Marketing Strategy | The Brass Ring Strategy To Grow Your Business

Marketing Strategy | The Brass Ring Strategy To Grow Your Business

Marketing Strategy | The Brass Ring Strategy To Grow Your Business

In this video I explain the Brass Ring Strategy, and how you should implement something similar for your business. I also discuss how to look at things differently as a customer, or for any problem… with the same philosophy of how to get the brass ring.


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Hey what's up everybody this is Adam With DIY agency and today we're going to Talk about the brass ring what it's its Origin is and why it's important for you As a business owner as well as a Customer So many of you probably know what a Brass ring is it's simply where you're You know reaching around On a Carousel And you're trying to grab the ring while Sitting on a horse so many many years Ago back in like the uh the late 1800s Early 1900s basically the Merry-Go-Round Originally did not have brass Rings or Anything like that and it was just People going around in circles and it Was pretty cool amusement park ride it Was enjoyable because there was nothing Different And uh what happened was because people Just got bored of it um you know the the Shine came off the the shiny object if You will Um they were just tired of going around In circles with uh with no real Adventures no change or anything like That and many many amusement parks were Doing the same exact thing so somebody Came up with the idea of creating a Brass ring that allowed people to Actually reach out and grab while the Horse was going up and down they would Have to take an attempt to get the brass Ring and this instantly changed the game

It made it more enjoyable for for the Riders Um there was a little bit of a Competition it wasn't easy to do but More importantly there's a lesson Involved that I think is important for Most business owners as well as again Customers on the business owner's side Um what can you do to your business you Know as we find that more and more Companies are doing similar things if You're in the airline industry Everybody's doing the same thing until All of a sudden Southwest Airlines came With A New Concept a new Brass Ring Automobile industry same concept Whatever your business is your small Business your large corporation Um You probably have many many other Competitors that do very very similar Stuff Um so what I want you to try and think About is what can your Brass Ring be What can you do to change the game a Little bit so people want to do business With you as opposed to your competitor Who's just spinning them around in the Carousel without a brass ring the second Thing I want you to think about is as a Customer and just generally in life Um you know one of the cool things about This was it was a challenge it was up And down and people were literally Falling over falling off their horses

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Trying to grab the brass ring but nobody Ever really thought about just standing Next to it and just putting their hands Out and grabbing it because that would Make the the whole process much easier But more importantly required a little Bit of thought a little bit of a Breakdown of what's going on so how can You make your job easier by grabbing That brass ring without risking you Falling on your head so those are a Couple things to think about you enjoyed This video as always please like comment Or subscribe and let me know what you Think a good brass ring would be for Your business thanks [Music]

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