YouTube Channel Ideas | How To Make Faceless YouTube Videos

YouTube Channel Ideas | How To Make Faceless YouTube Videos

YouTube Channel Ideas | How To Make Faceless YouTube Videos

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Faceless YouTube videos are videos that are posted to the platform by users who do not show their face or reveal any identifying information about themselves. The creators of these videos may choose to remain anonymous for a variety of reasons, such as privacy concerns, a desire to maintain a focus on the content of the video rather than the creator, or as a way to build a sense of mystery around the channel. These videos can be found in many different categories, including beauty tutorials, vlogs, comedy skits, and more.

Some faceless youtubers became popular by doing commentary videos with just text over a still image or animation . They usually keep their identity private and use pseudonym for all their online presence.

It is worth noting that many platforms have terms of service which encourage users to provide accurate information about themselves, and to not create anonymous accounts for the purpose of evading responsibility for their actions. So, using a pseudonym or keeping anonymity, is not a way to escape the rules.

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Hey what's up everybody it's Adam with DIY agency and today we're going to talk About YouTube channel ideas and how to Make faceless YouTube videos so the First place we're going to start is Google Trends and uh you can look at Just general Trends I always like to Look at uh the year in review whenever Possible but you can look at any kind of Current trends that are going on and Again it's just as simple as going to Google hitting in Google Trends and They'll uh you know land you on a page Somewhere like that to this and you'll Be able to check what's popular in the States around the world or whatever Again I like to look at a year in search That gives me a really good idea of what Was really popular throughout the course Of the year because it's not always easy To rank for for trending things but we Know there's interest in a lot of Certain things that we can tap into Throughout the course of the year so a Simple way to do this is kind of look at You know what's what's popular in the News people actors uh you know how to's Are always really great for faceless Videos But let's just kind of look at a Actors for example and uh you know what We can do is you know choose from a lot Of different people Um whether it be that or even better yet

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People that have passed away during the Course of the years that were Celebrities popular or whatever Um so let's uh let's go with Ray Liotta Who is uh is not exactly a trending Character um he's pretty well known but Uh you know really what we would do is Just select him and here's where we're Going to utilize some free tools to uh To kind of maximize the the capability Of using scriptwriters instead of using A scriptwriter we're going to use chat GPT so chat GPT is a is a free service Um It's new uh it's basically using AI to Create content for you so you would just Literally go into Google hit chat GPT Um it'll take you to open ai's website And you'll just create a free account Once you're in the account you'll find Something similar to this and really What we're going to do is just type in Uh something like Ray Liotta what was he Popular for so what was Rey Liotta Famous for And so this can be fast it can sometimes Take some time but really quickly what It's doing is creating a a simple Introductory script for us to work with And you can tweak this as you as you Want but uh you know really simply what We would want to do is just kind of get A good feel for uh for what you know What his background is and something we

Can can write about so if you don't know Who Ray Liotta is he's an actor and film Producer so what do people that are uh That are in movies do they're usually Famous for roles or lines so you know we Can then follow up and say what are the 10 most popular Movie lines From Ray Leota Now this will give me literally movie Quotes So now we can go one of two Directions either we can just take a top 10 list which is super popular for Faceless videos Um on YouTube and Just create this list And we can get pictures of Ray Liotta in The actual movies like Goodfellas Copland and then just uh you know put The quote with it uh again these are Going to give you uh you know some Occasionally some some inappropriate uh Words in there Um but what we really want to do is uh You know try and eliminate them whenever Possible again these may be popular Lines but they're some of the most Memorable and recognizable so this gives You an opportunity to kind of use a Script immediately now we've got two Pieces and we can uh you know Finish it off and say when and how did Ray Leota die Now Again this is a computer and basically

Chachi BT just goes through the uh it Doesn't go through the internet but a History of uh of information it's not Actually connected live to the internet From what I can understand but it's been Fed a ton of information from the web And from books and the like and so uh It's just going and giving the most most Most popular answers it can find um for Any questions that you ask so you know Really what we can do is say you know we Can have a three-piece um you know video Here that's saying you know about Ray Liotta and people that are going in and Trying to find uh you know a line from a Movie quote or information about Ray Liotta we can use this for either uh YouTube we can use this for just Building a Blog and content on a Blog Podcast whatever we want to do but we've Got to have three different sections the First one being what was Ray Liotta Famous for Um what is he you know what are his most Famous movie lines or his most favorite Famous movies and then you know you can Finish it off with say when and how did Ray Liotta die and you have a little bit Information so you've got a full script Here now you can tweak it a little bit So it doesn't so it doesn't look like It's written by an AI but at the end of The day it's a great bullet point uh Opportunity to kind of get you started

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With uh with talking points and so from There now that we've got a script what We're going to do is we're going to turn This into an audio now this audio is not Going to be free but you can just read This on your own if you wanted to Depending on what your voice is and that Would be free I I like to use a a third Party tool that we're going to dive into Right now that is a paid tool but I Think it's fantastic for uh for Utilizing Voices All right so I'm going To introduce you to the script right now And this is again a a tool that I use a Lot of times for transcripts for Subtitles and for creating videos Occasionally but it's something that you Can utilize on your own as well it is Not a free tool it does have a free free Creator account but generally speaking What you would be using is the uh the Creator or Pro Plan I protect I'm I'm The owner of a Pro Plan so I just want To be very upfront that is a paid Tool Uh it's 20 foot four dollars per user Per month I bought the annual plan for 288 dollars but the script is uh pretty Awesome I have other videos that I'll Link to below that go deeper into a Review and demonstration of uh of Descript but for this purpose I'm Literally just going to dive in and show You how we use it so once you're in it's Real simple what we would do is just go

Ahead and well we have a project a bunch Of different projects so I have YouTube Videos and I'm not going to update the New version here but basically what we Would do is just go in and click add new And we're going to use a composition and This gives you the opportunity to either Enter in text or audio or even a video And it'll allow you to to transcribe it For me I'm just going to drag and drop Our uh our text from chat gbt and we can Make this just a general title and we Can actually throw that in Here as well and what's what's actually Going to be happening here is I can use This to uh to create a speaker as you See on the on the side here and what It'll do is allow me to use a lot of Different voices that can create Um audio from this and uh and you can Use your own voice or you can use one of The professional voices that are part of The descript program so I know that the Audio doesn't come well from my computer But what I'm going to do is I'm going to Play this anyway in a few moments just So that you can hear it just so that you Know that they're they're creating their Own voice for me now this is the simple And easiest way to get an audio or a Transcript done with your with an audio Voiceover is literally just creating and As it's converting right now Um it'll create a voice that you can can

Then download and put into a a video Editor now this does have a video editor Which I'll demonstrate in a second but I First want to kind of just show you how We do this part What was Ray Liotta famous for Ray Liotta is an American actor and film Producer who is known for his Performances in a variety of films now You can probably hear the background of Nicholas which is one of the voices that They provide now Ray Liotta and Ray Liotta are the two different things Um you do have to occasionally go in and Kind of change words to be sad or Spelled phonetically meaning that they Can uh they sound based on the way They're written names are never really Done well so Scorsese stuff like that Um might not come out pretty you know Very well depending on how you've Written it out but again you just go Ahead and edit that a little bit so what We would do from here is we could then Just go into file composition and Export And literally what we would do is be Able to just download the audio right to Uh to an audio file so that we have the Audio of a video that we want to work With now the next step is what we would Take to uh to become a a video is Turning this into a storyboard All we did was just click that button And then we come over into our project

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And we just select the file that we Wanted to work with and from here you're Able to actually just create visuals to Go along with the audio And so with this storyboard really what We're able to do is go through each and Every section and just create media To uh to add Into each in each area for instance with With each one of these black Parts where We're just kind of adding a a piece to It we can go in and we can upload files Videos Um you know there's a a big database of Images and videos and backgrounds and Music and stuff like that but you can Simply just go ahead and upload Something on your own so what I would do Is obviously go through and add pictures Of Ray Liotta and I would obviously have Uh you know again script I put quotes in I would do all that stuff and then you Can just simply export this as a video So you now have your script you have Your audio and you have your visuals all Tied in into a video that you can upload Directly to YouTube now another great Feature that I find is I've done this on Other products where I've created videos And I've you know made a recording of Some sort and what you're able to do is Not only create the the content but then From there we're able to actually export This stuff and uh and take the subtitle

So to export the sub titles all we do is Go into file we find composition we hit Export and again what we're going to be Looking for is hitting that export Button and just simply subtitles and it Will download an SRT file that allows us To be uploaded directly into YouTube so This is a simple way for you to come up With easy ideas starting with Google Trends or any popular topics that are Out there and creating a script with Chat GPT and then I use the script which Is a paid tool to create audio content And then create visuals around that if Needed so that way you can do a faceless YouTube video for your uh your YouTube Channel and you don't ever have to be Doing the audio you don't have to do any Of the face work but you'll have tons of Different ideas to come up with and take It from there so I hope you love this Video and if you did please like or Comment below and as always I do hope That you would subscribe and look Forward to seeing you guys on the next Video thanks [Music] Thank you

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