BigSpy Review and Demo | The Ultimate Ad Spy Tool for Affiliate Marketers & Agencies

BigSpy Review and Demo | The Ultimate Ad Spy Tool for Affiliate Marketers & Agencies

BigSpy Review and Demo | The Ultimate Ad Spy Tool for Affiliate Marketers & Agencies

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What is BigSpy
BigSpy is an Ad Spy Tool specifically designed for Affiliate Marketers. It allows users to spy on ad campaigns from competitors and find profitable ad creatives for their own campaigns.

Why use BigSpy for Affiliate Marketing
As an affiliate marketer, staying ahead of the competition is crucial to success. BigSpy offers a competitive advantage by providing users with the ability to analyze ad campaigns and find profitable ad creatives.

Key Features of BigSpy
Ad Spy Tool
BigSpy’s Ad Spy Tool is the core feature that sets it apart from other ad spy tools in the market. It allows users to easily search and find ad campaigns from competitors.

Competitive Analysis
BigSpy’s Competitive Analysis feature allows users to analyze ad campaigns and find out what is working for their competitors. This information can then be used to improve their own ad campaigns.

Ad Creatives
BigSpy’s Ad Creatives feature allows users to find profitable ad creatives for their own campaigns. This helps users save time and effort in creating ad creatives from scratch.

How to Use BigSpy
Setting up an Account
Setting up a BigSpy account is easy and straightforward. Simply sign up on the website and start using the tool.

Navigating the Dashboard
The BigSpy dashboard is user-friendly and easy to navigate. All features and tools are clearly labeled and easy to access.

Finding Ad Campaigns
Finding ad campaigns is as easy as using the search bar on the BigSpy dashboard. Users can search for specific keywords, brands, or even countries to find the right ad campaigns.

Analyzing Ad Campaigns
BigSpy provides an easy to use interface for analyzing ad campaigns. Users can view the ad creatives, target audience, and performance data of each ad campaign. This information can then be used to improve their own ad campaigns.

Using Ad Creatives
BigSpy’s Ad Creatives feature provides users with a collection of profitable ad creatives that they can use for their own campaigns. Users can simply select the ad creative they like and start using it in their campaigns.

Benefits of Using BigSpy
Improved Ad Campaigns
Using BigSpy can lead to improved ad campaigns by providing users with the information and resources they need to create successful campaigns. The Ad Spy Tool and Competitive Analysis features allow users to see what is working for their competitors and use this information to improve their own campaigns.

Increased Affiliate Earnings
By improving their ad campaigns, users can also increase their affiliate earnings. BigSpy provides users with the tools they need to create successful campaigns and achieve better results.

Competitive Advantage
BigSpy offers a competitive advantage for affiliate marketers over other ad spy tools in the market. Its user-friendly interface and advanced features make it easier for users to find profitable ad campaigns and ad creatives.

In conclusion, BigSpy is an excellent tool for affiliate marketers looking to improve their ad campaigns and increase their earnings. Its advanced features and user-friendly interface make it a valuable asset for any affiliate marketer.

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Hey what's up everybody Adam with DIY Agency and today we're gonna review ad Spy which is a neat little tool that Allows you to spy on other people's ads Depending on keywords or company name or What whatever you're looking to do on Multiple platforms like Facebook Instagram Tick Tock YouTube and like so It's been used and recommended by a guy Named Neil Patel if you're familiar with Him then uh you probably are already Understand exactly what I'm talking About but he's very big in the SEO game Um search and engine optimization so a Very big name in the internet world and Again if he's recommending it it's not Too bad there are about 500 000 Customers already so people are using This Um and I'm going to get you into the Back end here but just a couple Different com types of business that That may be interested in this uh media Buying uh you know drop shippers ecoms Ad agencies obviously affiliate Marketers all good fits for this gonna Go into the basics real quick so there's I think nine different uh platforms that They they let you go through again um It's going to be Facebook Instagram Google YouTube Twitter Um those are kind of the keys for me It's been around for about five years And most importantly we'll start talking

About price in a second but uh they do Have a free plan and there are a lot of Companies out there that do offer this Um this one uh they're they're free plan Obviously is free they have a nine Dollar a month plan I'm using the Pro Plan which I'll show you in a second Um and uh really it it's it's really About trying to find the best use of This platform uh this this software for Your particular needs Um so let's talk about pricing real Quick so it depends how aggressively You're going to be using a tool like This if you're going to be using it Every day or if you're going to be using It uh you know once a month that will Kind of help you decide which plan You're looking for they do have a free Plan they have a nine dollar a month Plan um but if you're interested in Trying out the Pro Plan Um which I do recommend you know try it Out for three day days for a buck and if You like it then you can obviously Decide which direction you want to go in Unless you're a super heavy user a big Agency I wouldn't necessarily recommend The VIP Enterprise plan but uh you know Obviously it's out there and uh you know Work worth taking a look at so you know The Pro Plan gives you uh unlimited Searches on a daily basis uh it allows You to track a decent amount of uh you

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Know ads and uh you know do downloads And the like and we'll get into how this Is used but I just kind of wanted to Give you an idea of uh you know what That plan is so Um again as you can see I'm a Pro Plan User and let's talk about why we would Use this so let's start with the ad spy Tool and as we can see here there are a Lot of different um ways to search what We can look for is uh you know search by Keyword by an Advertiser by a domain a URL a fan page whatever you're looking To do it gives you a lot of different Choices and of course what type of site You're looking to search for if you're Looking specifically in the Ecom niche If you're looking for Shopify sites that Are promoting certain things or if You're looking for WordPress sites Wix Sites um you can really search a lot of Different ways by site type and of Course platform now platform is Important to me because I want to Understand who's advertising on what Platform because that may help me Understand whether or not I should be on That platform or more importantly if I Should be looking at other platforms That are underutilized so an example of That is if we are promoting a product And we find that product on Facebook and There's a ton of people advertising for It on Facebook that tells us one of two

Things either it's a great well it tells Us two things one it's a great place to Be advertising because there are a lot Of people advertising there but it also Might tell us that it's a little bit Congested at the time so we may want to Consider utilizing another platform and So if I see a ton of people on Facebook But I don't see a lot of ads for that Same product on YouTube or Instagram or Twitter it may give me some some Suggestions as to hey maybe I should be Promoting this product here and try and Test out that blue ocean obviously it's Great we want to be where people are Advertising and have a success but it Also gives us an idea to split test and Say hey we know 30 advertisers are Promoting this product on Facebook but Nobody's promoting it on YouTube or Tick Tock maybe we should create an ad and Test that out and see what the results Are and of course compare versus Facebook so with this what we're also Going to be able to do is check you know Which areas of the country and the world That we want to be advertising in it Gives you obviously a lot of different Choices and you can choose by country Which we'll do and we can choose by Language which obviously is important to Me There are suggestions of you know how Many likes you can sort by marketing

Objectives you know landing page types I'm not going to really get into that Stuff I'm really looking just to find Out who's doing it and what they're Promoting with and we can search by date Meaning how many um who's been Advertising over the past seven days 30 Days 90 days I like to use 90 days three Months that usually gives you a pretty Good feel you can also do 30 days I Don't like to necessarily do seven day Searches because anybody can be putting Something up in the past seven days and Not really getting a lot of good quality Feedback Um you're obviously going to test for About seven days and if it's complete Failure then you're gonna take it down What we want to see is something that's Been running for 30 days or more in my Opinion but if you can see something That's been running for 90 days it's Even more more effective so what we're Going to look for is once we decide on a Keyword or search you know an ad Creative concept by Advertiser what We're going to be looking to do is Evaluate the ads that are up there and What I mean by that is we're going to Look at the image we're going to look at The video we're going to look at the Content that's being promoted and get Some idea started from there but also See kind of how they compare with the

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Other ads and again we can just check by Different types of uh you know different Types of platforms so if I'm I'm looking For a specific keyword I can see who's Advertising where and how effectively They're doing it so let's talk about a Specific keyword Um you know it you can do this either as A business owner or an affiliate Marketer I'm going to take this as a as A guy that's going to kind of promote to Um to Dennis for example if I'm looking As a dentist and I'm going to call up Dennis and say hey look I can help you Promote Invisalign or uh you know uh Dental implants or something like that I Can use this service uh this search so We'll look at Invisalign and try and get some ideas of Who's advertising and uh and and where Now one thing I would like to find out More about is um if I could I'd love to Be able to kind of see where Specifically in a town people are Utilizing this service Um but basically this is good for just Kind of spying on uh people if we know It they're in our area and we know that They're advertisers let's let's search Them out and figure out what they're Saying so Um so if I'm looking at Invisalign ads Really what I would want to do is first Kind of look at just Facebook ads and

See what people are typing in Um this is obviously Invisalign UK and Ireland which I'm not sure why that's Showing up Um frankly in in the U.S search but you Know we look at Dr Jeremy Kurtz we look At Invisalign themselves and you know You can read the ad text you can kind of See what they're promoting just by Clicking on it you can get some good Information here and uh really it's just Saying there's one version of this ad Um it's had a ton of Impressions it's Been run money for 179 days and they Assign a popularity score which is Between zero and a thousand it really Just tries to give you an idea Comparably quickly to see kind of what Kind of Engagement these ads are getting So the higher closer to a thousand the Better Um so really if we're looking around we Can see kind of which ads quickly have High popularity scores and which ones Don't and another thing that I always Try and to try and look for is what ads Are running for a while have been Running for a long time you know the Longer that something has been running The more likely they're seeing a return On their investment so again something That's been running since uh December For me uh versus just starting up you Know January 24th is going to show me

That that ad has had some success Whether the popularity score here is Being utilized to promote that or not I Want to kind of just see ads that are That are having success now if we just Want to take an overall concept here Um who do you think is the target market Um you know obviously we see a kid and a Woman we see a woman we see a woman we See a guy we see a woman woman again Woman woman woman so we start to learn You know if we're going to start from Scratch for an Advertiser We get a really good feel that they're Promoting most of these people are Having success promoting to women not Only just women but kind of uh Middle-aged women so what we see is They're actually showing either the Invisalign um you know mouthpiece or They're showing again relatively you Know 25 to 45 year old women Um you know occasionally we'll see the Actual dentist but even then they're Still trying to promote you know who the Audience is so that'll give you a good Feel if you're looking to promote uh for As an agency for a local business but Let's talk about products specifically So as an affiliate marketer what you'd Be looking at is let's just say uh you Know we we are utilizing ClickBank for Example and uh you know staying in the Dental Niche we look at Pro denim so

We'll go back and we'll just type in Pro Denim And we'll see all these Facebook ads Again promoting Pro Dental or however It's pronounced Um so again what we can look at is a lot Of these people are kind of utilizing Um you know different types of things That are either talking about baking Soda which it must be very similar to or The actual product some of these Pictures Um you know go a little just about Smiles bad smiles to grab your uh grab Your you know attention what I would Think is that again you're going to be Looking at the same uh same type of Person Um that's going to be interested so Let's look at another top offer now this Is a diet plan offer so again we're Going to probably be thinking women Right from the start Um again alpalene Um We're going to just look at alpalene's Actual uh ad Um there's going to be a number of Different things that are going to Obviously talk about women and weight And the like detox and uh somehow we've Gotten some they're doing a hair thing I Guess it makes your hair look better Um

But these are all Facebook ads so let's You know I I'm on YouTube right now what Do we see on on uh YouTube so you're Gonna see the actual ads that are Running on YouTube and you can just Click Is the secret to Rapid and sustained fat Loss it has helped thousands of you can Watch what the ads look like what the You know basically this is a terrible ad In my opinion um it's actually being run By uh for some Reason it's it's brand new obviously um And it probably won't last that long but It has a lot of Impressions but anybody Can do like you know a voice over ad What I would expect is that we would Find something If you're over 30 and struggling to Control weight it's incredibly important That you stop what you're doing and Listen up what I'm about to tell you Will help change your life I mean these Are these are just really bad ads so What I would think is if you can get Yourself a a spokesperson model or uh You know even do it yourself if you're a Female Um or that you know something that's Somebody that's looking to promote this Um any kind of personal integration Would be great um you know obviously we Want to show the success of a product But I think that uh you know sometimes

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Something like this video right here Would draw a little bit more attention Um and again having a non Um you know voice over uh having an Actual voice might be helpful rather Than a computer generated voice might be Really really successful Um There doesn't seem to be any ads for Tick tock so again this is something Where I would want to try and take Advantage of utilizing this ad spy tool To go and uh you know promote on YouTube Or Tick Tock as opposed to just Facebook And again we can use these scripts that Are already out there Um you know go again go into like a chat GPT and kind of rewrite a script if we Don't know how to write a script from The start and see which ones are getting A lot of Impressions which ones are Getting a lot of Engagement it looks Like a lot of these are kind of brand New and uh not getting a ton of uh of You know eight days one day Um a lot of a lot of brand new stuff so I would look at something like this Where it's been around for a little bit Longer and try and mimic that ad so Let's speak about creating ads if I'm Not sure what I want to do and I know Kind of what the key word is that I'm Looking for Um something that they do help with is a

Thing called their ad ideas uh tool and Uh you know what it will do do is kind Of look at you know Facebook and kind of Use show you kind of the the words that Are being used all over the place when Discussing this actual uh you know Keyword and so to me it's a very helpful Um thing if I'm looking to find out what I should be integrating into the script Into blog posts or in the video so that I'm not only just getting touching on The right words that are that are being Used by people but I'm also showing you Know um Google or YouTube that these are The right words to be utilizing for for This particular weight loss product so As you can see we did see that you know The the product itself is going to be The the key core word Um weight loss was big we saw that they Were actually promoting something to do With hair so you know metabolism uh you Know uh clinical uh you know I would Look for for words like that Um that are really going to be important To to utilize revolutionaries a good Word Um ingredients obviously we want to talk About but things that are that are Relevant to the actual product might be Helpful in finding this and again what It does it just kind of shows you all The the head um you know the the titles The the text the descriptions all that

Stuff Um it helps really just pull from all Those quickly so we can see what ads are Are actually being run and utilized um And what keywords they're utilizing In Those ads so in summary this is a great Little tool for figuring out what's Being run by your competitors in the the Local niches or in the uh you know if You're if you're doing a specific Product it's a great tool to utilize and Try out these different platforms um It's not a perfect tool by any sense of Imagination Um but it is pretty effective and uh Will help you uh to really just dig Deeper into a niche and see what the ads Are that are running Um sometimes it's uh it's difficult to Kind of figure out how to get started And so this is the best uh one of these Tools like this is really good way to Get started in kind of figuring out What's working where it's working and What you should kind of be mimicking to Try and make sure you have quick success Whether you're working for an agency or If you're running an affiliate marketing Platform or a program where you're just Trying to drive traffic for a specific Product or service this will really give You a good Head Start into what other People are having success with so if You've had any experience with this tool

Please drop a comment or if there's any Tools that you like or recommend I'd Love to to hear from you so leave a Comment below and if you did get any Value from this please hit that like Button or hit that subscribe button and Uh till next time thanks for watching [Music]

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