AffiliateWorthy Review and Demo | Is It Worth It?

AffiliateWorthy Review and Demo | Is It Worth It?

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Tired of endless product searches as an Amazon Influencer? Enter AffiliateWorthy, your ultimate solution for maximizing onsite income effortlessly! Our Private Products Service handpicks premium ASINs, ensuring exclusivity and a competitive edge. Join now for a free 7-day trial and experience targeted product discovery to skyrocket your earnings!

Why Choose AffiliateWorthy?
Save time with our curated ASINs, boosting onsite income with a minimum commission of $0.5 per sale and an estimated 500+ monthly sales. Gain a competitive edge with exclusivity and privacy, plus access to additional tools like the CommissionCheck Chrome Extension.

Boost onsite income by promoting high-quality products effortlessly, saving time and effort on product research, and gaining a competitive edge in your niche. Increase visibility and conversions by leveraging relevant, curated products tailored to your audience.

Product Specifications:
Minimum Commission: $0.5 per sale
Estimated Monthly Sales: 500+
Trial Period: Free 7-day trial
Additional Tools: CommissionCheck Chrome Extension
Availability: Join the AffiliateWorthy community today

Who Can Benefit:
AffiliateWorthy caters to Amazon Influencers seeking to streamline product discovery and elevate onsite income, whether novice or seasoned. Sign up now and propel your influencer career to new heights!

Exclusive and unique ASINs
Competitive edge over other influencers
High-quality curated products
Increased onsite income
Time-saving solution
User-friendly interface

Limited trial period
Requires commitment and active promotion

Final Verdict:
AffiliateWorthy offers unmatched value for Amazon Influencers, streamlining product discovery and maximizing earnings effortlessly. Sign up today and experience the power of targeted product discovery firsthand!

Tips for Optimal Results:
Stay engaged with the AffiliateWorthy community to gain insights and trends.
Utilize the CommissionCheck Chrome Extension to optimize strategies and earnings.
Tailor content to match unique ASINs, increasing relevancy and conversions.
Leverage the exclusivity of AffiliateWorthy’s ASINs to create urgency and scarcity in promotions.

Final Thoughts:
AffiliateWorthy is your go-to solution for Amazon Influencers seeking to skyrocket onsite income effortlessly. Join now and revolutionize your product discovery process with AffiliateWorthy!

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This is an affiliate worthy review hey Everybody it's Adam with DIY agency and Today we're going to give you a quick Demo and review of affiliate worthy this Tool is primarily focused on Amazon Influencers that are trying to increase The amount of uh revenue and uh Affiliate commissions that they can make Um on a monthly basis so I've been Coaching somebody recently named Nancy Who's struggling with this program she Says I have been trying so hard to make Money online for over 18 months now it's Definitely a challenge the only thing I've have done is the Amazon influencer Program I'm by no means an influencer But was able to get in with a tiny Account that's very common actually a Lot of people qualify for this but don't Consider themselves in influencers which Is totally normal the problem is that It's not even close to the money that She needs to be making um or wants to be Making and she wishes that she could Scale higher but since her items are Mostly low cost and some are low volume As well it's not a great combination and This tool is going to solve that So um plus the program seems to be Getting so saturated unpredictable at This point which is another growing Problem and again this can help out so Um she still adds videos when she can But she definitely needs something to

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Make it much better than that so here's Where this tool comes into play so Affiliate worthy finds Asin NS which is Basically products um on on Amazon that Are going to be shared with you um when You're uh using this uh this this Subscription and they come out every Monday and you can get up to seven um Products each Monday in a number of Different categories now there is a 7-Day free trial using the link below And I want to make sure that you Understand kind of what the benefits are Here it shares not only kind of what the Commission rates are um but it also Shares the product name and the um the Category that it's in and again you can Select the category that you want and We'll dive into the back end and show You what the results are but it it Really makes a distinction between Off-site um CR which is commission rates And on-site uh CR which is you know the On-site commission rates and how you're Actually generating those commissions All right so let's talk FAQs real quick So who's this for basically it's for any Amazon influencer that's looking to Improve the amount of money that they Can uh can make um and that really is Going to be um doing review videos that Are going to be displayed on the details Page um the top video Carousel how does It work um again they they send you out

On a weekly basis an email that will Then take you back to the site um and You'll get seven unique Amazon product IDs and their details and uh that's 28 a Month as long as you're subscribed to The service now there is a 7-Day free Trial with the link below so again check That out they're only doing Amazon Products uh how are the product uh Commissions determined again they're Using the official fee schedules that Are uh provided by Amazon so uh you may Want to take a look at that and then it Asks about the category so uh I'm going To show you you know show you that in The back in in a second um you can go Seven in one category or you can go one In each category or break it up however You choose and finally they will Guarantee that you are you are getting Unique asins meaning they're not sending These same things out to every single Person in the program they're sending You unique ones each and every uh week And that's pretty uh pretty awesome and Then again um it just gets uploaded Right into your um into your account and You get emailed so what does that look Like let's take a look all right so I'm Blurring out the ASI B and the titles Because I don't want you copying the Products that I'm uh I'm actually um Doing reviews for each week again you're Going to get seven of these and uh or

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It's actually uh more than that that I've gotten so uh you know I think I got Uh nine different products they'll show You a couple different things they'll Show you the Asin the category that it's In the title of the product this is Going to be empty video slots so uh as You may or may not know there's going to Be 10 total slots typically uh available And this is going to show you how many Are empty um so obviously something with Five is going to be a lot better um They're going to show you the price now The price of the product can change There are special offer stuff like that I know that uh you know one of these That uh that was listed at $29.99 was Listed at $23.99 by the time I actually Went to buy it what you're going to want To do is buy the product do a review and Hopefully you'll be making uh you know That money back um within the first Month or so then there's going to be the On-site commission the offsite Commission this is potential and it's Based on um you know sales referred from Uh outside of uh Amazon and sales that Are referred um from video driven sales And then of course you'll have your BSR Which is the best sellers rank so it Shows you kind of how that product is Doing um this one is ranked number 608 In the category this one's 881 it's not Going to show you the number one product

Cuz quite frankly usually they're going To probably be already sold out um in The uh in the video slots so not really Worthwhile to uh to do those anyway now This one's big for me it's the estimated Monthly sales of the product if you Don't already have that visible in Amazon um this is really important to See like exactly how many of these uh These products are selling every single Month so that you can get your shares if It's empty it means that it's going to Be under 100 uh per month but as you can See we've got products here that are Selling 2,000 a month a th000 a th000 a Th000 so there's a lot of different Product sales and obviously with volume The more products that are sold the more Potential that uh you know potential Commission that you can make and then of Course there's the big number which to Me is uh you know the one that really Makes a difference based on price um It's the Onsite uh commissions estimated monthly Revenue so this is calculated by Estimating on-site product Details page Video views that rate is 10% of the Number of estimated sales multiplied by The on-site commission per sale so Basically what it's doing is kind trying To factor in you know how much the price Is uh what the commission's going to be And then of course what that commission

Is going to be based on the number of Sales so there's a lot of fact factors That are going into that for me uh the First thing I did was immediately bought A product that I thought was going to Get me a good percentage of commission Based on the sales price so it's not Always going to be a um a uh an exact uh Number um so for example this one was a $50 product and it is estimating a $400 Monthly recurring or a commission uh of $400 um on monthly sales so if you can Get even 50 bucks plus double your money Get a $100 back in commissions then You've not only covered the cost of the Product but you've already covered the Cost of affiliate Worthy on a monthly Basis because the price of affiliate Worthy is about $21 per month as of Right now so um again a 7-Day free trial And uh you know for 21 bucks if I can Get just enough to double the commission Um or double Commissions in doubling the Price then I've already paid for the Product and for the commission so this Service makes sense at that point so Last but not least it it'll show you When that product was allocated to you And of course you can edit the columns You can export to to CSV um so you can Remove any of these if you don't want to Now how do you go ahead and change your Uh categories so let's take a look at That so all you're going to want to do

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Is just click on your profile up in the Top right so right it's going to be Account settings and that'll show you The selected categories uh for your Choice and then of course the amounts That you've made all I there's there's a Whole bunch of different categories that You can choose from um so I wanted to Share with you that right now so if if You're big into doing you know lawn and Garden then you may want to do all seven Products or categories from that and so Um you can choose what whatever ones you Want and then from there you can choose How many um again you can only uh select Seven different categories um but if I Wanted to go all seven in Home Improvement I could do that so you get To customize you know what kind of Products you see on a uh weekly basis And that's it so all you got to do is uh Get yourself signed up with the link Below you'll start get receiving on on On every Monday you'll receive seven um To nine different products um that are Sent to you that are going to have a Link directly to the product you know When you click on it and um it'll take You directly there and then of course You can buy whatever you choose or you Can decide not to buy but it'll give you Some really high quality products that Are already making you know doing a lot Of volume on Amazon so uh your

Commission opportunities are a lot Better rather than doing the one one or Two sales per month um this should Hopefully get you into uh you know a Couple couple hundred sales per month And then your Amazon commissions will Skyrocket so hopefully this review has Helped and uh thanks for watching