HighLevel | Create Your Own Advertising Agency With HighLevel | #HighLevelReview

HighLevel | Create Your Own Advertising Agency With HighLevel | #HighLevelReview

HighLevel | Create Your Own Advertising Agency With HighLevel | #HighLevelReview

Get Your 14 Day Free Trial of Go HighLevel Here: https://diy.agency/recommends/ghl/

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Get Your 14 Day Free Trial of Go HighLevel Here: https://diy.agency/recommends/ghl/

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HighLevel is an all-in-one digital marketing suite that provides businesses with the tools to create and manage successful digital marketing campaigns. The platform is designed to provide marketers with the ability to quickly and easily create, execute, and monitor their campaigns. It also provides a comprehensive suite of analytics tools that help marketers measure the success of their campaigns.

HighLevel’s features include campaign management, content creation, analytics, automation, and more. Campaign management includes customizable templates for creating effective campaigns across multiple channels such as email, social media, search engine optimization (SEO), and website development. Content creation features allow users to create content quickly using its drag-and-drop editor or through its library of templates. Analytics tools provide detailed insights into campaign performance to help marketers make informed decisions about their strategies. Automation tools enable users to automate tasks like email sequences or sales funnels for increased efficiency.

In addition to these core features, HighLevel also offers a range of additional services such as SEO audits, keyword research and analysis services, website optimization services, conversion rate optimization (CRO) services, pay-per-click (PPC) management services, A/B testing services and more. These additional services are designed to help businesses achieve greater success in their digital marketing efforts by providing additional expertise on topics such as SEO or CRO.

The pricing structure for HighLevel is based on the number of users using the platform each month as well as any additional features used within the platform – including those associated with its add-on services mentioned above. HighLevel has an entry level plan that starts at $97 per month which includes access to all core features plus one user license per month – making it highly accessible for small businesses looking for a comprehensive digital marketing solution without breaking the bank.

HighLevel provides businesses with an effective solution for managing their digital marketing efforts without having to invest in multiple platforms or hire expensive external consultants – making it a great choice for small business owners looking to get started with digital marketing without investing heavily upfront costs or long term commitments in terms of personnel resources or cost outlays associated with hiring outside consultants or agencies . As such it is highly recommended that any business looking at getting started with digital marketing consider Gohighlevel first before investing heavily in other solutions – ensuring they get value out of every dollar invested along the way!

Hey what's up everybody Adam with DIY Agency and today we're going to talk About high level and how to create your Own Ad Agency with high level so I do a Lot of affiliate marketing and if you Are an affiliate marketer this is a Great way to transition into creating Your own Ad Agency Um if you already have an ad agency or You're thinking about starting your own Business with advertising this is the Ultimate platform to do so so just a Quick walk through of high level and I'll show you the back end in a second But there's about 20 000 agencies Utilizing high level right now and on Top of that they've got about 1.2 Billion uh businesses that are utilizing It so really what what do you use high Level for so high level is like an All-in-one encompassing platform for Small businesses to generate leads and The like uh agencies run this because What they do is they become kind of the The hub for a multiple small businesses That they then and run marketing Strategy and campaigns through high Levels platform to enable them to have More success so what do we do with with High level basically it's all about Capture nurturing clothes it helps you Capture New Leads with with websites With funnels uh landing pages surveys Form submissions online appointment

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Scheduling like all that if you can Think about it and it is relevant to a Small business then high levels got it Integrated into their platform Again you know really what it does is What what I think is is fantastic and This is a great way if you're if you're Kind of new to the advertising game uh a Lot of people can create ads and Generate leads but what they don't do Really well a a good job of doing is Following up on those leads so if you've Ever worked with a small business as a An ad agency Um or you're considering working with a Small business as an ad agency there's Really two parts to to being a an Advertising agency it's first it's Creating that concept that allows the Business to generate new leads and every Client wants New Leads so let's just say You're a dentist or an orthodontist for Example which we'll we'll talk about Today uh they're looking for people that Are look you know their dentists are Looking for people that need dental Services or they need braces or Invisalign or something like that and so Your job as an ad agency is to create The ads for them whether it be Facebook Google or whatever and drive them into a Hub a platform that captures the Information and then sends the Information over to the dentist and the

Best way to do that again is using high Level and using a landing page with a Capture lead capture form but from there Once you send that lead to the dentist It's often a wait and see approach where Whether or not the the dentist will call Them the receptionist will call them or Or anything or if you hope that the Prospect for that Dental uh office is Actually going to pick up the phone and Dial the actual uh Dental uh dental Office so really what we try and do is And again there's a 14 day free trial is We're going to capture their information We're going to capture their name their Email address and phone number and then Ideally what you can do is you can Either connect that directly with a Phone call to the dentist right then and There or you can start messaging and you Can start using you know text messages Or email messages or the combination uh Voicemail drops all that stuff to then Follow up on that lead on behalf of the Dental practice and that's where you Really start earn your agency fees is Because not only are you creating Advertising for them and you're managing An ad Campaign which they can do on Their own but you're following up on the Leads so you're actually enhancing their Ability to close new patients uh you Know in general uh any any new customers Um so what happens when you close more

Patients well you make more money and of Course if you're making more money then It's worthwhile to the uh to the dental Practice to keep paying you so um again There's there's you know calendar Booking there's uh there's membership Courses Um but basically what I really like and My focus when I run uh run this for for My clients is it's going to be really Simple stuff it's going to be about Capturing information following up on That information and booking uh Appointments for the clients Um so let's get in the back end uh again One of the cool things is you can create Your own white label platform so what I've done is instead of just showing People that I'm using high level Um I actually use a it's lead convert Rx.com and basically what it is is Specifically built for my uh my agency To run high level in the background so This is really what the background looks Like so you you have the ability to Create multiple clients this is a dental Practice um down in Florida and I'm not Going to show you today's numbers I'm Going to show you from a year ago Um actually where you know during the Course of the month we got them 25 new Leads worth 87 500 Um the conversion rate really is not Applicable unless the dental office uh

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Gives you back back information saying Hey we closed Bobby Sally Jenny Frank Franken and Ricky and that way you can Say all right well we know that we Closed five of the 25 leads and it was Worth thirteen thousand dollars and you Can start to really figure out the the The pricing so let's talk about that Pipeline for a second so really simply What it is is simple opportunities and What you can do is create a an Opportunity uh you know platform like This where it just says it's a new lead Console's consultation booked Consultation completed treatment plan Started and this gives you a very simple Easy to see interface and those Opportunities really turn into a very Simple pipeline that is very easy for a A business owner to look at and Understand and they can kind of update It on their own if you provide them with Access they'll be able to go through and Move those leads through the uh through The pipeline as well so what do we know About our our customer information so Let's just say um you know this is a Fake client here but basically what we Can do is uh use when we have them Submit their name email address and Phone number it automatically fills up This name email phone number you can get More more information if you want create More more different things but then what

We can do is create an automation Platform where we're texting them we're Emailing them and all the information Stays within that context little Hub Where you can see what tasks notes Appointments all their activity is right Here and it's really really great So let's talk about having that Marketing automation so really what we Would do is create something like a new Lead Automation and basically what it is Is once somebody submits their name Email address and phone number through The website or through Facebook or Instagram or whatever basically what we Can do is start creating an automated Platform an automated system that goes Out on the client's behalf so we can do Facebook messages we can do voicemail Drops we can do text messages emails Just follow following up you know Pushing the the person to book a Consultation with our dentist All automated all fills in the Information Um you know again it's all very simple About the doctor it links to a calendar Uh basically what you can do is again Create different Um different sites so we can have a Website we can have a landing page Funnel and really it's it it's so easy It's Plug and Play it's simple and easy To operate but the best part is is that

High level staff is there to always help You through this process but you know Really what I would do is drive people To a landing page like this where we're Tracking phone calls we're asking for a Name email address and phone number and Really we're just pushing them to book a Call or call us and again you can Forward the phone calls and that way you Know exactly how many phone calls came Through if they submit their name email Address and phone number we've got them On that automation the whole goal being Into book book an appointment and really At the end of the day every dentist all They're looking for is getting butts in The seat so they want consultations they Want people to get in that Dental chair If you can help them them do that then They're happy to pay you for your Marketing services so I wanted to step Back outside of just the affiliate only Conversations because you can make money Utilizing a platform that I am an Affiliate I'm an affiliate for go high Level it's actually probably my number One affiliate marketing um company right Now Um they're doing a tremendous job for me Because all I have to do is direct Somebody to this company they they stick With them forever they're they're is Almost little no churn because people Love working with high level as an

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Agency it makes my life much much easier To kind of just run Um campaigns for my clients and utilize A high level and again just simply Having conversations uh using their Calendar this integrates directly into Google you can tie it into it a lot of Different background calendar campaigns You can you can set it up to be to be Involved with multiple calendars you can Book appointments on here but if Somebody books an appointment through Their they'll create a link and if they Book automatically it shows up in this Calendar you can notify the uh the Company the dental practice Automatically that you know John Smith Has booked an appointment Um at this time and you can integrate it With their working hours and you can do Everything through go high level and That's the beauty is it's all done on a White label platform it's very easy to Operate it has all these different Features that allow you to be better Than all an all-in-one so it's again you Know if you've used click funnels if You've used WordPress if you've used uh MailChimp um just alone those three Things all integrated essentially into Here and you can do that much cheaper as You can see there are literally tons of Different capabilities uh whether it be Call tracking reputation management

Booking and automation calendly like you Can eliminate so much extra spend for Your Ad Agency just by using this all in One thing Um here they give you a simple uh 297 Per month option Um there is a cheaper option you can Also uh become a seller a reseller of go High level where you're literally just Creating your own SAS platform your own Software as a service platform and you Can literally set the pricing wherever You want it it's just amazing so all I Want you to do is give them a 14 day Free trial let me know what you think of It once you've done it if you have any Questions or anything like that I'd be Happy to answer them uh on behalf of uh Of my agency or on behalf of my Affiliate marketing strategies but most Importantly they're always here if you Notice if you do have any questions Their support is Top Notch and they'll Get back to you so hopefully you got Some really good value out of this video I am going to be making a lot more high Level videos moving forward because I do Think it's such a great platform and as Always please like comment or hit that Bell to subscribe and I'll look forward To speaking with you on the next video Thanks hey guys I want to quickly Interrupt this video and say thank you For watching and as a way of adding more

Thanks if you do sign up with the link Below any of the links below that are in The description what I want to do is Give you a complimentary vacation Incentive basically what we do is we Offer and it's not 100 free but as you Can see there's tons of different Countries around the world we'll use Mexico as an example where you can have A six day five night stay for example in Cancun or Amazon you know and basically Those six days for a hundred and fifty Dollars basically all you're doing is Paying the taxes and fees and what that Means is like the Wi-Fi fees and Everything you do have to pay for your Travel but the hotel room itself is Covered minus taxes and fees and again This is you know there's places all over The country in the United States they're Uh they're all over the world quite Frankly you know if you want to go to Italy if you want to go to Spain uh you Know the UK just about anywhere that You'd want to be Australia you know There's Sydney for again 44 night in Taxes and fees these are you know really Nice hotels that you're going to be Staying in and uh just wanted to you Know share that with you so if you do Sign up just reach out to me let me know That you signed up using my link and I Will make sure that you get uh you know One of these to utilize so uh back to

The video

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