Pictory Tutorial & Review | Demo & Review of Pictory and Chat GPT Script Integration

Pictory Tutorial & Review | Demo & Review of Pictory and Chat GPT Script Integration

Pictory Tutorial & Review | Demo & Review of Pictory and Chat GPT Script Integration

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Unlocking the Potential of ChatGPT and Faceless Video Content on YouTube

YouTube has been one of the most popular platforms for people to share their thoughts and ideas with the world. In recent years, however, a new type of content has emerged on YouTube – faceless video content. This type of content is created by using artificial intelligence (AI) technology such as ChatGPT to generate videos without any human involvement.

ChatGPT is an AI-powered platform that allows users to create videos from text-based conversations. It is powered by natural language processing (NLP) technology to generate videos from conversations that are held in natural language. The AI technology can also be used to customize video content according to individual preferences and tastes, as well as add captions and other effects to enhance the viewing experience. Additionally, ChatGPT enables users to create “duet” videos which feature two or more participants in a conversation simultaneously. This type of format could be particularly useful for creating educational or promotional videos where multiple people are needed to discuss a topic or product.

Faceless video content on YouTube can open up a whole new world of possibilities for creators and viewers alike. For example, it could allow creators to produce high quality educational or promotional videos without needing an expensive studio setup or professional equipment. Additionally, it could enable viewers who have a disability which limits their ability to speak or appear on camera, such as autism or cerebral palsy, an opportunity to participate in conversations via text-based chat while still being able to contribute meaningful opinions and insights into topics they are passionate about without worrying about their physical appearance being judged by others online . Furthermore, faceless video content could reduce the need for expensive voice actors when creating animated films and TV shows since AI technology can generate realistic dialogue using natural language processing techniques .

There are various ways that ChatGPT can help unlock the potential of faceless video content on YouTube for both creators and viewers alike . Firstly , it allows creators access more affordable tools for creating high quality videos than traditional studio setups . Not only does this reduce costs but also reduces barriers which may prevent certain individuals from producing video material due disabilities they may have which limit their ability use standard recording equipment . Secondly , ChatGPT enables viewers with disabilities an opportunity collaborate in conversations through text – based chat rather than having their physical appearance judged online when appearing on camera . Finally , ChatGPT can help reduce costs associated with production value when creating animated films or television shows since AI technology can generate realistic dialogue using natural language processing techniques rather than having voice actors read scripts out loud .

Pick three tutorial and review. Hey, what's up everybody? This is Adam with d i y agency and
today we're gonna do a quick tutorial On how to use PIC and, uh, just
simply review the software and the Results and everything like that. So, um, the first thing you're gonna
do is want to try and get a free trial. Um, it's a about a two week free trial,
and if you decide that you want to Stay with it, uh, I'm gonna provide a
promo car code below, which is D I Y A. Which will get you 20% off lifetime in
the event that you choose to use it. But what I do want you to do is get a free
trial and that way you can follow along. So once you're in and you're set up,
they're going to, you know, really Take the, uh, take the, all the, the
restrictions off and allow you to Kind of do whatever you want to do. Um, but once you're in the back
backend, the best thing to do for Me is the scripted video process. Um, I absolutely love this. It's so simple and easy. Um, I love using free tools
whenever possible to create Content that I'll promote on my
YouTube channel, blogs or wherever. Um, so obviously with that, there's a
great, um, you know, great tool out there. Uh, open AI has their, uh, their
chat, uh, G P T tool and, uh, one of The scripts that, uh, that I like to. Is, um, you know, a video script
creator that I I customized. It's a prompt. Um, but basically what we're gonna
look for is a, a script, create a Video with, um, obviously something
that's really important right now for A lot of people is gonna be how to
get started with affiliate marketing. So, um, literally just gonna type in how
to get started with affiliate marketing. And then it's going to create a,
uh, basically what I've, I've set it Up to do is create kind of a book. Um, but really what we're gonna
do is create this into a video And I'm gonna showcase how we take
this script once it's completed and Turn it into a victory, uh, video. And so I'm gonna let that run in the
background, but while we do that,

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We're gonna talk about some of the
things that we want to use this for. So, Scripted video is real simple. Um, it's recommended for educational
videos, uh, listical videos, Coaching videos, step-by-step. Um, kind of like this, this is a step
by step guide, but what I wanna do Is just be able to simply enter in a
script and let it match up, um, with Video blocks, um, you know, content that
it thinks is relevant and appropriate To the script that I put in it. Now, this is not perfect by any
stretch of the imagination, but It does a pretty good job and it's
a heck of a start if you choose. You can also use an article to video where
you literally just copy in and paste a URL and it'll pull out information from. . Um, in fairness, I'm not a big fan
of this, uh, because I don't know That it always pulls in the relevant
content that I want it to pull in. Um, so I prefer to load it, uh,
with information rather than hope That it, it extracts the right
information for what I'm looking to do. Um, you can also edit videos
and do visuals to video. Um, all these things are
set, you know, recommended. Um, you know, examples like blogs. Releases and any HTML article, um, they'll
give you an example and most importantly, They'll give you a tutorial below as well. Um, each one of these. So if you're not happy with the
tutorial I'm providing, pick itself will Provide a tutorial that you can watch. So, um, we're gonna just hit continue
because that was not done yet. Um, . So what we like to do is, uh,
we're, we're literally just gonna Hit the proceed button and, uh, what
it's gonna ask me to do is enter in A video name and it's gonna ask me to
start typing here or paste my script. So, um, you can either go ahead and start
typing in, or you can paste from the Script that you're gonna get from, um,
From open ai, which is what I'm gonna Do, um, it does have a spell checker. Um, and, uh, one of the things up here
that you're gonna note is it offers For an auto highlight keywords, um,
an audiovisual selection, which means It's gonna automatically, uh, select.

Select the visuals. Um, and something important to
know is it creates new scenes. So when we get get beyond to the next
part, um, it'll create a number of Different scenes of video blocks. Um, they can either be created
on sentence breaks in here, um, Or it can be, uh, on line breaks. Um, the difference between whether
it's, uh, you know, a paragraph, it Would put one for each sentence or
at the end of the paragraph, uh, once I hit enter and create that line. Um, whether or not it would do that,
um, I prefer to use the line breaks, But you know, it's dealer's choice. You do whatever you think is, uh,
is best for your writing style. All right, so I'm gonna go ahead
and copy, uh, this information. So, um, note that it says book title. Disregard that. So, um, what I'm gonna do is just simply,
you know, pull out information right here. Um, note that there is, um, continue
writing pleas and everything there, Um, that you might want to avoid. And you know what? I'm gonna just take the whole thing right
from, right from the top, and that way we Can, uh, make it a little bit more simple. And so when we paste in, um,
obviously we're gonna have some Things that we need to remove. Um, And again, this is really where
you want to kind of figure out what You want to do as far as the title. So I'm literally just gonna
take the title for the video. And whether or not we
want to use chapters. Um, it's got the chapter one,
chapter two and chapter three. Um, again, this will based on that
be line break, so they'll actually Create a different, um, a different
scene for each one of these. So, uh, I'm just gonna, I wanted
to show you that just so you have An understanding of how it works. Um, and again, that would
be a different line break.

Uh, what I'm gonna do is just
simply start at introduction and We'll have a line break there. It's gonna be obvious, a line break there. Um, I'm gonna leave this,
um, all here, chapter two. Um, we're gonna leave that there,
so just understand that right now All I'm not doing is a very quick
editing of the script that was. And again, you can do
whatever you want to do. You can spend a lot more time
if you choose to on, uh, on How you wanna lay this out. But I just want to kind of showcase that
we've got about six, uh, 6,000 characters. It's doing a spell, spell check,
and if we wanna highlight keywords Like affiliate marketing, um,
you'll see that it does that there. Um, and, uh, you know, from
there, what, what you'll see is Affiliate marketing right there. And we'll do affiliate product. As well. Um, you'll see them highlighted
in the video in a moment. So, um, it'll is all set. And once we're ready we can either go
ahead and cancel or we can proceed. Obviously, I'm gonna proceed. All right. So from here you're gonna be able to
select a number of different templates. Um, and what they're really focusing on
is the, um, the subtitles, what kind of Look and feel you want for the subtitles,
um, whether they want to slide in or if They're just gonna be there constantly. Um, all these different things. Um, you get to do a lot
of different choices. So this one looks pretty decent and clean. Um, so I'm just gonna go ahead and select. And then you're gonna choose your,
uh, your aspect ratio, which is Gonna be either again, um, you know,
for a landscape, um, portrait or A square depending on what you're
looking to do as far as your creation And what the output needs to be. Uh, if you're putting on
social media or what have you.

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And so this part usually does
take a little bit of time. Um, it's gonna analyze the video and
it's gonna just create the scenes. Now again, understand that
it's not gonna be perfect. Um, it's just gonna do its best. It isn't, you know, an automated, uh,
process and it's an AI bot basically Putting these scenes together. So, uh, you know, just
understand that ahead of time. It's not gonna be. And we're almost done here. All right, so, um, the scenes are gonna
be laid out on the bottom, and they're Gonna be associated with scene 1, 2, 3. And what you'll see is this,
the scripts are automatically Placed in and, uh, listed below. So, you know, um, it's all
gonna be list listed in there. Now, if I want to. Um, you know, kind of how the, the,
the actual, um, text is laid out. I'm just literally
double clicking on that. And, uh, it takes me up to here so
I can choose kind of, you know, what File form, or I'm sorry, what text,
um, font I want to use, um, the size If I want to, you know, shrink it. Um, and I can save this as a style or I
can apply it to all the different, um, All the different scenes that it created. So I'm gonna just shrink it down to. And apply to all. And so now that just adjusted it
for every single one of these. And again, what we're seeing
is that, you know, the scene Duration here is 28 seconds. Um, on this one is 25 and a half seconds,
and it's just creating a screen in the Background that will look and they'll
remove the, uh, the story blocks here. Um, but you'll. You'll, you'll, they definitely
have this video in the background. Um, and so really what we're
doing is just looking to see If they feel, um, feel right. So as you noticed, they,
they highlighted some things

Relevant to affiliate marketing. Um, so it's, uh, you know, a matter
of whether or not you like and Enjoy the, uh, the resulting videos. Um, this one doesn't really fit for
me, so I'm gonna try and, uh, remove. And so the way that we're gonna remove
this is over here on the left hand side. Um, what we have is visuals. Um, we have elements,
um, behind these tips. Um, for this, uh, elements are
gonna be your stickers, your Gifs, your emojis that we can pump
in there, um, wherever we want. Um, again, visuals are just gonna
be, you know, kind of any kind Of video that you want it to be. And the cool thing is you can do, um,
images and videos and you can do it by Category or you can just simply type
in, um, affiliate marketing and it Will search by keyword and come up with
something, you know, pretty relevant. So, uh, we already saw that one. . You know, not all these are gonna
be perfect, but we do want to get an Idea of what the scene duration is. So this is currently at 28 seconds
because we have a decent amount of Text, so I don't wanna put in a seven
second, um, you know, one there. So we're gonna be looking for something
that's gonna be a little bit longer. This one's 20 seconds, uh, eight seconds. Um, and again, it's just trying to
find the right fit, um, whenever Possible, um, for the video. And we'll use this one. Why not just use it as a demonstration? So all you do is click
on it and it enters in. And again, the elements, um, as mentioned,
are gonna be your stickers or Jeff's. Um, your audio is gonna be any kind
of background music that you want. Um, if you want to do a voiceover,
um, I'm gonna actually do an a Voiceover in a moment that I'll share
with you, um, so you can see it. Um, if you want to change any
kind of text or add a heading, Uh, you know, I can simp. Add a heading right there and it'll,
you know, obviously place it in. So whatever you want to do,
um, it's all there heading.

Body text, um, styles are again,
gonna give you different layouts And, uh, and, and the like. I already selected a caption, subtitle
style, and I'm gonna stick with that. But if you wanted to change something,
um, that would be the place to do it. And you have a styles library, your
styles, and then, uh, and the like. And then overall branding, if you want
to enter in an intro scene to your video. Um, which currently is being
hidden, if I want to unh. That, and, you know, do something
you can add in your logo. Um, you can create something
that's consistent with your scene. Um, and just the same
with the outros, outro. So, um, they give you options
for videos or visuals for, for Logos or text and the like. So you can do all those different things
and then again, you can change the Format of the video if you choose to. Um, so going back to the overall
story, which is at the top, we're Pretty happy so far with the
results of the things we've seen. And again, it's just, you
know, gonna be matched up. Uh, pretty, pretty simple and easy stuff. And so if you're happy with the results,
um, we can go ahead and generate. But what I want to do before we
get in there is I like to make Sure there's, um, some kind of
audio, um, associated with it. So, um, you can either upload a voiceover,
um, you can record your own voiceover, Or you can go into the audio and you
can apply a voiceover from the many Different choices that they have here. Um, so I'm just gonna go ahead
and apply Ava, the female. Um, and then I'm gonna make sure that,
again, that voiceover, um, going into It, um, settings, we're gonna, we're
gonna go ahead and seat voiceover and Apply to all just needs to check that. And now that voice, that voiceover's gonna
be on every single one of those videos. Um, so if you're happy with the results
at that point, uh, again, you can have Different voiceovers for different scenes. So if you wanna do a his and hers
or anything like that, um, totally. We got 22 different, um, you know, scenes. Uh, it looks like it's gonna
be about an eight minute video.

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Um, so real quick, I just wanna walk
through kind of the pricing differences. Um, and this is important to where we were
just a second ago in the, uh, the video. , there's a standard of
premium at an enterprise. Um, the standard is $20 a month,
um, and it gives you 30 videos per Month and it gives you a text to
video project of up to 10 minutes. Um, so that's important to understand
based on your estimated video duration. If it's over 10 minutes, it is
gonna pull that, that information And say, Hey, you can't go over
for 10 minutes, so cut it down. Um, the premium gives you, um, 60 videos
per month and uh, allows up to 20 minutes. Um, and then there's the enterprise,
which is, uh, you know, pretty, Uh, customized, um, reach out
to Pictor if you're interested. Um, but they're, uh, that it's
gonna be a pretty monster, uh, Opportunity to give you, you know,
tons of different capabilities. So when you get a chance, go
through the pricing and see If it, it is right for you. They have monthly and annual pricing. Um, standard is, uh, is pretty decent. Um, again, 20 $20 per month, 30 uh,
videos per month at 10 minutes of video. Um, does a pretty decent job for me. Um, but you know, your mileage may vary. So whatever's, uh, comfortable
for you, um, I definitely check, Recommend you check it out. And if you're gonna do the free
trial, might as well try it on the, Uh, 60 videos per month and do the
20 minute video option if you want. So, um, back to the, uh,
creation of the video. So now that you're happy, you
can preview it if you want. And so it does take a
moment to preview the. , um, this will actually just
preview that one scene. Ultimately, the key to promoting your
affiliate offers effectively is to Focus on providing, and I'm not gonna,
you know, I'm gonna, I'm gonna stop The preview, but as you can see, um,
they, they applied a voiceover to it. And, uh, so we're pretty
happy with the results. So this is the, uh, the
most time consuming piece. It's, we're, we're actually
gonna just generate.

Um, and it's gonna create the scenes
and it's gonna generate the video. Um, it's 2 54 on my clock now,
so, uh, I'll come back when it's Done and you can note the time. I'll highlight it again just to get
an idea, um, of how long it took. All right, so we're back. It is 3 0 1, so it took about
seven minutes to, uh, to go through The whole process of creating
the scenes, generating the video. Now it gives me the option to
either export the text, um, download To my PC and or copy the link. If I was looking to create a shareable
link, um, I'm obviously gonna download. And so there it is. Uh, it's a simple and easy process to, um,
you know, the tutorials process is simple. Um, Go in there, create with a
script, um, on that main page. So we'll, uh, we'll get out of
this and go back to Pickies. Uh, so we're gonna go ahead
and just create a script. Um, you can use, uh, chat, uh, you
know, again, chat tools, uh, or I'm Sorry, chat, g p t tools or you can go
ahead, um, and create your own script. Um, there's a number of different,
uh, things like Jasper out there that Cannot write for you or he can use. Um, and then really you're just gonna go
to picture AI and, uh, you're gonna, you Know, use a script of video to create
your, uh, video content, and then you'll Be able to upload it directly to, um,
to whatever, uh, you know, device or, Uh, you know, platform you want to use. I'm just gonna show you
the video real quick. Introduction. Affiliate marketing is one of
the most popular and lucrative Ways to make money online. It involves promoting other
people's products or services and Earning a commission on every sale. So I don't know that you can hear that in
the background, but the voiceover is fine. Um, it reads at a decent pace,
which you can speed up by the way. And, you know, so overall it's
just creates a lot of different Content available, um, you know,
without you having to do much work. And, uh, at the end of the day, um, you
know, that's what I'm always looking

For is something to create content
that doesn't take a lot of time or. Um, as you saw, we did this,
uh, you know, pretty rapidly. Um, there were some cuts that
you'll see here, but, um, you know, For the most, I think this whole
process took me about 20 minutes. So, um, you know, start to finish. I'll post this up on, uh, on one of my
YouTube channels and, uh, you know, 20 Minutes of work, uh, I'm sure I'll get
a lot of views from it, um, just because Of, uh, you know, the capabilities of
the, uh, the keyword, um, to generate, Uh, views on YouTube and, uh, you
know, that's really all there is to it. So, um, if you have any questions
on how PIC works, um, I hope this Demonstration and review has been,
uh, pretty satisfying for you. But if you do have any questions or you'd
like to see me do something else with. Um, you know, leave a comment below
and I'll be happy to create a video, Uh, that's, you know, uh, appropriately
focused on, uh, what you'd like to see. Um, and as always, if you do like
the videos that I'm creating, Hit that light bot button. Um, or, or hit subscribe and, uh, you
know, I'll see you on the next video. Thanks.

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