Pictory Affiliate Program Review Part 2 | Updated Income Report and More Ways to Promote Pictory

Pictory Affiliate Program Review Part 2 | Updated Income Report and More Ways to Promote Pictory

Pictory Affiliate Program Review and Demo Part 2 | Updated Affiliate Marketing Income Report and More Ways to Promote Pictory Shared


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Pictory Affiliate Program Review and Demo Part 2

Pick 3 affiliate program part two Hey what's up this is Adam with DIY Agency and today we're going to do a Follow-up video about the Pick 3 Affiliate program so a few days ago I Think it was six days ago I did a video About that which I'll link below and Also show in the on my screen here in Just a second but I wanted to share with You kind of the uh the availability to Grow with this program rapidly so I as Mentioned in the initial video I haven't Done a lot of marketing here I'm really Just doing a couple YouTube videos about It Um back six days ago as you'll see I had Five customers and had made 48 dollars And as of today we have 39 customers With 406 dollars so I'm still under the 50 customer barrier where uh once I Reach that number of 50 customers I'll Go from 20 to 30 percent as my Commission but I'm really excited as you Can tell you know 400 uh 400 on on 39 Customers so Um average customers about ten dollars Um you know for me and this is recurring So it's fantastic so again I'm gonna Just show you you know this is the video I did I want to just share it was six Days ago it was a victory affiliate Program review and demo Um where I kind of just walked you Through what I'm doing

Um today I want to share with you kind Of some other options to promote Um in case you don't feel like making YouTube videos or uh or anything else Like that while I'm in the middle of This video I do want to give a quick Shout out Um or shout out to um the I did a video A while back in AI content creation uh Or detection tool by content at scale And they sent me this uh this free shirt Which uh you know again it's going to be A free promo I don't know if you can see The back but Um basically it's a I love free free Stuff so uh you know um if anybody wants To send me a free free shirt or free uh Free hat um certainly uh happy to to Wear it during the filming of my videos Um they also sent me this book which is A pretty cool it's um Julia McCoy is uh You know either one of the the founders Or the the affiliate marketing Um uh I guess uh you know lead over There but she wrote a Content writer's Handbook which is all about human and AI Writing skills I think it's more and More important these days as we see all These different Programs coming out to understand how It's going to change our environment as Marketers affiliate marketing Specifically our agency owners whatever It is having the ability to to detect AI

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Content and see what passes that Detector tool is really important Because as you're posting stuff to your Websites to your YouTube videos you know On Google they're going to be looking For whether it's human you know created Or AI created and probably rank Accordingly so it's really important to Have a tool that can detect that and This one is a free one I did a video as You can see here about it I'll also Share a link below but if you're writing With you know chat GPT if you're writing With Jasper if you're writing with yive Writer if you're writing with content at Scale you need to be able to distinguish Whether it was written by or will more Importantly whether it will pass the Content uh you know detector detection By like Google thing or whatever ever Um super super important so again all You'll do for that is go on to um you Know their AI detector and there's a Link below you type in your content It'll let you know whether it passes or Not so um just going back I want to talk About specifically the affiliate program For Pick 3 that's why you're here Um that's why I'm making this video so Among the you know I showed you the Dashboard but if you go up in in here And uh you'll see assets and what you'll See is a page like this Um and we'll go back to the first page

There are tons of different assets Whether it be LinkedIn and I'm not going To go through every single one of these Pages but you'll see all these different Banners that you can choose from Um you know again uh we we showed LinkedIn you'll have um And bear with me here because it's just A lot they have dated stuff like July 4th so go on your own and take some time You'll see Twitter headers Um you'll see all kinds of different Things whether it be Instagram for Stories photos Um all kinds of different stuff that you Can share and what you're going to do is Just you know make sure that you're Putting in your link and it'll autofill Here Um you know that'll be my link right There Um for Pick 3 and it'll automatically Just put in your affiliate link into These so it makes it super easy to Create and share again Facebook cover Photos and you can go through each and Every single one of them but that's I I Wanted to just very specifically show You that there's generic banners but I Wanted to get into the swipe file and There's a link to the swipe file there And so what they do is they provided a Pick 3 affiliate partner Playbook and so Um it's a quick intro how to earn social

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Media strategies Um how to identify your audience Um you know suggested social media posts And then I'm gonna you know get into the Email sequences which is what I think is The most valuable piece but Um you know just going through real Quick it's you know it kind of walks you Through how to you know how to post on Social media and use those banners Um you know suggested posts um script of Video features like how to you know Explain what to do Um you know in your actual social media Post which you know sometimes the Hardest part is content creation is Coming up with an idea of what to post How to post it and where to post it Um so they do a really nice job of kind Of showcasing how to do it Um you know just obviously you'll fill In your referral ID and uh I'm just Going to continue to scroll down here so Um the email swipes and this is really Great so they do a lot of email swipes Or provide a lot of email swipes now I Always recommend that you kind of edit Them on your own Um to kind of just customize them so That it's your tone your voice that's Coming through with your emails Um but yeah if you just want to copy and Paste into an email you can do that as Well they do as you can uh as you'll see

Here in a second do some customization For your emails for your marketing list Um And we'll just continue whether it be Bloggers so they'll have a couple emails If you're you know if you're just Reaching out to your if your list is Full of bloggers Um if it's full of marketers they'll Have some very specific emails for them Um if it's online course creators There's again some very specific emails To send to them if they're coaches the Coaches coaching coaches um that are out There uh you can again have very Specific emails I'm a marketer and a um and you'll have Social media managers I'm a marketer and An agency owner so um you know for me Having one for agencies is super Important so whatever your list is or if You're just starting to build your list Um you know if you're building it into a Specific you know Niche or uh or you Know category they provide a lot of Different options for you which is super Great Um if you know people that have already Been but you know that bought vietnami Or if you want to very specifically Target vietnami users Um again there's an email for that so I Just want to share really quickly kind Of some other options that are out there

Beyond just the YouTube promotion or Blogging Um you know creating websites uh you Know I do a lot of different things and There's you know as I say there's There's many ways to skin a cat there's A lot of different ways that you can Target people to promote victory Um and so the affiliate programs that That offer flexibility that offer ideas Are usually the best ones that I like to Work with Um there's you know I talked about Marketing boost in a previous video I Think on on on promoting pictures Affiliate program Um they're another one that has a pretty Extensive library of information on how To promote their affiliate program but More importantly how to Market in General and so I think that's really Critical is that not only that you find An affiliate program that's willing to You know make you some money and that's Going to be a good partner that has a Recurring program that has some numbers Um you know they're sharing it at a Decent commission rate again recurring Is my my thing I love recurring programs Um they're they're not necessarily High Ticket um sometimes a high ticket Program one once off is great Um but they're uh you know it's Something that's very affordable that

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People can uh you know that people can Try out um they have a free trial to uh To test out their program so you know It's not like somebody has to buy right From the start so if you you're Promoting this program you can promote Their uh their free program they offer a Discount code so you know if somebody Does decide decide to sign up using your Affiliate link Um you can save them 20 off and just the Same use my link you'll save 20 off Um the life of your plan with um with Victory but then they offer you know Ways to promote it there's a back end That's going to really help teach and Train you how to become a more Successful affiliate those are the Companies that I really like to work With and you know Pick 3 is one of those So hey this is the uh you know really a Great program that I wanna I can't Recommend enough I've obviously made Um a decent amount of money in a very Short period a time it's only literally Been a couple weeks so you know my first Month I'm gonna probably hit over 500 And then again that's going to be Recurring month after month after month Which is awesome but more importantly It's going to continue to grow you know Obviously my goal is to increase my Volume every single month and increase My my commissions

Um and you know there's two pieces of That one get just more customers and That'll be a higher commission or more Commissions but once you hit those Platforms of 50 100 uh you know 250 500 You know they increase their commission Rate the percentage which is really Great Um so I just want to recommend it once Again Um I do have a sub affiliate already Signed up Jordan Butler hey hey man Thanks very much appreciate it Um I'm gonna have my link below Again Pick 3 is free their affiliate Program is free Um if you decide to become a customer Which I do recommend I am a customer Um you can get 20 Um uh commissions as an affiliate but You can also save 20 by using my Affiliate link below and then if you do Recreate recruit Affiliates Um you'll get 10 uh a commission from Their earnings as well so hey you know All I can do is recommend this program It's a fantastic program and uh just Look at the links below for all the Things that I mentioned today and if you Have any questions or comments feel free To list them below as always if you like The content that I'm providing you know Smash that like button or smash that Subscribe button and uh you know let me

Know that you're really appreciating What I'm putting out there that will That way I'll continue to make more Videos so hey thanks for watching and Have a great day Thank you

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