Suomzilla Review | How To Get More Traffic For Affiliate Marketing Offers

Suomzilla Review | How To Get More Traffic For Affiliate Marketing Offers

Suomzilla Review | How To Get More Traffic For Affiliate Marketing Offers

Get started with Suomzilla here:

Suomzilla offers traffic for a variety of ad formats, including popunder ads, push notifications, and native ads.
In this video we demonstrate how the platform works and share results of a test campaign.


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How to get more traffic for affiliate Marketing hey what's up everybody this Is Adam with DIY agency and today we're Going to talk about how to get more Traffic to your sites if you're an Affiliate market so the key to affiliate Marketing is finding traffic and then Converting that traffic to take Advantage of the offers that you promote On one side there's obviously the offer And you have to find a good high Converting offer that's going to be Right for your audience on the other Side is finding that audience how we get That audience to look at your offer and So with that I'm going to introduce Swamzilla swamzilla is a self-service Platform that allows you to find traffic In a number of different platforms those Platforms are going to be pop unders They're going to be push notifications And Native ads if you're not familiar With any of those I do recommend you go To swamzilla and on there you'll you Know as you go through the top you can Just literally figure out what the ad Formats are and read a little bit about What pop bunders are what push Notifications are and what Native ads Are I'm going to be testing all three to Show you here and I just want to make Sure or you understand exactly which Ones are which but really what we're Doing is looking at traffic and we're

Going to be looking at American traffic Usa-based traffic but I do want to show You that there is a traffic chart that Kind of gives you details on you know What what the average cpms are on all These different things and again we're Going to test them all out for you but If you come to the top just hit traffic Chart it gives you the ability to check Kind of what the traffic volumes are That this network allows and you can Sort by again pop bunders you know Traffic type what platforms whether it's Desktop or mobile what type of Connections whether you want to look at CPC or CPM what operating systems and of Course uh geography so of course the Next question is going to be why these Guys and so they do have very Advanced Targeting they they do provide some Detailed uh statistics I don't know any Details about their anti-fraud system I Assume every con every company out there Is going to have that these days so Personal data is protected traffic Sources or trusted sources and a Personal personal manager now obviously This personal manager is a bonus I think That a lot of companies that go out There you don't really get anybody to Kind of guide you through this process So um you know personal managers are a Pretty important thing and to get Started really all you got to do is

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Create an account Um you know tough up your balance if You're going to be looking to uh to be An Advertiser you can create a campaign Uh wait for approval it usually takes Less than 24 hours and uh and you'll be Ready to get started now the top up your Account it's just going to require a Credit card or a bank transfer uh in These situations I always try and use a Credit card or uh or PayPal or or venmo And of course there's all the uh the FAQs that are down here there's uh some Blogs and it gives you the opportunity To become an Advertiser or a publisher Now uh In fairness I was speaking with Them they do have a plan to allow Publishers Um as far as affiliate marketers kind of Promote their websites but it's not There yet so as of right now being a Publisher is not an option even though The option does exist and will hopefully Come out soon uh if you do have any Questions I have been dealing Exclusively with Mila um she's been Great and I definitely recommend you uh You speak with her Um you know or you know chat with her Via email uh if you're interested in This so let's get you into the back end So to get started you would just Literally create an account entering an Email address uh some kind of messenger

Platform your password and messenger Nickname uh that you use and of course Uh confirm your password go through the T terms and conditions and and you're All set up so when you land in there There's the dashboard your campaign Stats billing and post backs I'm just Going to show with you uh share with you The first campaign I ran again this was A pop under campaign and uh it was a Decent amount of Impressions zero click Zero conversions uh one thing that I Don't necessarily love is the uh the Cpms are are a little bit high and I Spend 23 dollars uh of my uh of the Money Um available and uh in in pop unders and So uh that is just really not an Effective way for me just yet Um because I didn't get a lot of Activity to the affiliate platform that I was a promotion that I was at that I Was running traffic for so to create a New campaign all you're going to do is Just click on the campaigns create it Um you'll have to create a name select Again which one you're looking for push Native Um or or pop under uh your pricing model Uh cpcs and cpms so what I will show you Is there are some minimums so let's First look at look at the minimums for Cpms um for pop unders and again pop Bunders is always going to be a CPM

Situation because they're literally just Dropping a a new screen on the back Underneath your uh the browser so it's Going to be on on a CPM platform there Is a minimum price of 45 cents per Thousand which to me is a little Expensive Um but I understand that you know what They're trying to do you can create your Landing page you URL you can you know Kind of type in whatever you're looking For daily limit so again a pretty uh High daily limit of thirty dollars they Do up give you the opportunity to choose Whatever you're looking to do and if you Want to just let it run as much as Possible uh you would leave zero now Speaking of the balance there is a 100 Minimum threshold that you need to to Reach to uh to to to buy in Um again just being honest I think that Is a little expensive however if you're Working with a offer that you know Converts well 100 really isn't that much It's just when you're doing a lot of Testing Um it's really you know it's expensive To get started for a hundred dollars and More and more you know more specifically Uh it's if you're testing a campaign Thirty dollars is a pretty expensive Test so it gives you um you know a total Limit of uh of how much you want to Spend total so if you only want to spend

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Fifty dollars for example what we would Do is just literally and you know type In a minimum of thirty dollars a fifty Dollar uh total limit we'd have our Frequent NC cap meaning how many Impressions do I want to hit per user During the course of 30 24 hours I would Always try and keep that at two keep it As low as possible because I want to try And get a lot of different users to see My ads once it goes into moderation Which usually takes less than a day it Can either automatically start start off Or you can set it to be paused and you Can Target by Geo and language so again You can Target or exclude any States Cities languages or countries carriers And devices again you can only target People that are on Wi-Fi if it's a video Or something like that you can Target by Mobile carrier you can choose kind of What what traffic type you want Obviously for me I'm always going to be Working with mainstream and again you Have to kind of set some details um you Know if you want to type in Mobile Carriers and you'll have to have a 3G Account to start to select that type of Thing any particular devices phone Tablets operating systems OS versions Browsers Um and of course you can if you know What kind of Publishers you're looking To to work with you can be very specific

About that and uh what I think is a Really nice feature is um quite frankly You can choose uh select all working Days uh just weekends you can clear them All and just say hey look I only want to Work certain hours on you know Monday Through Friday for example Um you know it lets you choose kind of And with a drag and drop you can choose Very quickly things and um or not drag And drop but just drag across if I don't Want to go from three till uh to the you Know to this period it's very simple to Target them all so Um obviously if we want to select all it Makes very simple so I think that's a Pretty easy and effective way to do it So now when it comes to push campaigns There is a uh an option for CPM or CPC Um so I think this is valuable again This is going to be more focused on um You've seen push notifications on your Phone um sometimes on your desktop so I Think that's a effective way I would Always try and go cpcs in this situation And again creating kind of your url here So to clarify for cpcs the minimum is Going to be 0.052 cost per so five cents A click essentially we'll call it six Just to round it up Um user activity I'm not exactly sure What this is so I would just leave it as Optimal you can create your creative Which is going to be your title a

Description and then some image sizes That you're that are optional if you Want to have multiple creatives you Would just punch them in here Um again back to the daily limit it's a 30 daily limit frequency capping all That stuff and uh you know all this Stuff is the same so Um really from there it's uh the only Differences are going to be Um your cpms and CPC limits um again the CPC and CPM limits are going to be based On either a thousand Impressions or per Click and when we go to Native ads it's Uh it's a little bit different whether We want to go with cpms or cpcs that the Uh the per Um thousand Impressions and the per Click limits are a little bit different But as you can see this is less than a Cent so you know really if we wanted to Go you know Eight tenths of a penny you can get some Really deep really cheap traffic uh real Real simple what we would have is an Image and description and just so you Know what a native ad looks like uh and Why we want to have an image as well as Some text is it's going to show up Something like these and so it's Critical to have one a a an ad text That's gonna explain kind of what you Want that person to do or uh you know Kind of that click baity concept this is

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Really going to be more clickbaity than Anything else for Native ads because You're just really hunting for clicks so An image that kind of is is attention Grabbing um you know when when I think Attention grabbing I think Mr Beast and Again some kind of Click bait title That's going to want to get them to Click that hopefully is consistent with The offer and the goal of converting so Again if we're you know if we're looking At something like dog training what I Would want is for something to be like You know have your dog never bark again Which is something that somebody would Never you know might be interested in or Or never have a wet carpet again Something like that with a dog that's Like you know a happy face or a sad face Something that would really grab Attention and then really Drive somebody To a a dog training type of offer that Would get them to do what I'm hopefully Getting them to do for that reason again What I would focus on and I will focus On here is um as opposed to cpms I'm Going to focus on cpcs and I'm going to Share uh the results I'm gonna run as Mentioned I kind of already ran a uh pop Under campaign what I'm gonna do is I'm Gonna run a campaign for the natives and The uh push but I'm going to focus on Cpcs as opposed to cpms so once I have Some data I'll come back and I'll finish

This video and that way we can share Kind of my experience Um with swampzilla and I'll uh plan to Expire this whole 77 today just so that You can see kind of how quickly inactive Um this can be done I don't feel like There's any limit to what you can spend I think that they've got a pretty broad Network that can allow you to kind of Take advantage of that traffic and I'll Let you know kind of what the clicks Look like and if I got any conversions From it so far I have not so my Experience with pop under traffic so you Got to do what you got to do that works Best but I'll probably continue to focus On cpcs all right so I'm back I let this Thing run for a couple days uh it looks Like there was a lot of activity tons of Clicks Um according to the BET to the campaign Statistics uh each one we kind of did Different campaigns we did a pop under Um Which didn't get any clicks but got a Ton of Impressions uh spent about 23 Dollars a lot of Impressions but not a Lot of clicks uh we did a push Campaign Which really gobbled up a lot of the Budget uh we we got a ton of Impressions And Um a decent enough decent number of Clicks overall the cost per click was Anywhere from three to five uh cents uh

Spent about fifty dollars and got about A thousand clicks here and the native Campaign Um again had a very low cost per click About six cents five to six cents uh Overall got about 486 clicks and uh out Of 26 dollars so overall the numbers Look really really good on the CPM side And on the C uh on the CPC side the Click-through rate uh not really Fantastic but that's not necessarily my Concern in a campaign like this I'm Trying to just drive as much traffic as Possible uh so uh as always I'm here to Try and generate the best videos I can With the best content I can and Recommend products that I do believe in Please let me know what your thoughts if You've experienced swampzilla uh let me Know what you've experienced and uh if You've seen different uh results would Obviously love to hear about that so Leave a comment below hit a like or you Know if you want to see more videos like That uh smash that subscribe button Thanks for your time and uh I'll see you On the next video Foreign [Music]

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