How Do I Get my Business On Google Maps

More Traffic To Your  Google Map Business

Getting your business known all over the world is a great thing. It doesn’t just generate more traffic to your business site, it also does create an increase in your revenue. Every business owner wants to establish their business on the map. While the metaphorical intent of that statement—the growth of one’s business—is a worthy goal.

While getting your business on Google can generate an increase in traffic to your website, getting your business on Google Maps can increase traffic to your store.

When you establish your business on Google Maps, you are paving the way for greater brand reach. Customers that are searching for, let’s say a cup of coffee, in their local area will open up Google Maps in search of that cup of joe and discover that your business, let’s say a cafe, is just a few minutes away from their location.

With no work on your end, you’ve just scored a new customer!

Google Map Functions

Google Maps Functions, previously known as Google Places is now part of “Google My Business” dashboard. This is Google’s dashboard for managing and tracking your business’ presence across Google’s different platforms which includes Google+, Google Maps, Google Analytics, and Adwords.

If you have an established business, it is really good for your business to be on Google Maps. This is to make a move with today’s competitive world.

How to get your business on Google Maps?

First is you have to go to ‘Google My Business’ and click  ‘Get on Google’. Here, you’re going to get your business for free.

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Next is enter your Business Name and Address in the Search Box.

The third is to select or add your business. Click on your business listing if it appears among the suggested matches. If not select “Add your Business”, and provide the necessary information. Determine how you want your business information to appear on the web. The address that you used should be the default address across the web, Remember that consistency matters.

As you answer questions, recall that the more explicit and precise the data Google has about your business, the better it will most likely effectively characterize and present your business resource and listing.

On the other hand, you also have to select a category. Close to the bottom of the form, you will be asked to pick a Category that portrays your business.

Category Selection For Your Google Maps Business

The category selection is significant as it is essentially the manner in which Google will group your business and the sort of type query it will show your listing for.

Google has preset Categories, or keywords, for every industry. Begin composing your keyword in to check whether Google creates a match, at that point select the best one. You will get an opportunity to include more classes later, basically up to five categories.

Google Maps Business Verification

Then the next step is to verify your business. Verification is very important. Google will want to verify your business that its location is where you say it is.  This means waiting for one to two weeks for a postcard that comes with a verification PIN. However, occasionally, you’ll be given the choice to receive your PIN via text message or phone call. Just a tip, if that’s the option, take it! It’s much easier.

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If you do have to wait on a postcard, remind anyone that handles the mail to be on the lookout for Google Verification Postcard, then try to verify it as soon as you get it (you have 30 days). You’d be amazed how often businesses have to go through the verification process 2 or 3 times because someone threw the postcard away or forgot to use it once they received it.

Confirming your Google Maps Business

The last step is to confirm your business and set up a Google+ Page. Setting up your Google My Business page is the first step in Local Search Optimization, and should be a top priority for all businesses desiring to be found online.

Your Business Profile appears right when people are searching for your business or businesses like yours on Google Search or Maps. It easy to create and update your Business Profile—so you can stand out, and bring customers in. Actually, it’s easy to create a website with Google My Business.

Your website auto-generates with info from your Business Profile, plus you can customize it with text, photos, and design themes. You can bring in traffic by sharing helpful information.

Make it count every time someone finds you on Search and Maps. It’s easy to keep your Business Profile fresh with new posts and photos, custom open-hours, and a free website. You can also keep your customers coming back for updates. You can definitely build customer loyalty. You can give people an incentive to drop by—share your latest news, specials, or offers so they know what’s happening and when.

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The more easily and frequently your business’s name appears on Google Maps, a trusted source of information, the more people will start trickling in. Even if you don’t own a brick and mortar store, you can benefit from the exposure Google Maps provides.


If you desire that your business will be found online, just follow the above mentioned process. there’s no shortcut to success. You have to go through this process and wait. If you aim it, claim it! You’ll definitely achieve it. Get started now.


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