Types of Social Media Advertising

If you want to get a hold of a big target audience quickly, you need to have access to the quickest way to connect to them. This approach is a must-have for different kinds of online marketers. All types of social media advertising are arguably profitable for one’s online visibility. These ads draw valuable opportunities in digital marketing forms. These bits of ads make most of the information users share on social media to offer them content as highly personalized as it can be and, as such, conversion opportunities.

More and more online businesses are going on board with on social media advertising. The opportunities and categories of ways to stretch out to our audience seem unending, with seemingly excellent examples of promotion on social media and personalization. To create particular campaigns on social media to reach a wide range of different business aims at moderately low prices, you can make use of Social media advertising. They are an incredibly practical and versatile advertising channel for any brand.

Let us investigate exceptional examples of advertising through social ads on social media platforms with the highest user base, so that you can get a hint in a bit more on the new social ads selections, or even if it is your first time venturing into these grounds.

Why are Social Media Advertising is important?

Simple answer:

Many people are hooked on social media these days. Some can even spend their entire weekend looking up to tweets and notifications from all their social media account on different social media platforms. For example, there are over 500 million Tweets published every day, and on Facebook, over 300 thousand photos uploaded, and there are about four million shares every minute. For big and small online marketers, this could mean a big opportunity for catching a whole bunch of new target audiences.

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To understand everything about Social Ads, we need to know every aspect of it. In order to do that, you need to know first the types of Social Media Advertising. This will help you choose which kind of Social Media Advertising will best suit your brand. Also, this guide will help you be wise and avoid the options that are not needed.

What are the types of social media ads?

Facebook ads

Facebook ads are intended to help you complete one of three wide types of campaign objectives:

  • Awareness: Strengthen brand awareness or increase reach.
  • Consideration: Grant traffic to your website, boost engagement, promote app installs or video views, generate leads, or inspire people to talk with you on Facebook Messenger.
  • Conversion: Perform online conversions, do catalog sales, or drive foot traffic to offline stores.

Photo Ads

In extension to a photo, Facebook photo ads incorporate 125 characters of text plus headline and link description. They can further add a call-to-action button like Shop Now or Send Message. You can design your photo ad in Facebook Business Manager, or simply promote a post with a picture from your Facebook Page.

Video Ads

Facebook video ad options vary from brief mobile video ads up to 240-minute promoted videos intended to be viewed on desktop only. With so many options, itis crucial to have solid goals and understand who your target market is and where your video will approach them. Brief videos tend to have greater completion rates. Though, if you’ve got a piece of compelling information you can go a little lengthy.

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Instagram Ads

Facebook dominates Instagram. So they hold the same three general categories of campaign objectives as Facebook ads:




Photo and video ads

Your Instagram photo or video will seem like a usual Instagram post—except that it will state Sponsored in the top right. Depending on your campaign goal, you may also be able to attach a call-to-action key.


Collection ads

Just like Facebook Collection ads, these highlight a cover image or video plus some merchandise shots. Clicking on the ad leads the user to an Instant Experience.

Twitter ads

Twitter ads run towards five different business goals:

Website clicks: Promote Tweets with Website Cards to inspire people to visit and take effect on your website. You’re priced by click.

Tweet engagements: Promote Tweets with the intention of causing discussions about your brand. You pay for the initial meeting.

Followers: Promote your Twitter account and pay per follower obtained.

Awareness: Promote your Tweets to a wide audience and pay for responses (CPM).

App installs: Promote your Tweets with App Cards and pay per click to start your app.

Twitter Promote

With Twitter Promote, the Twitter algorithm automatically raises Tweets to your specified viewers. It boosts your first 10 daily organic Tweets that pass the Twitter quality filter. It also promotes your account to draw fresh followers. You can concentrate on up to five interests or metro locations, and let Twitter take the rest.

Twitter ad campaigns

This lets you first pick a business objective that regulates your business aims. You can choose existing organic Tweets to support or build Tweets specifically as ads.

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Pinterest ads

Pinterest ads operate with six types of business intentions:

Establish brand awareness

Run traffic to your site

Drive app installs

Make traffic to particular products

Boost specific actions on your site

Push video impressions

Pinterest Ads Manager

With this, you start by picking a purpose for your Pinterest ads campaign. You can target your advertising approach to align with your business aims, including whether you pay per click or per impression.

Promote Button

This tact allows you to build an ad from an existing Pin in just several clicks. Promoted Pins built with the Promote button are always pay-per-click, so you only repay when someone clicks through to your site.


As we’ve already said, there is a lot of social media advertising in the market. However, you do not need to do all of these kinds. Choosing the best ones with organic results are the best options. What we presented to you are the types of social media advertising we believe to be the best among all the other choices.


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