HighLevel Affiliate Program Review

HighLevel Affiliate Program Review

This video is a HighLevel Affiliate Program Review.
✅💲 Join the Program Here: https://diy.agency/recommends/ghl-affiliate/

After using HighLevel for years, and being a member of the HighLevel affiliate program, I can confidently recommend it to affiliate marketers who are looking to promote a high-quality marketing and CRM platform. With its ridiculously generous commission structure, recurring commissions, and excellent support, HighLevel provides a rewarding and sustainable opportunity to earn passive income. Despite a few minor drawbacks, the platform’s features and benefits outweigh any limitations. So, if you’re ready to take your affiliate marketing game to the next level, or even if you are just getting started, join the HighLevel affiliate program today!

✅💲 Join the Program Here: https://diy.agency/recommends/ghl-affiliate/

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High-level affiliate program hey what's Up it's Adam with DIY agency and today We're going to talk about the high level Affiliate program you may know it is go High level uh because that's their web Address but really this is a platform That's set up um it's a SAS platform That's set up for small businesses local Advertising agencies to better run their Uh their operations so I'm going to take Take you behind the scenes because I am A customer of high levels but I'm also Going to show you the affiliate program And why I'm making a ton of money and I Think you can make a ton of money doing It as well so let's start with their Affiliate program so um if you uh if you Do get into a high level and there's a Link below to uh to check it out Um they're uh they're really focusing on Agency owners and Affiliates for their Affiliate marketing program they pay 40 Of every uh every new client that you Bring to them so really uh as you can See this is what the page would look Like on on their actual landing page for Highway level it is focused on agencies And Market marketers it's an all-in-one Program and I'll walk you through uh What that is in a second it is a 14-day Free trial so the beautiful part about This is you can you know get people Started and help walk them through it For 14 days for free and if they love it

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Then they stay with it and if they don't Then you know they move on and uh so for Me It's an absolute no-brainer to promote Because it literally costs them nothing To try it out there's over 20 000 Agencies that are uh that are using this Uh 1.2 million businesses um as you can Imagine that's a lot Um and so they've uh they've really Taken over um the market Um focusing on you know just building Agencies and uh you know building small Businesses capturing uh new clients for For them so um everything is really Focused on like Automation and uh and And really they're moving into AI as Well now but Um really what it does it replaces a lot Of different service offerings Um you know one of them that's really Taking a hit since uh these guys have Come around is uh click funnels Um but it works for again works with WordPress works with regular websites But um it really takes away the need for A ton of different apps and uh and Software services so Um overall uh there are a couple Different options on pricing which I'll I'll get into and you need to have an Understanding of that and I'm showing You this just because I think it's Important that everybody be a um a

Client however you don't it's not Required to be a client in order to do That so they have a 290 or I'm sorry a 97 program which is your kind of your Starter program and then the unlimited Program which is 297. now they have Another program which is a little bit More expensive but I'm not going to get Into that right now But again I do want to just showcase That it's 97 to get started per month But there's a 14 day free trial so if Your agency or your the business does Not want to uh you know continue using It after uh after 14 days then obviously There's no cost involved so Um Let's just prove that I am a client um I Have a number I'm not going to hit this Drop down because I have a number of Clients of mine as my agency runs Um this practice Um on on High level I have customized it To uh to be my own so people don't know That they're running high level even Though they are running high level in The background so I'm able to kind of Charge based on that for the services I Offer Um and I'm not going to show you kind of The opportunities or anything but you Can track the client will have a login And they can track you know how many Leads have come in how many are open how

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Many have closed all that stuff Um you can check in conversations via Email text all that stuff Um you can have a booking calendar Involved Um obviously all your contacts but Really where it comes into play is the Marketing and the automation so um you Can create email autoresponders that Involve text messaging you can have Voicemail drops all this amazing stuff You can build websites you can build Funnels you can build you know forms you Can build it all all in one platform and That's why this thing is just so awesome Is it really kicks butt now they're Doing reputation management and you can Run all this stuff as an agency for Local businesses local businesses can Sign up directly and do this but really It's all about having an efficient Marketing program in place and this tool Helps you do it without having to pay For an ad agency or if you are an ad Agency it helps to be an all-in-one Solution for uh for clients so let's get Back to the um to the affiliate program So they they offer a couple different Things um they offer kind of a behind The scenes Um you know how to become an affiliate Uh how to promote um how to set up web Hooks uh five ways to get your like They're really working with you

Um to become an affiliate marketer for Their platform Um they there are monthly uh contests That they have where you create the Content they re they reward people with Like a thousand dollars for you know the Best video or you know based on subjects Uh on Tick Tock or on YouTube or Instagram all this stuff different stuff They have a kind of a monthly con uh you Know leaderboard that they show you know Every month to show who's winning who's Who's doing well and so they're really About rewarding Affiliates Um sometimes companies just really don't Care about their Affiliates but they Have dedicated staff for their affiliate Program and help teach how to promote High levels so I definitely recommend it I do want to show you that you know Again as an affiliate I'm not just Trying to tell you um that you know Again something I don't do I am a Customer as I showed you here I am an Affiliate this is my past six months on Their front end program but I did want To also show they have a SAS program too That um again you can can be an Affiliate for and I just want to show You that it's all recurring income that You know I'm not bringing in tons of Customers every month or anything like That this is all just stuff that I built

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A while ago so I get passive income Every single month from them and again Once you become an affiliate there is um You know uh links to uh to to access Course assets Um how you know that help articles FAQs All that stuff so there's a lot of great Opportunities to make a lot of money on A recurring a business platform where You don't even have to do the work high Level will do the work for you whether In you know teaching and training people How to utilize their uh their the high Level platform or more importantly just Teaching and training you how to promote The affiliate program so Um again I'm going to have a link below Um this is without question one of my Favorite affiliate programs to uh to Work with the staff is amazing the Actual product is amazing which is uh Really you know half the battle you're When you're promoting this you're Actually promoting a really high quality Um probably the number one SAS platform Out there for for agencies Um and so if you're reaching out to Agencies or small businesses or you have Any kind of contact with them Um this is absolutely a number one Um platform that you should be promoting To those people so hopefully this is uh Helpful if you do have any questions Please fire them off down in the

Comments Um I obviously will put a link below it Would be great if you use my link to Sign up but uh by all means just check Out high level give them a 14 day try See if it works for your business but Most importantly sign up for their Affiliate program and start promoting And making some money for yourself hope This video helps and I'll see you on That side