Faceless YouTube Video Tutorial | Cash Cow Videos | Use Free Tools & Content To GET MASSIVE RESULTS!

Faceless YouTube Video Tutorial | Cash Cow Videos | Use Free Tools & Content To GET MASSIVE RESULTS!

Faceless YouTube Video Tutorial | Cash Cow Video | How To Use Free Tools & Content To GET MASSIVE RESULTS on YouTube!!

Watch the exact process of how I got 67k Views, 77 New Subscribers, and 175 Hours of Watch Time using free tools and content, without my voice or showing my face!!


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Hey what's up everybody this is Adam With DIY agency and today we're going to Talk about how I got over 67 000 views And 77 new subscribers from a video that Didn't include my face and it wasn't my Content in the first place let's take a Look so as you can see this thing Launched uh less than a month ago and it Shot up immediately uh within the first Couple hours it got something like 66 000 views since then it's gotten about a You know again about 1500 views still in The last 48 hours I've gotten a couple Views this is not something that's gonna Drive a lot of traffic on a daily basis Once it's launched but the concept being Pretty simple that I was able to take Somebody else's content without showing My face and really quickly get a ton of Watch time a ton of new subscribers a Ton of views now shorts will not let you Monetize but if you need to build a Channel quickly and then start creating Long-form content this is a great way to Do it so the first thing we want to do Do is find something that's worth Copying and so what I would recommend You do is go over to tick tock or you go Over to Twitter and utilize uh some Publicly shared uh content that you can Quickly find and copy so one thing I Like to do is check out Twitter and you Can search you know a number of Different things you can find the for

You you can check for you know what's Trending if you know that you want to do Something sports related you can search Via VIA hashtags so I found this video That let's just say it's got 8.7 million Views already it's a 12 second short It's probably uh you know quite frankly It's probably from Tick Tock or Something like that first again not my Content so what I'm going to do is I'm Going to click next to the person's Username so I can make sure that I've Got the actual page that it's going to Be on I'm just going to copy that URL And I'm going to take it over to Twittervideodownloader.com now there's a Ton of different tools that allow you to Download video content this is just one I've been utilizing and what it'll do is Give you a couple of different options On what size that you want the video to Be so I'm going to download uh the Largest size that we have which is 720 By 1280. So once you get there I'm going to turn The volume off once you get to click That button it's going to take you to The actual video and then on the right Hand side here you're going to find Three different things you can do Picture-in-picture playback speed of Download obviously what I want to do is Download the content that should only Take a few seconds to actually download

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Which is pretty sweet so the next thing I'm going to do is to make this free I'm Going to go over to canva all right so I've got a uh I've already got a a Template that I use but basically what You can do is search through canvas many Many different templates obviously what You want to do is find something that's Going to fit the overall video format That you want I'm going to be making a YouTube short so we want to kind of have This uh this vertical format so the First thing I'm going to do is literally Just going to drag that image in and I'm Going to again pause it so that we don't Have to listen to it you can shape it However you want you can make it bigger Smaller I usually just do something that Fills the screen And if I want what I'll do is literally Just take an element it and you know Fill in a little box like this And then I'm going to just take some Text and you can choose whatever kind of Action stuff or sale or thank you I Usually just put in a headline real Simple we'll do something it doesn't Have to be clever it doesn't have to be Anything fun it's like oh fishy Yeah I know this is stupid But that's all I'm really going to do is I'm going to set that up and then the Next thing I'm going to do is I'm going To find some audio there are a ton of

Different paid and background options That you are free background options Background audio what I'll do is Literally just drag and drop something That I find to be pretty decent it does Require that you fix it to fit the size So here we are with the new situation Um all I'm going to do is hit play Obviously Now what you'll notice is there's two Different volumes I don't know how yet To and maybe you guys can share how to Remove the original Um without without doing a a ton of Different steps I know how to remove the Audio from any video but I'm looking to Do something really within a couple Minutes so I can kind of upload a ton of Different videos that way I can figure Out which ones are going to have success And which ones aren't but basically what I've done is I've added extra audio so It's actually making it in my opinion Less uh less easy or more difficult if You will to uh figure out the copyright Details if there's any copyright Background music again one of the Challenges that you will find with any Kind of paid or pro version music or any Other background music a lot of times is Uh it will get flagged by YouTube for Copyright issues however what it won't Do is actually take down your or give You a strike or take down the video what

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It'll do is simply say that you can't Monetize now with YouTube YouTube shorts You can can't monetize on it anyway at This point so it doesn't bother me in Any way shape or form again I'm going For the video the watch time the views And the uh you know quite frankly the Subscribers to build up and monetize my Channel that way when I do put out real Live content it'll be easy to work with From here all we're going to do is Click Share we're going to download it uh that Will take a few minutes here to download Okay so that's done downloading but Actually what I did do was while waiting For that to download I did a simple Google uh search to find audio remover For uh for a channel uh or from a video So I actually found audio remover.com Where I uploaded a file quickly Um select video files under 500 Megabytes and quickly uh it will it will Actually remove any audio from it and Then it's an easy download file so what I'm going to do is I'm going to come Back here and I'm going to just simply Delete that video and I'm going to Upload my other video that I just Downloaded without the audio And so now We have a completely Different video with no copyright issues Except maybe the video content so so the Next thing we're going to do is go right

Over to YouTube And we're going to just look up in this Top right corner we're going to hit that Create button and we're going to upload A video now at this point what I do want To recommend is if you want to label or Put a file name on your document or your File before you upload it uh YouTube Does look for keywords in the file name So if you're trying to maximize your YouTube search capabilities that's Obviously a good idea all right so I Just took a break I actually did Re-label the video because it was Downloading over with an overwrite Scenario so I'm literally just going to Upload that file right now okay and now It's starting to upload and what it will Do is disregard that uh we are going to Just have a simple title I'm gonna just Enter in What I like to do is just call uh pound Shorts and enter that in and then I Always like to bring this in and put it Again in the uh the description area so What I actually want you to do is put This above And we'll go down we don't need to worry About any uh any thumbnails what we will Do is add a tag and put shorts If I can type I'll make the recording date today and Then real simply what I would do is then Just go through monetizations because

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This channel is currently monetized and Just goes through the process of pushing This thing live so that's really how Easy it is uh again what we're doing is Utilizing free tools free content to try And maximize as many views and most Importantly get as much watch time and Subscribers as we can if you liked what You saw please go ahead and comment Below and let me know what you thought And if you have any questions about how We did it or anything like that don't Hesitate to reach out as always please Like subscribe and comment and I look Forward to making the next video Do you want to know the secrets of how I Made over a hundred thousand dollars With one single affiliate marketing Program if so visit Diy.agency slash case Dash study right Now and then click that green button You'll then get access to a 55 minute Video that shares in great detail the Step-by-step process of how I've won Multiple affiliate marketing contests And made over a hundred thousand dollars With just one single affiliate marketing Program and most importantly it shows How you can apply the same secrets to Any products or services that you want To promote just by using the same simple And easy systems that I use this will Quickly help you create passive income Streams that will make you huge amounts

Of money for the rest of your life on Autopilot visit DIY dot agency slash Case Dash study and click that green Give me access button now see you inside Foreign

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