6 Secrets MrBeast Uses To Create Viral Videos

6 Secrets MrBeast Uses To Create Viral Videos

6 Secrets MrBeast Uses To Create Viral Videos

In this video, we discuss MrBeasts 6 Secrets He Uses To Create Viral Videos.

1. Improve Click Through Rate

2. Maximize Average View Duration

3. Try to have a payoff at the end of the video

4. Make sure they enjoy your last video (piece of content)
Will they watch next time you are recommended.

5. Hyper Obsess!! Do the best you can…
Create the best content that YOU can… and Reply to every comment

6. The final secret.
Its far easier to get 5 million views on 1 video, than 50k views on 100 videos… it takes way less effort.


MrBeast’s Cheat Code to Branding:

Know your audience
Create a strong image
Be unique
Promote consistently

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Secrets Mr Beast uses to create viral Videos hey what's up everybody this is Adam with DIY agency and today we're Going to discuss six secrets that Mr Beast uses to create viral videos I just Did a YouTube short about Mr Beast and His cheat code to branding and I'll list That link below but to summarize it was Know your audience create a strong image Be unique and promote consistently but That's about creating brand I want to Talk about viral videos here so the First thing that Mr Beast looks for is Click-through rate so if you look at his Channel what you'll find are excellent Thumbnails now I do a really bad job on My thumbnails I will try and get better With them I'm just looking for some Consistency of my brand Um to start with but what he does is Create absolutely like click bait Thumbnails they're awesome I mean every Single one of them has a picture of him Making some kind of outrageous face or Showing money or some kind of thing that Doesn't necessarily really tell a story But makes you you interested to see like I wonder what this is about and another Thing that I've noticed that he does is He doesn't have a lot of text on his now I always put thumbnails that have text On mine just to quickly kind of identify What it's about in case somebody's not Reading the actual title because a lot

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Of My Views come from YouTube search and So with Mr Beast already having an Established brand he doesn't need to do That nobody really goes out looking to Find anything about spending 50 hours Buried alive and then figuring out Whether it was a Mr Beast video or not He's already got a brand he already Knows he's going to get views so what He's doing is creating very clickable Thumbnails that give a very good Click-through rate to his videos so now Once we dig into one of his videos what He does really well is gets right to the Point in the beginning of the video so We'll have a very quick and compelling Point to make you want to stay and watch The video but at the end of the day what He's focusing on is that duration of the Video so this is a 10 minute video and Quite frankly everybody's watching to The end that's amazing most videos don't Get that obviously Mr Beast is a little Different but that's what he's looking For is people to watch as much of the Video as you can possibly get so to make You want to watch more he's going to Give you that hard-hitting intro and Then he's going to keep you engaged Throughout the video but what he wants To do is kind of try and save you for The last moments and so what he tries to Do for every single video is have a Payoff if you watch till the end so what

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You really want to try and do with your Script is make sure that you're giving Some information but saying hey wait Till the end and I'll give you my best Piece of information which I'm going to Do in this video as well and it's Mr B's Favorite piece of information so his Fourth secret is making sure people Enjoyed his last piece of content his Last video and the question he always Asks himself is will they watch to the End and will they enjoy this video and Want to watch my next video based on This video and so your your content Really needs to be compelling enough to Make make sure that it's not only Engaging but when people see your name Your brand the next time will they watch That next video based on this current Video so that's a secret that he loves To use and that's secret number four so Mr B's fifth secret is to hyper obsess About the work that you're doing so it Went back to like one of his first Videos uh back in 2015 here seven years Ago and what I want to kind of showcase Is that you know while while he gets Tons and tons of uh of comments he Actually took the time to in the Beginning to reply to his comments so as He was blowing up the key that he thinks Is really really important is be Engaging with your audience make sure You're replying to comments and that way

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People will want to work with you more So so be hyper obsessive about the Content that you create but also be Hyper obsessive about engaging with your Audience and creating the best videos And the best experience that you can for Your audience so for Mr B's final secret I'm gonna let him share it himself here We go listen up it's much easier to get 5 million views on one video than 50 000 Views on 100 videos it takes way less Effort to get 5 million views in one Video so that's his secret it's much Easier to get one video go viral than it Is to get 50 videos to go a little bit Viral so when you're making that video Or that content piece remember be hyper Obsessive about creating the best Content you can so let's review the First secret is improve your Click-through rate the second secret is Maximize average view duration the Third Secret is try to have a payoff at the End of every video the fourth secret is Make sure they enjoy your last video or Piece of content and ask yourself will They watch next time you are recommended The fifth secret is to be hyper Obsessive and do the best you can create The best content that you can and reply To every comment and the final sixth Secret is it's far easier to get 5 Million views on win one video than 50 000 views on 100 videos it takes way

Less effort so let me know in the Comments what your secrets are and what You think his best secret is and if you Like this video please hit that like Button or comment below and if you Really liked it hit that Bell And Subscribe till next time thanks for Watching

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