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Why Facebook is the most popular ?

With approximately 2,320 million users worldwide, Facebook is ranked as the most popular social media network. Since its inception in 2004, this social network has developed exceedingly. Anyone can join in for free.

The platform generates most of its profits from paid advertisers, who are capable of reaching prospect followers and customers in a highly targeted and appealing form. Facebook serves as a helpful network to generate leads and increase sales of products and services in just about any niche or industry. With millions of people on the channel, you have an audience regardless of your niche or business.

Marketing on Facebook is inevitable if you run a business, especially if it is online.

Comparing Facebook Ads

Compared to other social media platforms, Facebook advertising is relatively easy. Another benefit from it is its ability to be highly targeted. However, you will need an excellent marketing tactic to maximize your Return on Investment (ROI) and connect with your particular customer group.

If you obtain a reliable Facebook marketing strategy, you can reach your audience at a time when they want to purchase a product or service related to your online industry. It is a simple approach, but it can benefit your business in the long run.

How? Even if somebody does not purchase your merchandise, they can still be aware that it still exists, so there is a possibility that they will seek your brand when they need it. A great choice for starters, right?

Benefits of  Facebook Marketing Strategy

  • Saves you money
  • Save you time
  • Deliver predictable and scalable results
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Segmentation, targeting, and locating in the Marketing tactics of Facebook

In order to learn the preferences and interest people accordingly and to create revenues, Facebook applies the mix of demographic, geographic and psychographic segmentation variables. The target market for Facebook is large, so by applying a distinguished targeting strategy, Facebook makes sure that it presents algorithmically individualized advertisements intended for the specific person based on the way he or she runs their accounts. Its positioning strategy is value-based and believes in engaging people so that people can share more and more and connect with other users.

Competing edge in the Marketing tactics of Facebook

The principal aggressive advantage that Facebook has is its reach and the way it has caught the attention of various communities worldwide to make the world more clear and more open. Also, it has a broad product and services portfolio. One can post an update, an image, or a video for entirely different purposes.

Facebook Marketing Strategy’s Brand equity

Facebook holds a far more gap against other rival companies when it comes to popularity and reputation. Facebook has a confident word of mouth and great top of mind awareness relative to the competitors’ offers. The brand evaluation of Facebook is $52.6 billion in 2016. Not surprisingly, this evaluation is a 44% increase from Facebook’s evaluation of 2015. This just means that Facebook’s brand is growing very rapidly.

Why you should choose Facebook Marketing Strategy

We give you five solid answers to this question:

  • Highly Targeted Facebook Ads
  • Fast Developing
  • Users Spend More Time
  • Reputation
  • Greater Demographics
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Highly Targeted Facebook Ads

As many online marketers know, Facebook ads are highly targeted. You can target a specific audience using determinants such as sex, age, location, interests, occupation, and so on. Online marketers can use this to advertise their products and services to their target audience. Asides that, Facebook Ads are not very pricey. Facebook also allows users to set and manage their advertising budget so as not to exceed the funds they set aside.

Fast Developing

Besides the dominance that Facebook has over other social media networks, the channel is also fast developing. This indicates more and more people are registering every day. More pages, groups, and online communities are formed. Your online business can also take benefit of this to get in touch with the best audience for your industry.

Users Spend More Time

New surveys have exposed that Facebook users spend an average of about 40 minutes every day on Facebook. Spending more time on this social media channel means customers can have more time to be aware of your business.


As already discussed, no other social network is as famous as Facebook. Millions of individuals use Facebook on a daily basis. You can simply take advantage of a large amount of Facebook users and improve awareness about your business online.

Greater Demographics

Last thing that makes Facebook a compelling online marketing tool is its extended demographics. Everyone uses Facebook, teens, adults, and even seniors. Therefore, Facebook helps build a larger demographic of people to sell your products and services.

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Now that you know what Facebook Marketing Strategy is and why it is important, it’s time to build your approach. This tactic is like any other strategy offered to help your business succeed. You have the insight, you have the guide, and the only thing left for you to do is answer the question: why not?


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