Shine Ranker Review 2023 | How To Make Money Online Giving Away Free Stuff To Win Paying Customers

Shine Ranker Review 2023 | How To Make Money Online Giving Away Free Stuff To Win Paying Customers

Shine Ranker Review 2023 | How To Make Money Online Giving Away Free Stuff To Win Paying Customers

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Shine Ranker is a powerful website optimization and analytics tool that helps businesses improve their search engine rankings and track their website’s performance. By using a combination of advanced techniques, such as keyword research, on-page optimization, and link building, Shine Ranker can help businesses achieve higher rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs).

One of the key features of Shine Ranker is its ability to conduct thorough keyword research. The tool analyzes the keywords used by a business’s competitors and suggests the best keywords to target for maximum visibility. This allows businesses to optimize their website content and meta tags for the keywords that are most likely to drive traffic to their site.

In addition to keyword research, Shine Ranker also offers a range of on-page optimization tools. These tools help businesses improve the structure and content of their website, making it more likely to rank well in search engine results. For example, the tool can analyze a website’s title tags, meta descriptions, and header tags to ensure they are optimized for search engines. It also provides suggestions for improving the overall content and structure of a website, such as adding internal links, optimizing images, and improving the site’s loading speed.

Shine Ranker also offers a range of link building tools, which help businesses to increase the number of backlinks to their website. Backlinks are important for search engine rankings as they indicate that a website is reputable and valuable. Shine Ranker can identify the best link building opportunities for a business, such as directories, social media sites, and other relevant websites.

Another great feature of Shine Ranker is its detailed analytics and reporting. The tool provides a wealth of data on a business’s website performance, including traffic, bounce rate, conversion rate, and more. This data can be used to track a business’s progress over time and make informed decisions about their search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

Shine Ranker also provides competitor analysis feature which allows the user to analyze their competitor’s website and strategies. This feature allows businesses to see what strategies their competitors are using to rank well in search engine results and to learn from their successes. This can be very useful in understanding the competition and making adjustments to a business’s own SEO strategy.

Finally, Shine Ranker is user-friendly and easy to use. The tool is intuitive and straightforward, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes and levels of technical expertise. The tool’s interface is well-designed and the data is presented in a clear and concise format, making it easy to understand and act on.

Overall, Shine Ranker is a comprehensive and user-friendly tool that can help businesses improve their online visibility and drive more traffic to their website. With its advanced keyword research, on-page optimization, and link building tools, as well as detailed analytics and reporting, Shine Ranker is a valuable asset for any business looking to improve its search engine rankings. And with competitor analysis feature it provides an edge over other competitors.

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Shine ranker Review 2023 hey what's up Everybody it's Adam with DIY agency and Today we're going to do a shine rank or Review and demo and we're going to teach You how to use the back end of this tool But most importantly how you can make Money from it so before we get into the Details I do want to point out that There is a free 10-day trial as you can See on their uh their website but I'm Going to put a link below that gives you An opportunity to get a significant Discount if you're interested in their Yearly plan so generally it would be About twenty one hundred dollars Basically this this yearly plan which I Am on uh gives you a a discount to down To 354 dollars for the year which is Just under thirty dollars a month so uh If you like what you see there is a 10 Day free trial like I said but this is An opportunity to get the uh the year Plan which can save you a heck of a lot Of money assuming that you're going to Want to use this tool which you should So we're going to break down how to use This tool a little bit but I want to Just cover what it does real quick you Can find find good keywords you can Check domain traffic you can unlock Competitor keywords you can run audits Really what there is a Content editor What what I really like to use this Product for

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Um and we'll go into the back end here Is uh I like to track keywords uh what Their their competitive score is meaning The difficulty to rank I like to kind of Uh check what the traffic is on these Keywords but there's two ways that we're Going to be able to utilize this as a uh To make money with it the first is Generating leads with Audits and the Second is obviously as an affiliate Where you can recommend this product to Others now the best way to make money is If you are doing any kind of SEO work It's finding keywords that are easy to Rank and then of course get those Keywords ranked and then you can profit With other uh you know other Opportunities there but specifically Using this tool there's two ways to run To really make money it's the leads list Capability where you're gonna You're going to be able to kind of run Audits for people and uh and then help Them out with their uh you know ways to Make more money or you can just Recommend the product to them to those Same companies or other people where uh Again they're going to be able to run Those audits uh for themselves figure Out you know what the keys to success Are and how to make things work so let's Start with projects basically what You're able to do is uh you know you're Able to create new uh new projects

Anytime you want you can add a project You literally just type in the name new Project uh you know And you can put in you know whatever URL you want And now you've got a new project set up And go of course you can set it up for Whatever yeah whatever you'd like to do So let's start with keywords research And basically what we're going to do is Uh we're gonna be able to do a couple Different things first we're going to Start with entering a keyword topic Um and then from there we can kind of Decide whether we want to do this in English or or any other language Um obviously I'm going to stick with English and you can of course uh stick With locations all over the place but What we'll do is again enter some Keyword topics what is it going to ask You for is three keywords so let's just Do uh affiliate marketing And I know these are challenging Keywords and I'm doing these uh Specifically for that reason just Because I want to show you that uh you Know these are difficult keywords oops Make money online And so what will happen in the Background is this will run a little bit And I may pause it just to try and take You through to the end but uh you know Really what it's going to do is uh it's

Starting to show you that the keywords Are are being found and it will start Ranking them Um in in a moment here So it continues to run and as we can see We can sort it by a couple different Things we can obviously sort it by the Keyword in alphabetical order we can do It by monthly searches uh we can do it By difficulty and now we'll explain Difficulty in a second now notice that Some keywords do not have a difficulty Yet uh and that's okay because we can Always get one Um it's just kind of the basics start Off with uh you know very very high Challenging keywords for example I'm not Sure why these are specifically more Difficult than others what I would think Is that the keywords that have you know The most most monthly searches would be The most difficult but we have average Uh CPC and then there's a couple Different actions that we can take we Can add this keyword to a dashboard we Can assign a writer or we can trash it So what I always try and do is kind of Figure out what the money keywords are The ones that are the most uh the Easiest to rank for the most profitable Keywords So what we'll find here is something um Where it's it's anything in green is Really going to be easier to rank for

The the yellow obviously will be a Little bit more difficult and then a red Is going to be super difficult so if we Find certain keywords that we like that Don't necessarily have a difficulty Score yet what we're literally going to Do is just click it or we can we can Kind of figure out Using two things we can update the Selected difficulty which is again the Selected or we can update all difficulty So I just want to show you quickly Update selected difficulty Um again shows how it's done if we want To update all we're literally just going To update all of them and it's going to Hopefully eventually get to this if you Need to stop at any point we're just Going to do that if we want to track any Specific keyword from here or track all The easy keywords that's what we're Going to do so what I like to do is let This run for a second so frankly it Takes a while and I just don't have the Patience to do that in this video so What I'm going to do is I'm going to Stop it I'm going to just select uh 50 Keywords that don't really have anything Yet and we're going to track those Updates selected difficulty and so what We'll be able to do is then show you What we can do with those keywords once We have that that tracking so here we Are we've we've gotten most of them not

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All of them yet Um already done and the reason that I Want to I'm just going to stop it here Anyway for some reason this one keyword Does not have one so hopefully we can Get it done here For some reason again this tool is not Uh operating at full capacity all the Time so that's uh you know something to Consider But what I want to really get to is um From there what we can do is we can Track all the selected keywords and That'll go into the tracked keywords Area or we can track all the easy Keywords so I'm going to suggest we Track all the easy keywords which is Again giving you a list of keywords that Are you know something to work with and Then you know from here you just click On track keywords And again one thing you do require with This tool is a little bit of patience But um there it gives me all the you Know the the easy to rank keywords and What I would do is kind of just look at The you know the search rate Um find keywords that maybe have uh Something worthwhile so sign up for Amazon affiliate program or becoming Amazon affiliate Um you know these are kind of some of The keywords that do have a significant Amount of traffic and not enough

Necessarily a lot of um A lot of other Um people going after those keywords now Again this is not a perfect tool uh it's Just a good idea starter so if you are Going to build out a lot of content These are keywords that you can start With and so it gives you a good idea of What you can work with you know right From the beginning all right so let's go To our traffic Checker and uh basically The way I like to do this is let's just Say we're looking for affiliate Marketing For beginners and we find a site that is You know something here location Rebel Is one I've never heard of so what I'm Going to do is I'm actually just going To find location Rebels URL I'm going to Copy it into the traffic Checker I'm Going to enter the URL here To check that the ranked keywords and Again just give it a moment as it uh as It does some research on that and so What we're going to find is Um just simply a great way to track what Keywords are ranking for a particular Site so you can track your own site or You can track somebody else's site with This and again what we're looking for is We can we can do a couple different Things we can do current rank if we've Been tracking something for a little bit Previous rank I'm not sure exactly what

That is because I've literally never Found this site before in my life so I Just really would focus on the current Rank and so what it's doing is showing You kind of uh you know an easy way to Track what's ranking and again this is Continuing to search for keywords so There we go we start to see some some Number one positions And they have a decent number of them And so what I'm looking for is things Like hey best title for a blogger best Blog titles you know these are things That people associate with affiliate Marketing might be looking for Um again you know if you're if you've Got a product or a service that you want To recommend Um you know getting ranked for best blog Titles is a great way to do it and There's 140 searches per month and again We can always uh you know Download a pdf Or an Excel spreadsheet of of these Things and again we can always track This all by United States or English or Whatever but this gives you a good idea Of you know what the average cpcs are so In case you ever wanted to run any uh You know paid search campaigns to drive Traffic for these keywords Um very very specifically location Rebels doing a hell of a job ranking This blog post titles page has uh has Done a really nice job of getting number

One rankings on some very uh competitive Keywords so you know if you wanted to Rank for that you might just literally Check that page Which again is different than how to Start so they've done a nice job I can Then look at this and maybe you know go To chat GPT and rewrite uh this very Quickly and easily and see if I can get Ranking for it um so that's the the First and easiest way to kind of start Figuring out how to how to make some Money Um with uh with this Tool uh the next Thing that we want to look at is kind of An audit so again we'll we'll do an Audit for uh that particular site And this is going to give you a lot more Information than you possibly ever ever Need in my opinion but it gives you an Idea of uh you know where this site has Done a nice job overall score it takes a Long time so again you'll need some Pro Some some patience here Um you know give it a good 5-10 minutes To run and you'll find some uh some Really good Um you know information about uh you Know whether or not they have Google Analytics on the site Um response times Um you know their overall score whether It's got an SSL ranked keyword H1 titles All kinds of information that uh you

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Know to me I don't know if you Necessarily need it all but you know Again it's it's a great way to kind of Figure out what a certain page is doing And I'm gonna just stop it here just so That we can kind of go through and see How much is in there already but You know you can see the meta Description length you can see kind of What they've done on a lot of different Things whether there's emails whether There's phone numbers Social Links Um and again we'll continue to see how Much information there really is So the final piece of this is the leads List and this is actually a pretty cool Tool it allows you to provide audits to People On your website to generate leads quite Frankly so it's as simple as hitting get Widget and then it literally gives you Some code it's an iframe code that you Literally just plug right into your Website and we'll show you how to do That here So what you would want to do for Instance if you have a WordPress website Is uh you know just make sure you're You're using the text portion Um because you're going to be putting Code in and we'll uh oops literally just Plug that code in here and from there We'll uh we'll hit update And as we view the post

It would look something just like this Now it does promote their tool or the Shine rank or tool but all you have to Do is just type in uh you know an email And it'll give you a quick Um audit for uh you know the user Whoever types in their information Um this audit's going to run in the Background it's the same thing that we Uh you know basically did uh on our own Tool where we're running the you know The shine audit it's basically the same Exact thing that will run for them However in the leads list area Um once we uh Oops We go back you'll see the URL that was Audited uh the email collected it'll Give you some information Um about them and uh you know phone Numbers uh social media addresses like All that stuff and uh you know from There you can either just you know keep Keep track whether you contacted them or Or what have you and as always just you Know take a CSV or a PDF or print it or Whatever you're looking for as a way to Kind of just capture all that Information in case you want to upload It into an automation like I go high Level or something like that so Um real quickly just the final piece is Uh there is a tutorial section which Walks you through how to kind of utilize

All this stuff in a better and and Probably more uh more complete format Than I did I do not use the content Editor quite frankly Um and again you know it's up to you how You want to utilize this stuff but I Thought these were some pretty good ways To kind of just showcase how to track Keywords do your research and again you Know at the end of the day what we want To do if we uh if you want to become an Affiliate just go down to the bottom and Become an affiliate But first what I would recommend is you Give it a free 10-day trial or use the The annual plan here to uh to kind of Check out how it works for you and uh You know as always if you have any Questions please don't hesitate to uh to List them below and if you did find any Value please like or uh or or make sure That you hit that subscribe button so You can catch more videos from me and I'll see you on the next video thanks Foreign [Music]

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