. Um, but really what I
want to do is start to. Figure out, um, a bunch of different
keywords that might be relevant, uh, To what I want to promote, or if I
don't know what I want to promote. Um, again, I would type in, you
know, high level into those keyword Topics and see what comes up. Um, but we're gonna look for
things that have a, um, a decent Amount of keyword search volume,
and then a, a relatively lower. I ideally, I'm looking for something
that's in, you know, under, under 40. For me if they're in the
twenties, that's pretty good. Um, so I'm just gonna go through this
in a couple minutes and, you know, Again, legendary marketer affiliate. I know that these numbers are not perfect. I know this one has a lot of
different affiliate programs. Um, or there's another affiliate
program that's that's out there and People just kind of, people in the
program promote the program and it's One of those pyramid, you know, deals. Um, so I don't necessarily recommend that. Um, it's very expensive as. Um, but again, it just gives me ideas
on what keywords that might be out there That might help me to create content on. So, circling back, what I'm gonna do
is I'm gonna try and find something That's relevant for picture. And again, what I, as you can tell,
the three I've searched for so far are Tutorial review and affiliate program. Um, what are my videos? Picture review.

PIC to tutorial End review. And this video that I'm recreating
creating right now is about The PIC affiliate program. So as you can see, it's not rocket
science as far as what to create and Therefore it's simple for you to copy
and you'll probably be a com competitor. You may outrank me, but what I'll
do is keep creating content for Multiple different affiliate programs. It's a set it and forget it philosophy
because they're recurring billing. Meaning again, Pictory go high
level, and Marketing Boost are going. , keep trying to retain your
clients, and if they do, they're Gonna pay you every single month
and they're doing all the work. It's a brilliant system. That's why people love
affiliate marketing so much. That's why I love affiliate marketing
program, uh, program so much. That's why I love the Pictory
Affiliate Marketing Program. That's why I love the Go high level
affiliate marketing program, and That's why I love the Marketing
Boost High Level or Marketing Boost affiliate marketing program. Now, here's something I
recommend and it's not required. Become a customer. I'm a customer of all three. I'm a customer of Pictory. I'm a customer of go high level. I'm a a customer of marketing boost. That way I can truly get in the back end
and understand what they are doing, what The system does, what they're all about. So it's easier for me. To promote them because I know who it is,
right, for I know how to sell it because I, I'm actually a customer myself and I
can explain exactly how it works to people Via videos or via blog posts or whatever. So it's not a requirement,
it's just a suggestion. Again, if you want to check out any of
these, um, all three links are gonna Be below for the affiliate program. Um, I do recommend that you check
out their, uh, the actual customer

Side, that most of these have free
trials as well to be a customer. So, um, you know, give it a shot,
become a customer, dig in the dot the Backend, and then promote the program,
um, the affiliate marketing programs. And let me know how you're doing. I'd love to hear how you're, you're, you
know, doing with your affiliate marketing. If you have any questions, please let
a co let me know through a comment. If there's anything you'd like to see in a
future video, also leave a comment below. And as always, uh, if you like the quality
of this content or you like the quality Of the channel, don't hesitate to to
hit that like button, um, or smash that Subscribe button so that, uh, you know,
I know people are, uh, are continuing to, Uh, appreciate what I'm putting out there. So, um, hopefully you got a
lot of value from this and I'll see you on the next video. Thanks. Hey guys, I want to quickly interrupt
this video and say thank you for Watching, and as a way of adding more. Um, if you do sign up, uh, with the
link below, any of the links below, Uh, that are in the description, uh,
what I wanna do is give you a, uh, Complimentary vacation incentive. Um, basically what we do is we offer,
and it's not a hundred percent free, But uh, as you can see, there's tons of
different countries around the world. Uh, we'll use Mexico as an example
where you can have a six day, five night Stay, for example, in Cancun or Maslon. Um, you know, and basically those six
days for $150, basically all you're Doing is paying the taxes and fees. And what that means is like the
wifi fees and everything, um, you Do have to pay for your travel. Uh, the hotel room itself is
covered minus taxes and fees. And again, this is, you know,
there's places all over the Country, uh, in the United States. They're, uh, they're all over
the world, quite frankly. You know, if you want to go to Italy,
if you want to go to Spain, uh, you Know, the uk, uh, just about anywhere. Um, that you'd want to be Australia.

You know, there's Sydney for, again,
$44 a night in taxes and fees. Um, th these are, you know, really nice
hotels that you're gonna be staying in. And, uh, just wanted to, you
know, share that with you. So if you do sign up,
just reach out to me. Let me know that you signed up using my
link, and I will make sure that you get, Uh, you know, one of these to utilize. So, back to the video.

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