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SEMrush vs Moz, Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is not what it was years ago. The strategies that worked successfully in the past may not be as effective nowadays. SEO has the nature of evolving as search engines like Google change their ranking algorithms 500-600 times a year. That means they update more than once a day. If you don’t keep up with the changing pace, it will negatively affect your website and its traffic.

Not all of us are SEO experts and have the money to spend on boosting rankings. That is why we are given a variety of alternatives.

Some of these alternatives work better than some might think in first thoughts. In this post, we are going to compare two of the best tools that have been proven and tested by experts around the world – SEMrush vs Moz.



SEMrush is a comprehensive SEO tool that helps you discover valuable keywords and beat your competitors by spying on their keywords, backlinks, traffic and ad strategies. SEMrush is a wonderful tool for the experienced digital marketer who wants to obtain the data and turn it into insights themselves.

Last year, SEMrush has made big paces forward with their site audit tool, keyword magic tool, and many others that search experts find incredibly beneficial to help them optimize their sites or the sites of their clients. If you properly and tactically use it, you can even increase your traffic by 15% in just a month!

Advantages of SEMrush

Backlink analysis

Deep backlink analysis is made easy by SEMrush. Backlinks work like votes; if you have more of it, your rankings will rise. The challenge is to find a way to deeply analyze the backlinks of your competitors if you want to reveal a few link building tactics. This is where this tool comes very useful. You can perform deep analysis and know what kind of links are pointed towards your website. It is an effective backlink checker that helps you to keep a note on incoming links, how dependable it is and more. Its report helps you to enhance the quality of backlink you get and also find new referral sources of traffic.

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Get the best performing keywords

Another thing that SEMrush makes easy is gaining profitable keywords. If you head to the SEMrush dashboard, you will find the “keyword research” tab at the left part. Type the keyword and it will give you a full list of all the keyword ideas along with the monthly search volume. If you find it hard to look for keywords with less competition, this tool is right for you.

SEMrush also provides you a list of all the organic search results that are ranking at the top of search engines. This will help you understand whether to proceed to concentrate on using the keywords you are targeting or not.

Get advertising opportunities

By Google Adwords, there are websites that pay for the traffic you get. All you need to do is find those websites. When you find them, you could make money by proposing them to put their ads on your site instantly.

Begin with searching for some authoritative companies and approach them to know whether they are fine with putting ads on your website. If they are using a lot of money advertising for keywords you already rank for, then that will be a huge advantage to your site.



This is a software that lets you unlock all kinds of keyword metrics, on-page suggestions, link building opportunities, crawl errors, online mentions of your brand and many others.

Moz is fittest for small to medium size enterprises who need a semi-passive way to track how good they are doing and want to be shown a bit more clearly what to do to enhance rankings. It can also be good for single consultants or little agencies who do not have a ton of clients but want to keep their clients in the loop with constant reports.

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Advantages of Moz

Link analysis

Moz Pro lets you identify where the most authoritative backlinks are from. This tool helps you to know mentions of your business online. In some events, your website gets discussed in a blog post but the blogger didn’t link back to your website. With this tool, you view all of your unlinked mentions on the web. You can even know how many people are talking about your page.

Keyword research

Moz’s new tool Keyword Explorer assists in settling which keywords to target for SEO. For this goal, Moz effectively designed four metrics namely Volume, Difficulty, Opportunity, and Potential.

It measures what keywords drove to your page visits. If your site is not ranking on the first page, then you should know the reasons behind it. And this tool gives important insights into those making it to the first page. It principally focuses on the page authority and the domain authority to evaluate your competitors.

Open site explorer

With this tool, you can determine what keywords the site might be ranking for. It examines the phrases and terms most usually used as anchor text to link to the given URL or domain. It also shows you broken and unlinked link phrases and spammy sites that link to your website.


On this article, we showed the strengths and weaknesses of both tools. However, there can only be one king and we decide that it would be SEMrush. The features stated above clearly show why SEMrush is more reliable. This tool concentrates on accuracy and thoroughness of data which is the factor that won over Moz.

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