Yive Writer Review & Demo | Version 3 of YiveWriter AI Content Writer App |

Yive Writer Review & Demo | Version 3 of YiveWriter AI Content Writer App |

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Yivewriter let’s you use Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing to create content for websites, video scripts and content campaigns.

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Hey what’s up it’s Adam with DIY agency And today we’re going to talk about yive Writer a simple web app that allows you To create content literally in minutes And in great volume so when you log into Yive writer you’re going to see a Landing page or a uh you know a Dashboard similar to this uh you know The options here at the top are going to Be writer which is going to be you know The access to the the keyword and length And generation a history of all the Articles that you’ve created in the past It gives you a little bit down here Below uh but if you’re looking for the Full history of every article you’ve Ever created you just use that Tutorials is a simple access to show you How to utilize this in further detail I I don’t think it’s very complicated so You may never ever need this because It’s simple just enter some information And hit a button but if you want to use It to its best capabilities you can Probably watch a video on the tutorials Page and that’ll kind of give you an Idea of exactly how it’s done and then If you need to submit a ticket in any Way shape or form which I’ve never Needed to do uh you’ll just hit that uh That tickets button and so when we go Into writer up top it will give you an Example of how many credits you have Left and uh and you’re uh your obviously

Your your information with this Something to note is that each uh each Word that utilize you utilize is going To take away one credit so As simple as it can be you’re just going To create a new article by entering in a Keyword or a topic of your article and Then you’re going to choose a length Whether you want it very short short Medium long or very long and again it’s 400 words 600 words 800 words a thousand Words or 1200 words so uh you know for For the purpose of this what we’re going To do is just we’re going to type in a Keyword I’ll use dog training tips for Beginners and we’ll look for the output Which should be about a minute typically I’m going to use a long article of a Thousand words which is a pretty Standard now this is version three Something to note is versions one and Two were less than a hundred percent Um this is still not 100 quite frankly Uh the first version was uh spitting out A little bit of gibberish and a lot of The users were not happy Um this version version three is uh it’s Pretty top notch in my opinion it’s not Perfect it’s not a copy and paste Situation however it does allow you to Kind of really understand what the Content is about and that way you can Kind of edit from there but if you’re a Non-copy writer like myself

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This will give you an opportunity to to Just simply enter in a keyword and uh And have a very good starter article Created for you that then then you can Edit for yourself as either a script or An article for uh for your website or uh Or video channel So as mentioned what I’m going to do is Uh it’s 12 58 right now I’m gonna click The button and say generate article As we can see it’s going to say it’s on Cue uh and it will uh give me one minute Or approximately a minute it’ll probably Take about a minute or two to create There will be a status bar and it will Uh give you an idea of how much longer I Have to wait if I did want to create Multiple articles all at the same time I Literally just type in enter keyword or Enter you know whatever uh article topic I’m looking for and it just starts it in The queue so I’m going to step away real Quick it’s 12 59 as you can see we’re Already 20 through and I’ll come back When it’s completed all right so I’m Back as you can see it’s 12 59 here and Uh we have completed the article Creation so we’re just going to click Preview And what it’ll do is provide you with uh Obviously the uh the entire article for Your uh for your editing or copying First Um so what I do want to show you is that

It did have a little bit of a um a Hiccup and so let’s start with uh you Know the the it gives you a title from Scratch using rewards and treats Effectively during dog training sessions Uh which is pretty good it gives me a Couple different topics Um here to you know uh to work with Again it’s not perfectly spaced it’s not Perfectly written these are things that You of course want to edit on your own Uh but you know right right from the Start training your dog can be Incredibly rewarding experience both for You and your pup but it also can be a Bit of a challenge at times one of the Best ways to make sure that your pup is Motivated to learn is by using rewards And treats during training sessions this Method of positive reinforcement has Proven to be one of the most effective Techniques for teaching Dogs new skills And behaviors here’s how you can reuse Rewards and treats effectively during Dog training sessions now that’s pretty Excellent in my opinion it’s a it’s a Great way to start uh an article it um It kind of leads the the reader to want To stay with it and then again it gives You kind of First Step a way to choose Which treats to use very rewards during Training sessions use rewards Immediately now this is where it does Get into a bit of a a little bit of an

Issue so you’ll see that there’s some Spacing issues here uh so obviously what You’ll want to do is make sure you read The article entirely and then down here You’ll start to see that it’s gotten a Little bit even worse with the spacing So what I would do is probably just uh You know maybe even uh you know delete That out in the in the future here so What I would do is literally I would Copy this and I would just end up Deleting this part and then I would Probably go in and type in something Like a new you know a new keyword how to Use Rewards In dog Training and just make it something Short And I would then be able to go ahead and Create a secondary article to put into The bottom if I really needed to because I eliminated a little bit of the content Now Again this is just a starter concept for Writing articles it is not perfect if You use any other thing like Jarvis if You use article Forge content at scale Any of the key or the the the article Writing softwares that I’ve reviewed I’ll tell you again none of them are Perfect each of them have kind of their Own hiccups but again this is a great One to just put in a keyword and then

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Have some content generated super Quickly and again it it’s and depending On how many credits you’re you know you Purchase it will uh it’ll give you a Great starter plan to uh to work with For creating content on a daily you know Or weekly basis to fill up your blog Your your website Um your your again your scripts for uh For writing for video content and as as You can see during this conversation Here again it’s only 103. I’ve created Another another article and again this One’s a shorter one but effective tips For integrating toys into your reward System you you know it gives me a Numbered system so it’s a it’s pretty Solid and I do recommend that you give It a try so I’ll put these both Um both these uh these articles in the Uh the description below and speaking of Below I’d love to hear your feedback so If you have any questions or comments About your experience with the eyewriter Or any questions you’d like to have Answered uh just enter them in below and As always please like comment and Subscribe I I do appreciate your time Watching this video and uh look forward To uh providing the next one I’ll see You then Thank you


Article 1 From Yive Writer Tutorial:

Using Rewards and Treats Effectively During Dog Training Sessions

Training your dog can be an incredibly rewarding experience, both for you and your pup. But it can also be a bit of a challenge at times. One of the best ways to make sure that your pup is motivated to learn is by using rewards and treats during training sessions. This method of positive reinforcement has been proven to be one of the most effective techniques for teaching dogs new skills and behaviors. Here’s how you can use rewards and treats effectively during dog training sessions.

Understand Your Dog’s Motivations

The first step in using rewards and treats effectively during dog training sessions is understanding what motivates your pup. Some dogs may be food-motivated, while others may prefer toys or praise as their reward. Taking the time to figure out what drives your pup will help you tailor your reward system accordingly, so that they are most likely to respond positively to the incentives you provide them with. It’s important to keep in mind that different types of rewards work better for different types of behaviors, so it may take some trial and error before you find the right mix for each behavior you are trying to teach them.

Choose Appropriate Treats
When deciding on which treats or rewards to use during training sessions, it’s important to choose something that is highly motivating but not overly distracting from the task at hand. For example, if you are teaching them basic commands like “Sit” or “Stay” then a small treat like a piece of cheese or a piece of hotdog would work perfectly as an incentive for them when they successfully complete the desired behavior. However, if you are teaching more complicated behaviors such as agility courses then something more enticing like a toy or chew might be better suited as a reward since these types of items tend to hold their attention longer than food items do.

Vary Rewards During Training Sessions
It is also important to vary up which type of incentive you are using throughout each session so that they don’t become bored or complacent with just one type of reward every time they do something correctly. For instance, if you start off by giving them some cheese when they successfully sit on command then switch over halfway through the session by rewarding them with praise instead followed by giving them another treat at the end if they have done well overall throughout their training session. This helps keep their attention focused on completing each task correctly rather than just expecting food every time they do something correctly because eventually this could lead them becoming distracted due to boredom from always receiving just one type of incentive all the time insteadof being able switch up between different types depending on how wellthey’ve done overall throughout their session .

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Use Rewards Immediately

It’s also important that when rewarding your pup for completing something correctly thatyou do so immediately after they have done it; this helps reinforce in their mindthat performing whatever behaviorit wasthat earnedthemtheir reward wasthecorrect action taken sincereceivingit immediately after doing something reinforcesin theirmindsthatwhattheydidwasindeedthecorrectactiontotakeinsuchsituationsandwillhelpencouragethemtocontinuetheirprogressfurtherduringfuturetraining sessions without having toworry about whetheror notthey’ll receive any sortofincentivefor performingcorrectlyagaininthefuture-aslongastheydowhatshouldbedoingthenweallknowthatthey’llberewardedforit!

Be Consistent With Rewards
Finally, it’s important that when using rewards during dog training sessions thatyou remain consistent with all aspects involved-this includes boththefrequencyofwhenyourpupisrewardedaswellasthetypeoftreatorotherincentivesusedwhichshouldremainconsistentlythesameforeachbehaviorbeingtrainedsoastoensurethattheirpositivebehaviorisalwaysbeingreinforcedandnotrandomlychangedupfromoneoccasiontoanotherwheretheiractionsmaynotberewardedatall(whichcoulddiscouragethemfromcontinuingwiththetaskathand).Thiswayyoucanbettersupportyourpuppy’slearningprocessandhelpensurethattheyareproperlymotivatedtoperformcorrectlyeachtime!


Article 2 From Yive Writer Demo & Review

Effective Tips for Integrating Toys into Your Reward System

Rewarding good behavior is a great way to encourage your children to stay on track and do their best. Integrating toys into your reward system can be an effective way to motivate your kids. By giving them something tangible that they can take home and enjoy, you can help reinforce positive behaviors. Here are some tips for integrating toys into your reward system.

1) Start small: Start out by offering smaller rewards such as stickers or pencils for good behavior. This will help introduce the concept of rewards, and it will give your child something tangible to encourage them to continue doing what is expected of them. As they get older, you can begin offering larger rewards such as toys or other items that have more value.

2) Make it age-appropriate: Make sure the rewards are age-appropriate for the child’s age and developmental level. For younger children, offer simple items such as coloring books or puzzles while older children may prefer video games or action figures. By making sure the rewards are age-appropriate, your child will be more likely to respond positively to the reward system and take it seriously.

3) Avoid expensive items: While you want to offer meaningful rewards that will motivate your child, try not to go overboard with expensive items that could break the bank! There are plenty of affordable toy options available that are fun and engaging without being too costly.

4) Set clear expectations: Before introducing a toy reward system, make sure you set clear expectations with your child about what behaviors need to be rewarded and how often they should receive a reward for their efforts. This will help ensure that everyone is on the same page when it comes time for handing out rewards!

5) Track progress: Keeping track of progress is important when using any type of reward system – especially one involving toys! Tracking progress allows you to see if there have been any improvements in behavior over time so that you know what works best for motivating your kid(s). It also gives you an opportunity to celebrate successes along the way!

6) Alternate between different types of rewards: Offering different types of rewards – both tangible (toys!) and intangible (praise or quality time!) – helps keep things interesting while also providing variety in terms of motivation techniques used on a daily basis! It’s also helpful in allowing kids to experience a variety of different types of reinforcement which can ultimately lead to better results over time!

Integrating toys into your reward system can be an effective way to motivate kids while reinforcing good behavior at home or school! By keeping these tips in mind, parents can ensure they’re setting up their kids up for success while also having fun along the way!


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