Outcome Based Marketing | The Strategy Apple Used To Become The Worlds Most Valuable Company!

Outcome Based Marketing | The Strategy Apple Used To Become The Worlds Most Valuable Company!

Outcome Based Marketing | The Strategy Apple Used To Become The Worlds Most Valuable Company!

In this video, I explore the principles of outcome based marketing and how it can help marketers get better results from their ads and landing pages. We’ll look at examples from Apple Inc that have successfully used this approach to create value for their customers, and I’ll discuss how you can implement outcome-based marketing in your own business.

Outcome-based marketing is a marketing strategy that focuses on the results or outcomes that a product or service can deliver for the customer, rather than just the features or benefits of the product or service itself. This approach is designed to emphasize the value that a product or service can provide to the customer, and to help customers understand how the product or service can help them achieve their goals or solve their problems. Outcome-based marketing can be used to market a wide range of products and services, including consumer goods, business-to-business products, and professional services.

👉 Outcome-based selling
👉 Solution selling
👉 Value selling
👉 Results-driven selling
👉 Customer-centric selling
👉 Problem-solving selling
👉 Needs-based selling
👉 Benefits-focused selling

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Outcome-based marketing is all about focusing on the results that your product or service can deliver for your customers. In this video, we’ll explain how this approach can help you differentiate your offering and create long-term value for your customers. We’ll also share tips and strategies for implementing outcome-based marketing in your business.

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Are you tired of traditional marketing approaches that just focus on features and benefits? In this video, we’ll introduce you to outcome-based marketing, a customer-centric approach that helps you showcase the value and impact of your product or service. We’ll cover the key principles of outcome-based marketing and share examples of how it has been successfully used by businesses in various industries.

Outcome-based marketing is a powerful way to connect with your customers and demonstrate the value of your product or service. In this video, we’ll show you how to shift your focus from features and benefits to outcomes and results, and we’ll provide tips and strategies for implementing outcome-based marketing in your business. Whether you’re a small business owner or a marketing professional, this video has something for you.

In this video we're going to talk about Outcome-based marketing selling the Outcome rather than the features hey It's Adam with DIY agency and before we Get started and jump into this video I Wanted to just quickly ask you what you Want to learn about I know I've done a Lot of videos about affiliate marketing Agency marketing and just marketing Strategies in general but I would love To hear your thoughts about what you'd Like to see more of and that way I can Create videos based on that so let's get Into outcome based marketing so let's Start by talking about what outcome Based selling or marketing really is According to HubSpot outcome based Selling is a sales strategy where a Sales person conveys value to a prospect By describing a desired long-term Outcome their solution can help the Prospect achieve as opposed to Discussing the offerings technical specs Features or immediate benefits it's Really a story as old as time it's Elvis Sizzle not the stake and so I'm going to Share with you some examples that I Found on the internet a lot of them by Apple and I think that apple is one of The greatest marketing companies ever Created whether their products are a Good good thing or not that's for you to Decide but they are excellent marketers I think Steve Jobs was the best marketer

We've ever seen but really what they did Very well throughout their history Continue to do is sell the outcome sell The the Futures if you use their Products and services rather than Selling the specifications the you know The actual features so let's talk about A specific example of the shot on iPhone So they're doing a really great Marketing campaign showing the results Showing the future showing the outcome If you utilize their uh their pictures Now this is a standalone shot on iPhone 6s it's a great example of what good Marketing is another example here if we Uh from Twitter's uh you know I found This on Twitter where it shows what you Know this is a marketing company that Says not to sell the features and to Only sell the outcomes now now I'm going To actually say that I disagree with This particular thing because I think This particular image as a whole does a Better job of selling the the iPhone Capabilities for taking pictures then Just the image alone so shot on iPhone Is wonderful but why I think it's really Important that people start to Understand that it's more than just Selling the outcome it's selling the Outcome with the features can actually Do a better job than just selling the Outcome alone as opposed to selling you Know obviously we don't want to talk

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About selling features only but if you Have the option and you can it's better To sell sell them both sell the outcome With the features being being showcased So an example here is if the ad showed Both now you have the option of just you Know kind of having the shot on iPhone Image or you can have the just the Features but if you can have both Understanding why this image is going to Be so great why the outcome is going to Be so great showing that it's got a 12 Megapixel camera Ultra wide camera Um you know 108 megapixel wide angle Camera a 48 megapixel telephoto camera All combined to create great outcome Comes for you another example where they Say Hey you know don't use this jargon Of today we're introducing a new Portable music player that weighs a mere Six and a half ounces blah blah blah Blah I 100 agree that is not what you Want to do a thousand songs in your Pocket is brilliant probably one of the Best advertising slogans of all time uh At least in my opinion because it was Such a a big game changer for apple and Creating the Apple Dynasty in today's You know consumer product industry but Really what I think is even better is When you can sell both so you know if You went to their website it was you Know the iPod a thousand songs in your Pocket and they understood like that's a

Great slogan but why why is it going to Be so effective you know the ultra slim Five gigabyte hard drive the Blazing Fast firewire the rechargeable battery You know all those things were then Combined to sell so it's not just Selling the outcome it was selling the Outcome come with the features and as we All know ipy iPod changed the game and Did everything in in the world so really What we want to kind of focus on when Selling our products or Services is we Want to start with making sure you have The Right audience right so we're going To be looking for somebody that's Interested in taking pictures we want to Make sure that somebody that wants high Quality images is going to look for that Shot on an iPhone so we want to make Sure we know who our audience is the Second thing we want to do is make sure That we're talking about what the Benefit is right the thousand songs in Your pocket want to call that out that Outcome that that future benefit to our Audience very quickly make sure it's Crystal Clear like this is what you're Gonna get when you use our product and Then you want to make sure that you also Talk about that jargon that you know Again that the the bad things that People think is the features I I don't Think features are bad we want to Combine them if we can and we want to

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Combine them with the the outcome and The feature being sold together doing This allows you to sell more effectively Because you are proving why a thousand Songs in your pocket can make sense it's Because you've got this five gigabyte Hard drive it's the Blazing fast Firewire you know you're proving again Why this image is going to be so great When you use iPhone versus another phone Camera it's the 12 megapixel uh you know Ultra wide camera it's you know this Lens that lens the third lens the three Lenses all combining to make a great Outcome but here's why and so I think Again what we want to do is make sure we Have the Right audience and Target them Effectively with a very specific outcome Demonstrating the outcome for them and Then explaining with the features why it Will work to generate that outcome for You so hopefully this brought you some Value Um as always please like comment and Subscribe I'd love to share more Marketing ideas with you but I'd love to Have more subscribe driver so I know That this is working and is worth my Time so please go ahead and just hit Like comment uh or subscribe and I'll Catch you on the next video thanks

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