How To Choose An Affiliate Program | My Golden Triad Strategy Revealed

How To Choose An Affiliate Program | My Golden Triad Strategy Revealed

How To Choose An Affiliate Program | My Golden Triad Strategy Revealed

My 2 favorite affiliate programs
Marketing Boost Affiliate Program:
GHL (HighLevel) Affiliate Program

Things I focus on:
Recurring services mean recurring commissions
Higher prices means higher commissions
Higher commission percentages means higher commissions and payments

Usually, there are LOTS of options to choose from.
Start by not choosing the best, but by removing the worst fit for you.
Then… just try one. Don’t worry if it fails, keep a list of the “best programs”.

Fighter pilot terminology
Observe, Orient, decide, act.

My 2 favorite affiliate programs
Marketing Boost Affiliate Program:
GHL (HighLevel) Affiliate Program

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💰Marketing Boost:

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Top Tips for Succeeding in Affiliate Marketing
If you’re interested in getting into affiliate marketing, here are some tips for succeeding:

1. Choose the Right Product or Service
The first step in becoming successful with affiliate marketing is choosing the right products or services to promote. Look for something that has a good reputation, offers a good commission rate, and fits well with your audience. You want something that will appeal to your target market and provide them with value so they’ll be more likely to buy it through your affiliate link. Do your research and select products that meet these criteria and have potential for success.

2. Create High-Quality Content
Once you’ve selected the right product or service and done some competitor research, it’s time to create content that will draw people in and convince them to click on your affiliate link when they buy from the merchant site linked from yours. Quality is essential here; produce content that adds value rather than just trying to sell something directly through ads or sponsored posts without providing real substance about why it would be beneficial for viewers/readers/listeners/etc.. The goal should always be providing useful information as well as prompting people who are interested enough in what you have said/shown/etc., then direct them towards a merchant website where they can make an informed purchase decision after seeking more substantial information there (if needed).

3. Monitor Results & Track Performance
Finally, monitor results closely throughout every step of your campaign – this will allow you not only see how successful (or unsuccessful!) each tactic may be but also tweak strategies accordingly if needed so as not adjust plans accordingly & maximize efficiency moving forward! Additionally tracking performance helps identify which areas deserve more attention than others so focus may remain appropriately directed without wasting resources unnecessarily; always keep track of key metrics such as clicks & conversions rate on both websites & social media platforms alike – this data will prove invaluable down the line when making strategic decisions based off previous results!

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By following these tips ,you can start seeing success with affiliate marketing quickly! Choose quality products carefully ,research competitors ,and create high-quality content. And of course, track results closely .

Hey what's up everybody Adam with DIY Agency and today we're going to talk About how to choose the right affiliate Program so to start with just understand That there's literally thousands of Affiliate products and services out There that you can promote and usually It's about finding what what you know is The right fit for you something in your Niche something you're comfortable with Something you have knowledge about so That you can offer these recommendations To other people Um that have some validity to them Something that you can provide value and Information Obviously whenever choosing an affiliate Product you want to choose something That um that that feels good but you Know again it you want to go through a Number of different choices but at the End of the day if you know zero about You know gardening then you certainly Don't want to try out gardening if that You know that Niche if if you have zero Interest and you have zero information About it then you want to try something That you know a little bit more about Again there's thousands of different Products and services to choose from so Just try and find something that you Have a little bit of of info about and There's almost always going to be an Affiliate program for you so let's talk

About the things that I find to be the Most valuable in an affiliate program And how I start by choosing uh you know Affiliate programs based on that so First and foremost recurring Services is The absolute number one thing that I Look for something that's going to be a Recurring billing to uh to your Customers or to their customers is going To provide recurring payments to you so Not a one-time sale but something that Is going to be billed month after month After month think about your uh your Cable bill your phone bill your you know Netflix these are all recurring services That have a charge on a monthly basis And if you can find something on an Affiliate product or service that has a Recurring billing that's going to mean Recurring recurring payments to you Which at the end of the day is the best Way to do it because you make one sale And you get paid for a very long time And I always love those programs the Second thing I look for is what's called High ticket or high price based items And again think about you know something That's very expensive it's a one-time Sale and it's going to be very expensive Or a very you know high priced recurring Product again you know your cell phone Bill or your you know cable bill is Probably going to be more expensive than Your Netflix bill

Um so whenever you had to choose one to Promote you'd choose something that's Going to be more expensive to the the Person buying it because again your Commission is going to be a little bit Higher higher ticket prices mean higher Commissions and the final thing I kind Of like to look for is high commission Percentages so again whether or not it's A one-time payment or a recurring Payment as far as your commission what I'm looking for is a higher percentage So there's companies that offer ninety Percent fifty percent forty percent ten Percent three percent it really depends On what you know they're offering as far As part of their affiliate program so I Always try and find something with a Pretty decent High number Um again if I ideally what I'm looking For if I can get the golden Triad here It's going to be a high price with a Recurring Bill and a high affiliate Percentage so again I'm going to Recommend a couple things but really What I want you to think about as far as How to choose here is going to be not by Necessarily choosing the best programs For you I don't want you to think about That I want to think I want you to think About find a range of different products Or services to to offer because quite Frankly there's just again there's There's thousands and thousands of

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Affiliate programs out there so what we Want to do is start by finding the ones That don't fit for us again remove the Ones that don't fit don't go and try and Find the best remove the ones that are The worst fit for you and what you'll Find is if you have a list of you know Maybe 20 different products in a Category that you're looking for it's You know 20 different service offerings They might all be the right fit and they Might all look really really good on Paper but you know what what happens is There's a friction that's created you're Trying to struggle to find which one's The best one the best way to approach it Honestly is to start looking at them all And say all right let's dig through them And find out what isn't a good fit What's the worst one and remove that and Then you've got a lot less to choose From and you keep narrowing it down by By you know which ones are the worst fit For you and you'll find that you end up With three to five or you know maybe Even more but you know a smaller group Of products and services that you want To promote just by eliminating the ones That are the worst fit eliminating the Worst from it and then of course it's Just try one don't worry if it fails You're gonna fail a lot of times that's How we learn but just keep a list of Those best products and services the

Best programs that that are a fit for You and that way once one fails we can Go after another and if that one fails We can try another and that will find The best ones for you there's some Terminology that I love it's uh it's From fighter pilots observe Orient Decide act and basically what this is is You're just working with campaigns um And your you know your recommendations And you're observing you're orienting You're deciding and you're acting but The key points are decide and act and so There's a lot of different programs out There there's a lot of of the right fits You've got to decide on one and you've Got to act and promote it and then once It fails then you again you are Observing that you're you're orienting To what's going on and again you're Deciding to either continue or deciding To quit and you're making that decision You're acting and that is the key to Success it's not about finding Necessarily the right one there's no Perfect affiliate program out there for Everybody but you're going to find some That work for you I'm going to recommend Two here in just a moment but I want you To understand they are certainly not the First two affiliate programs I chose They're probably not even the first top 20 affiliate programs that I've chosen But over time I've kind of realized that

They're the best programs for me to Promote based on my personal history and And again of course my uh my golden Triad here of the things that provide The highest commissions for me uh Recurring you know good commission Percentage and high price products Um they were the right fit for me and I've made a lot of money through them And I'm going to look to continue to Make a lot of money from these two Programs but it also means I'm not just Going to lock into these two programs Alone I'm going to continue testing Others while these two are bringing in a Lot of commissions for me I'm going to Continue to test other programs that are Out there and hopefully I'll find one That actually surpasses these two and as Far as commissions and then I'll have Three that are working or four that are Working and then eventually they might Stop promoting one of these because it's Not worth my time investment my Financial investments whatever Um I'll find that you know maybe they're Not my top two anymore and that's the Best way to figure it out is again Observe Orient decide act and hopefully This will help you decide on what the Right affiliate programs are for you so The two that I love are uh marketing Boost which again has a 40 monthly Recurring commission uh it does have a a

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Lot of different uh options for people Um that are buying their product and Service and basically what they're doing Is they're they're giving away Complimentary vacations and it's hotel Stays and and dining vouchers and stuff Like that it's really great as far as Incentivizing people to uh to take Action I actually use it for people to Sign up for the affiliate programs that I'm uh promoting Um outside of just you know on this one So I might Um have a dog walking campaign or a dog Treats or something like that and I I Might offer a complimentary vacation to Somebody that signs up for the affiliate Program and so not only do I uh use it As an affiliate I am a customer and I offer it to uh to People that uh that I want to sign up For my affiliate programs that's one one More thing I'd like to add I do use most Of the things that I uh that I recommend I'm a big big marketing boost proponent Um I've won uh affiliate contest a Number of different affiliate contests With them throughout the years and I Made a lot of money but I've also been a Customer of marketing boost for a very Long long time and the other program That I use again because I'm an ad Agency uh owner and I use it for my Customers is high level high levels of

Fantastic agency solution but it's got An amazing affiliate program as well Again it's a 40 recurring commission They have multiple different price Points that you cannot you can try out As far as uh being either an affiliate Or a customer and again it's it's been a Really really nice fit recurring Commissions 40 recurring is really what I like but again it's a higher ticket Um you know 297 or higher depending on You know what people are doing there is A 97 you know plan for them as well but Again you're making uh forty percent of That on a on a 97 or 297 can be a really Really nice uh monthly commission for You to get so I'll have both these links Below and please let me know what uh What affiliate programs you like to Promote or if you have any questions About these two or any other affiliate Programs I'd love to give you some Answers uh so leave a comment below and As always um you know please don't Hesitate to like or subscribe and again Comment below if you uh have any Questions and I'll look forward to Speaking to you on the next video thanks Foreign [Music]

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