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SEMrush vs Ahrefs, like any other industry on the planet, the world of Search Engine Optimization has two titans that battle for the throne for the best SEO tool – SEMrush vs Ahrefs. These tools have shown to many professionals their top features that will help one’s website to achieve success. Both have their ups and downs. Both have similarities and differences.

SEMrush vs Ahrefs are considered giants in the industry because they both give more comprehensive packages for online marketers and SEOs compared to other tools out there.

Similar things you can do with both tools: 

  • Organic traffic search
  • Keyword research
  • Backlink profile search
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Website planning


SEMrush vs Ahrefs: The functions of these features

Organic traffic search

One important thing you must do is analyze your competitors’ domain. And when you are at it, the first thing you want to look at is their organic traffic. The number of organic traffic they drive every month and which pages and keywords grant them that traffic. To rely on those results, you must first know how your SEO tool is accurate. There is no tool out there that is perfectly accurate, but the more precise it is, the better.

Both SEMrush and Ahrefs show the organic traffic, divided by country, as well as the keywords, traffic, value, and more. The numbers they give are a bit different from each other, but not too dissimilar.

Many experts that have analyzed thousands of websites discovered that SEMrush is more accurate.

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On the other hand, Ahrefs is believed to be a little faster at crawling. So it will update changes faster. It also shows more keywords, but this is not significantly helpful.

Score: SEMrush-1, Ahrefs-0

Keyword research

Keywords are the bedrock of your online business. Before writing an article, you should devise a good plan. This is where a keyword research tool will be useful.

It is essential to understand the competition and search volume of a keyword. You also need powerful software that can generate thousands of ideas for long-tail keywords. Doing this on your own with Google won’t be enough.

Both SEMrush and Ahrefs are great tools for this.

SEMrush is simpler to analyze because it gives you more keywords in only one page. You can do greater keyword analysis because you won’t have to click to go to the next page continually. Also, keyword search volume on SEMrush is more reliable and up-to-date.

Usually, Ahrefs will give you a keyword with an old search volume like those in the past years with 800 search volume. However, today nobody is actually going for the search volume that’s not updated.

Score: SEMrush-2, Ahrefs-0

Backlink Profile Search

Both tools will help you view your competitor’s backlink profile. This is one of the most sought after methods in SEO. Backlinks are often hard to spot, and sometimes they are covered. Brands need them because they are greatly important for SEO and Google rankings.  If you don’t know the backlink profile of your competitors, you can’t exactly evaluate how competitive your aims are.

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Ahrefs have a much more precise and stable backlink analysis tool. In fact, the main reason that experts use Ahrefs is for backlink analysis only. They show you, very clearly, the indicating domain and backlink to any page. Also, you can click on the backlink to go to the source page. It’s very user-friendly, and it can help your business remarkably.

SEMrush also lets you do background research but it gives clunky and inaccurate results.

Score: SEMrush-2, Ahrefs-1

Reporting and Analytics

In this aspect, what you should compare is which tool presents the data in a better way. The way in which you give data is very significant. It helps someone interpret the data in the best way. Data should be displayed in a granular fashion. There should be as much information on a page as possible, without overfilling it. The tables should be extended and have various areas. For SEO research, this helps you arrange and produce a plan.

SEMrush gives you a big list of the most keywords that generate traffic to a website. Also, it has a better layout for data analysis.

Ahrefs does not present the table very well. That makes it harder to analyze big data.

Score: SEMrush-3, Ahrefs-1

Website Planning

When you’re creating your website, there is a plan that you should grasp. If you’re just making a usual niche website or blog to make money through a few diverse income sources, here’s a plan framework you can follow:

  • Choose the topic for the website
  • Search for competitors on this topic
  • Analyze the website’s traffic and pages
  • Analyze the backlink profile
  • Produce keyword ideas from different websites
  • Create a list of articles that you want to reproduce
  • Draft a plan for the articles so that they can outrank your competitors
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Both tools are efficient if you use them in following this outline.

For beginners, Ahrefs is a great tool for producing plans. It shows all the data in a way that’s easy to read and understand.

For difficult analytics, SEMrush is exceptional. If you really want to study as much data as you can, then it’s a better choice. It’s for the ones who want all the data while outlining their website’s plan.

Score:(Tie) SEMrush-3, Ahrefs-1

Final Score

SEMrush got 3 and Ahrefs got 1. This blog shows how SEMrush outplays Ahrefs with a lot of features that you can gain an advantage with.

When you are looking for the best SEO tools, make sure to select those with all the features. You don’t have to use a lot of tools to manage your SEO strategies. It’s better to pick one SEO tool that has almost every factor to increase your SEO traffic and take your website to the top of the rankings.


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