What is DIY.Agency?

DIY is a Philadelphia Based Company who got it’s start focusing on online advertising, specifically SEO for small businesses.  We are constantly learning and investing resources to get the best results for our clients and students.  Let us do the hard work, and spend all our free time figuring out SEO, agency building, and affiliate marketing so you can focus on operating your business.

Does it work?

We are a “do what we do” company, meaning… we use the exact same “industry best” strategies for our clients that we use for ourselves.  Ask us for proof, and we can show you countless examples of our own #1 rankings in tons of cities.  We get rankings and results for you the same way we get them for ourselves.

Case Study – autolightpros.com

Case Study_autolightpros.com The Client started our services in February of 2015.
The client sold their company around March 2017, after the traffic got super high and the owner got an offer he couldn’t refuse!
So our SEO services were canceled then. You can see in the chart as it started to drop off.
The original owner said the only SEO he had going was ours, which accounted for the massive keyword gains.
This is an extreme example of a ton of keywords ranking… It is very common, however, for many more than just the target keywords to rank.