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2.38 billion- this is the number of worldwide Facebook active users every month! The social network behemoth holds 65% of users that log in every day. Facebook Marketing factors the ultimate stomping ground for online business owners looking to attract awareness to their brand’s products and services.

As online marketers, we understand how crucial it is to have a business Facebook presence. The great challenge is how to stand out amongst your competitors. To achieve a large amount of target audience for your business page, you also need to be intelligent in terms of how your peers expand their followers and business through Facebook’s Marketing.

In the world of social media, there is also competition for the best site for organic marketing. For example, YouTube has 1.5 billion active users per month, and WeChat has 889 million active users every month. Even though these two networks are putting up a lot of effort, Facebook remains at the peak.

Facebook Marketing Facts

As a matter of fact, 93% of online business owners admit that they use Facebook Marketing and advertise regularly. That represents approximately 3 million businesses that use Facebook only for marketing goals. All the marketers on Facebook can relate to one thing, the problem they get from recent algorithm changes.

If you want to avoid problems while promoting your brand’s visibility through Facebook, you might want to keep reading this guide. To attract and interest visitors, drive them to your website and convert them into leads and eventually, costumers, you need to optimize your Facebook appearance.

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Here is how.

Tips for using Facebook in marketing and business

Optimize Your Profile Picture

Your profile pic is your first impression, and it greatly counts. Your profile picture should depict the first element potential followers will likely notice when they communicate with you through search or comments, imagery is a significant part of your Facebook approach. The idea for a good profile picture is simplicity. It should only be 180×180 pixels. If you want your profile pic to be stylish, you should not attach a lot of text or compress a huge photo. If you want to be treated as an expert, you need to look like one.

Perfect your cover photo

If your profile picture gives a great first impression, your cover photo should give the second wow factor. Taking up a significant chunk of real estate on your page, your cover photo effectively sets the tone for everything below the fold. In addition to a high-quality picture, cover photos are an excellent spot for brand mottoes and call to action buttons. If you are saving money or short on budget, you can always use digital marketing tools that can help you mix up a smooth brand cover in just minutes.

However, it does not always have to be a picture. Facebook recently injected cover videos to take the attention of your audience. The ideal video length is between 20 and 90 seconds. The covers should be limited to only 820×312 pixels. Like photo editing, there are also a lot of video making tools you use on the web. This option is still relatively not touched by businesses on Facebook. We encourage you to make the most of your Facebook page by experimenting with this feature.

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Target an Accurately Specific Audience

One exciting thing about Facebook marketing is the very sophisticated level of ad targeting. You should give time and resources to analyze your customer base and to form buyer personas. If you do that, you can now put those personas to use and go after the people that are most suitable to be engaged in your products, offers, or services.

Make Brief and Enticing Video Posts

If you have already done this step and noticed that it failed, there are two reasons for that: your videos are too long, or they are not interesting enough. What Facebook users are looking for is entertainment, and if your video does not have that element, they won’t ever be engaged to it. Many online marketers are keeping up with this trend. Why do you need it? The measure of average daily video views on Facebook multiplied from 4 billion video views a day to 8 billion. BuzzFeed’s secret to this is running it short and sweet with a visually appealing thumbnail.

Target the Leads You Already Hold on Facebook

You can upload a list of emails directly into Facebook and then show your ads to your target audience. Facebook’s Custom Audiences lets you target the leads you’ve obtained from your newsletter signup or other lead generation works, or maybe a group of your present consumers that you’re trying to persuade.


Despite the challenges and changes, Facebook is still a great place to boost the presence of your brand. The tips above will help you stay ahead of your competitors in your industry. We hope you fully understand each guide because it will be very influential in the success of your marketing efforts.

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