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There are a vast field of search engine optimization(SEO) software products in the market in today’s era. The typical way to find out which app suits your necessities best is to contrast them side by side. Among all those tools out there, we chose to compare two of the best ones- Moz vs Ahrefs. This post will help you determine which is the best solution for your website.

The results we have presented below is based on real data from real online marketers, employees, and hobbyist like you, providing you a truly unbiased judgment. We are informed that not all business owners have enough time to try out dozens of different services, so we made a list of suggestions that you may find valuable.

Before we compare them we must first know what we need in an SEO tool.

What do we need from an SEO tool?

  • A method to track keyword against SERP.
  • High-quality keyword research.
  • On-page optimization analysis.
  • Website’s backlink analysis
  • Competitor analysis

Based on these requirements, we are able to compare the two software.

How do Moz and Ahrefs differ?

To examine both tools, we matched our requirements against the features of their software.

Even if Moz and Ahrefs are seemingly similar, the specific details of what they do vary quite a little, as well as the quantity of data they can each manage.

Here’s how they differ against each other:

Tracking on-site and off-site page rankings

Ahrefs’ Positions Explorer

Ahrefs’ Positions Explorer allows you to review a domain, sub-domain or specific URL for how it ranks in Google or in any other search engine. When we put in the Positions Explorer, it presents a list of over 94,000 target keywords that we rank for, including their search volume and competition. You can transport the file as a .csv for real analysis.

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However, Ahrefs only lets you do guest posts or mentions on other domains one at a time.

Moz’s Rankings Report

As far as Moz operates, it doesn’t have a tool that can rival with Ahrefs’ Positions Explorer. You can’t give Moz a URL and get back a list of keywords it ranks for. On the other hand, Moz has a more intensive and less blanket approach of tracking your rankings. It can cross-reference your domain upon a list of target keywords and produce ranking reports. You can see how good you’re doing by giving Moz your list of each targeted keyword for each blog post then reviewing it against the rank.

Even if Ahrefs can do it slowly, Moz can’t do it at all.

Winner: Ahrefs

Obtaining quality keywords

Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer

Ahref’s Keywords Explorer is for generating new keywords, supplying it with a seed keyword. This gives you a list of synonyms and similar terms with their volume. Ahrefs gives more focused and important outcomes.

Moz’s Keyword Difficulty Tool

Unlike Ahrefs’ keyword explorer, the Keyword Difficulty tool isn’t a keyword research tool, but one that will help you narrow down your list of probable keywords. The tool is especially useful because it is used to do this the ‘old-fashioned’ way, which was to Google words and initiate MozBar to snoop on PA/DA. With Keyword Difficulty, you can set in a list of up to 20 keywords and know all of their PA/DA scores in just a click.

This tool would spare you a lot of time checking PA/DA, so that’s the more helpful tool.

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Winner: Moz

Analyzing on-page optimization

When looking at monitoring how completely a page is optimized, there are a lot of determinants. Out of the two tools examined here, only Moz has the capacity of checking how well optimized your pages are. Also, it provides you extra information on how to enhance your content.

Winner: Moz

Tracking backlinks

Ahrefs Site Explorer

A big difference between Moz and Ahrefs becomes clear when counting backlinks. As you can see in the Moz OSE results, Moz gets 1,320 total links for the root Process Street URL. On the other hand, Ahrefs gets 35,300! That is because Ahrefs holds the biggest database of live backlinks.


Moz Open Site Explorer

This tool lets you research backlinks, get link-building opportunities, and eliminate bad neighborhood links. If you need a swift look at the number of backlinks you or your competitors have, then Moz’s OSE can take that in a moment.

Winner: Ahrefs

Spying on competitors

Ahrefs’ Positions Explorer

This tool shows you your top 10 competitors then lets you monitor every keyword they’re targeting. If you have a competitor with lower domain authority, you can use Positions Explorer to figure out which keywords they’re ranking best. This will give you ideas on how to get more visibility than your rivals.

Moz’s Keyword Difficulty Tool

This tool isn’t a starter for competitor analysis, but rather a tool to use near the completion of the process. It can’t detect who all your competitors are for all your main keywords, but it can tell you how hard it would be to beat them.

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Winner: Ahrefs


Based on the data presented, Ahrefs’ perks clearly outnumber Moz’s. However, you are not limited to use only one tool. Thus, it is up to you which one is best for your business.


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