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Screaming Frog vs SEO PowerSuite, In the world of search engine optimization(SEO), there are various tools that are all-in-one are arguably powerful. There are so many you can choose from that picking the perfect one is a tough challenge already. Well, to be quite frank, there is no perfect SEO tool. However, the wide variety of choices offer the best, convenient tools, too. In this article, we give you the Screaming Frog vs SEO PowerSuite. Both these tools are widely-known by the industry’s professionals.

We will discuss how these two tools differ in different ways that will benefit your online market. We will contrast their functions, advantages, and disadvantages.

What is Screaming Frog?

This tool is a robust, easy-to-use piece of software that can crawl websites, gather data, and manage it in helpful methods. The Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a little desktop app that you can install locally on your PC, Mac, or Linux machine. This is, in fact, a tool so convenient that any type of online marketer can access. Both newbies and pros find this tool very crucial for a website’s online success in the search engine results page(SERP). The tool crawls a website’s links, images, CSS, and others from an SEO point of view. It primarily shows you what a search spider would detect when it crawls your site.

The data it presents allows you to instantly examine, audit, and review a site from an on-site SEO viewpoint. It can spare you a lot of energy because manually analyzing every page of a huge website can be very tricky.

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What is SEO PowerSuite?

SEO PowerSuite’s quick search facility lets you instantly concentrate on the records that include specific words or symbols. This tool’s quick filter is an excellent way to obtain precise SEO data among hundreds of others out there, without the need to build a complicated Workspace for this goal.

Its Website Auditor is very great for discovering all the issues on a website.

The Comparison

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is great for anyone wanting to crawl a large number of URLs or a small to medium volume website. It does not manage big sites as well, as it goes out of memory, even with custom memory allocation.

It possesses a free version and a paid version. If you find the free version has what you need, it is simple to use that until you require to do some more custom analysis of your website.


It can efficiently and quickly assess the range of any problem that can be identified in the HTML source of a site. Most websites of any age or of enough scale have numerous systems associating to produce the source code. Screaming Frog’s filters let you find out where problems are lying, and where they don’t. This can be the key to resolving the matter. Screaming Frog can filter for HTML, Javascript, and images. It can also effectively find duplicate contents. It houses reliable site-wide analytics on Metadata. Additionally, You can find your canonicalization problems with this tag.

It will also build good XML sitemaps for your website.


For our suggestion, it could run even further and add some knowledge and regulation to its wonderful analytics. Some even believe that the software can slow down devices. Another thing that people don’t like about Screaming Frog is the fact that it is a bit of a resource hog.

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SEO PowerSuite

From online recommendations, the tool did not get a pretty good score. Its features are what dragged it down. Many say that its interface is not fit for e-commerce. However, it is really powerful when it comes to earning organic results.


This tool has got the upper hand when it comes to reporting customization opportunities. The new reports are really excellent and can entirely be customized. It enables you to provide your clients with various sorts of data organized in a very unique way.

The best part of SEO PowerSuite is it holds different traits. This software joins all necessary features under one roof, so you don’t mostly have to use other SEO tools at all.

If your clients are located in different regions, this tool is helpful. It can check ratings from various locations. Thus, the software can give results that are specific to every one of your clients’ countries.


When processing a huge amount of data, the software won’t be strong enough. That is why it is only fit for small to medium size businesses. However, it can cumbersome for big projects.

Some even find the time to fully understand the software is too long. Several users also suggest that SEO PowerSuite needs to purchase proxies or captcha solution.


In this battle, there is no winner other than the Screaming Frog. In our discussion, we enumerated the advantages of both tools and they proved to be very useful for online brands. But if you compare their quality, you will conclude that Screaming Frog wins it. Also, it is not just the condition of the website’s interface that we based in our conclusion, it’s also the fact that SEO PowerSuite’s disadvantages count more than Screaming Frog’s.

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