Free AI Content Detector Tool | Exclusive First Look at AI Content Detector Tool By Content At Scale

Free AI Content Detector Tool | Exclusive First Look at AI Content Detector Tool By Content At Scale

Free AI Content Detector Tool | Exclusive First Look at AI Content Detector Tool By Content At Scale

Try the Free AI Content Detector Tool Here:

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Yive Writer
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Content At Scale
Content At Scale Review


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In the age of digital media, it is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish between authentic content and content that has been automatically generated by AI. As technology continues to become more advanced and sophisticated, so too does the ability of AI algorithms to generate realistic-sounding blog posts. This has made it difficult for search engines such as Google to detect and filter out these types of posts from legitimate ones.

Google is now turning to Artificial Intelligence (AI) in order to combat this problem. By using Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms, Google can detect subtle differences between automatically generated blog posts and those written by humans. This technology allows Google to better understand the context of a blog post and determine whether or not it was written by a person or an algorithm.

The first step in detecting automatically generated blog posts is understanding how they are created in the first place. Automated content generation typically relies on text templates that have been pre-filled with keywords or phrases related to a particular topic. These templates are then fed into an AI algorithm which generates content that appears to be written by a human but is actually just a series of randomly chosen words and phrases strung together without any real sense or structure behind them.

Google’s NLP algorithms can detect these patterns in order to identify automatically generated blog posts with greater accuracy than before. By analyzing key features such as sentence length, repetition of words, writing style, grammar usage, etc., Google can determine whether or not a post was truly written by an individual rather than being generated by an algorithm.

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Google can also use machine learning (ML) techniques in order to further refine its detection process for automated content generation even further. With ML, Google’s NLP algorithms will be able learn from past examples of spammy blog posts in order recognize similar patterns more quickly and accurately going forward.

In addition, Google may employ other techniques such as sentiment analysis in order identify whether the author behind a post is genuinely interested in its topic or just trying feed search engine rankings with keyword-stuffed nonsense pieces instead. This would allow them weed out low quality automated content while rewarding well-written engaging pieces instead with higher rankings on their search engine results pages (SERPs).

Finally, Google could also use its existing Knowledge Graphs database power its AI detection system for automated blog post generation even further as well.. By leveraging this vast collection information about people, places and things across multiple online sources including Wikipedia entries and other authoritative websites , Google could create complex models that would enable it identify differences between genuine human-written articles versus artificially generated ones more efficiently than ever before .

Hey, what's up everybody? Adam with d i y agency and
today we're gonna talk about AI content detection tools. So the internet is basically blown up
recently with the use of AI content Creator, uh, tools like, uh, open
AI's Chat, G P T, uh, also creating Images based on AI, text and alike. So a lot of people are creating content
and there's a lot of good tools out there. Uh, But the important thing here
to remember is content is only as Good as as it is, uh, consumed. And what I mean by that is if you create
a lot of blog posts or a lot of content In general, articles, Um, and people don't
read them or don't see them, obviously it Doesn't matter, um, how great the tool is. And most importantly, if the content
is gibberish, then it's really Gonna be bad, even if it is seen. So one of the things that's, uh,
really, really popular, I, I utilize, Um, for, for a lot of my content is
content creation tools like, uh, y Writers, one of my favorites, um,
content at scale is one of my favorites. Jasper AI is one of my. . So there's a lot of great
tools that I've reviewed here, Uh, with, with this channel. But most importantly, it doesn't
matter how good the tool is, if Google Doesn't index the content and believe
that it is human created, if they Believe it's AI created, they're gonna
start dein indexing your content, Which means nobody's gonna see it. So first you gotta make sure
that the content is quality, Meaning that it's not gibberish. It makes sense what you're. But the second thing that you need to
worry about is that it is being indexed by Google, who also owns YouTube, um, to make
sure that that content is valid in their, Their eyes and therefore in indexable, if
that's a word, uh, that, that it'll get Into, uh, their index of, uh, of content. So what we're gonna do real quick
is demonstrate the content at Scale tool that is free to use. And I'll have a link below
for you to check it out.

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And, uh, also to try and check out
their, their actual, um, creation tool, Which I think is pretty darn good. And I've already demonstrated
in a previous video. So when you get to their tool, it's
gonna look something like this. It's gonna just literally talk
about AI content detection. Um, it'll allow you to put in some
content up to 2,500 characters will. From my experience, it rarely utilizes the
full 2,500 characters that are available. It makes an assumption based on
a certain amount of content that It's gonna, that it's gonna read. And from there it'll give you a score of
whether it's, uh, human content or faith. And, uh, if you do have any interest,
I'm gonna point it out right now. Uh, once you get to their website,
you'll have an opportunity to hit get Early Access, and this will give you,
uh, access to their proprietary tool That allows you to just use a, a couple
different keywords to create, uh, what They consider to be a hundred percent. Uh, Human based content. Um, I've tried it out. It's been pretty darn good. So, uh, you know, you can
always check it out there. So let's get into it. Uh, I'll use a third party tool,
um, ya writer, which is one of My favorite tools, um, to test on
their, uh, AI content detection tool. I obviously don't want to use
content and scale content to Do it because they should. In fairness, give themselves
a hundred percent score. So let's take a look at two different
pieces of content that I've written, I had written for me, um, recently. The first one is gonna be about,
uh, rich Families in America. And I'm just gonna copy and
paste, and again, it's probably Over, it's 2,672 characters. Um, so I'm actually just gonna cut down
a little bit to, uh, 2000 just to get a General idea of whether or not they think
it's gonna be, uh, relevant content. So based on. Quick take of 331 words, they're
gonna say it's a hundred percent fake.

Now that is obviously true because
quite frankly, I used an AI tool Of y writer to, uh, to do this. Now I also wanna share another piece of
information that I took from Y Writer. It's another article and we will,
uh, we'll type that in here. Oops. Copy. And paste. And again, this is gonna be well
over the, the, the 2000 or 2,500, But let's check it for AI content. Now this one's gonna gimme a 100% score. So the important thing again,
is this is based on 394 words. So two important pieces. One, it's extremely fast. It's a great way to test out your
content very quickly and then be Able to make edits if you need. . The second thing that's important
is I used the same tool and it Generated two pieces of content. One came out a hundred percent fake,
and one became, became a hundred percent Human based, which is awesome if you're
able to quickly create this content. Now, some other tools out there do take a
little bit longer to create that content. Um, so this is gonna be one of those
trial and error tools to, to, to check With, but it's fast and it's free,
and I, I always like fast and free. So, uh, again, I'll have a link below. If you are looking to get into y Writer
or uh, Jasper or content at scale, I'll have links below for all those. Uh, if you do have any
questions, please let me know. Love to hear what you're utilizing
for your AI content detection tools. This one, again, is free and I love it. So I'm gonna recommend it and, uh,
I'd love to hear your feedback. So as always, please like,
comment, or subscribe to my videos. The more people that watch, the
more likely I am to create more Videos and uh, I look forward to
speaking to you on the next one. Thanks. Hey guys, I want to quickly
interrupt this video.

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Thank you for watching and as
a way of adding more thanks. Um, if you do sign up, uh, with the
link below, any of the links below, Uh, that are in the description, uh,
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just reach out to me. Let me know that you signed up using my
link, and I will make sure that you get, Uh, you know, one of these to utilize. So, back to the video.

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