SEO Affiliate Marketing: A Comprehensive Guide To Becoming An Affiliate Marketer With SEO – Part 2

Editors Note… this is Part 1 of a 2 Part Series.  Part 1 is here.

Selecting the Right Keywords

Google has actually changed a lot when it comes to specific niches, domains, and keywords.

This indicates the search engine tries to find out what your short article has to do with based upon what you’re actually writing about.

Long tail keywords are also essential if you want to rank well!

The advantage about these long tail keywords is that, due to LSI, you don’t need to always duplicate the total sentence and even compose it in the very same order.

Instead of completing for the keyphrase “excellent dining establishments”, you ‘d have much more success in affiliate marketing with a long tail keyword such as “excellent Italian restaurants in Brooklyn”, for example.


Due to the fact that Google will pick up on it throughout the text, anyways.

There’s a fantastic tool you can utilize that’s really going to assist you with LSI:


Wondering what you’ve got ta do?

Simply place the keyword you’ve chosen to optimize your page on LSIgraph and the tool will work its magic!

Among the most important actions you’ve got ta go through in order to discover the best keywords for your site is how you tackle executing keyword research and end up being a master that’s constantly one step ahead of all other affiliates.

Ideally, you and your authors ought to be comfortable with it.

You must choose a niche that’s carefully linked to the products you’re promoting.

Are you struggling with this process?

No concerns!

Avoid Content Farms and Poor Website Content

It may sound attracting to simply spam as much content that has no real worth for the audience, however this practice has been frowned upon for a long time now.

You can understand the best ways to research keywords with Google’s algorithm in mind.

Trust us:

The best way of getting high Google rankings and a whole lotta traffic is to bank on top quality material.

You need to engage your audience and provide them something of value.

If you develop seriously incredible material that entertains, engages and informs the reader, you’ll definitely get a higher number of backlinks.

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With the various algorithm changes and search engine updates that have actually come about in the past couple of years, this practice can actually harm your rankings!

Quality will increase your audience’s commitment and trust, which indicates that they’ll likewise be more going to have a look at any products or services you’re promoting.

” How can content marketing overtake SEO totally when the only method to successful material marketing is to have SEO?”– Neil Patel

This is an extreme shift from the time when a 300-word page was thought about long.

Everything goes to show that the emphasis is on more comprehensive, well-researched articles.
content lenght in seo

A case study released by Backlinko’s Brian Dean showed that– from an SEO perspective– the perfect length for a post in 2016 is over 1500 words.

Source: serpIQ

This implies you have to get on that bandwagon and make your website mobile-friendly if you have not done it already.

Over 80% of web users have mobile phones, and it’s estimated that around 50% of all internet traffic is coming from mobile devices.

You can easily test your website to inspect the kind of mobile experience it gives with various 3rd party services– even Google has one.
google page speed insights

Over 95% of online marketers use some type of a social media marketing campaign to promote their brand and develop interaction with their audience.

Optimize Your Site for Mobile

We’re long past the time of asking ourselves whether marketing for mobile users is important.

Thankfully, this does not need to cost you much in both time and money, as there are an entire lotta services and design templates that can assist you with this.

It is.

Social Networks are Your Pals

In today’s marketing world, social media is king.

Apart from that, you must also understand Google PageSpeed Insights gives you options so that you can solve your site’s issues and increase speed.

Whatever you do concerning the type and length of your videos, blogs, and presentations, be sure that you’re making them for your target audience, and that it includes value to their lives in some way.

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For instance, WordPress has several plugins particularly made to help you optimize your website for mobile surfing.


Considering that it’s very interactive, customers have the sensation that they’re interacting with other people, instead of getting in touch with a faceless corporation.


Conversion rates are much greater.

Hubspot research studies reveal that– besides greater conversion rates– social media leads also have a greater lead-to-close rate than classic outbound marketing with newsletters, landing pages, and so forth.

It’s easy, really!

Every post you make on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media can be seen by an ever-growing audience.

You build your brand name and gain acknowledgment, but you have to establish your brand voice early on and try to adhere to it.

Individuals can share your content, comment on it, and do the promotion for you.

If you wan na be the affiliate king, social media is the way to go!

Off-Page SEO

Here it is!

Off-Page SEO!

The age-old argument relating to backlinks!

What the heck are backlinks?

Do you even need them?

How the websites link to you is crucial, and it’s worth discussing that bad links will eventually get your site in the crapper with Google.

Plain and easy.

A backlink is a link from another site to yours.

Exactly what to do?

Be careful when it concerns exactly what you do and how you set about it.

There would be absolutely nothing even worse than working as hard as you possibly can and lastly getting the results you desire, then having it all removed from you just because you were too lazy with your links.

Do you require connect to rank?

Naturally you do!

Some individuals will tell you that you only need to develop quality content which it will rank naturally.

We state balderdash!

Not real!

We’ve asked some of the people who are adamant about this to respond to the following concern:

Exactly what happens when there are a great deal of sites with fantastic material?

What do they do?

We’ll inform you what:

That’s a truth.

They brush the concern aside.

Without having to compose a whole book, we can assert with 100% certainty that backlinks done right will be among the secrets to your long-lasting success.

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The kind of website you decide to produce doesn’t matter.

You require backlinks.


Two fantastic people you should follow to learn the art of safe, efficient SEO?

Go for Neil Patel and Brian Dean!



You could have all the above nailed down, and still not have the ability to make sales due to the fact that your site cannot be enhanced for conversions.


Even so, you need to make certain that you take a little time (and perhaps even invest a little cash) to guarantee that you have great calls-to-action which your website is effectively funneling people to where you desire them to go.

Yes, you have to get the traffic prior to you can get conversions.

Small tweaks in this department can lead to massive profits!

Just keep that in mind since it’s crucial to whatever style of website you choose to build.

Final Thoughts

Affiliate marketing is a terrific method to make money.

When you figure it out, you get to work from anywhere.

It offers anybody with a possibility to make money online.

In fact, you get to be your very own manager, set your own schedule, and have the supreme freedom!

Nevertheless, don’t be silly:

This is all going to require hard work.

You have to go through a great deal of reading, composing, exploring and testing prior to you reap the benefits of affiliate success!

What to do?

Read and reread the suggestions showcased in this short article, apply them to your strategy, and after that do something about it!


Because– when all is said and done– imperfect action will always trump the theories of those who stand by and not do anything at all!

Another endnote:

Always remember that continuous algorithm modifications have made it difficult to go about life with SEO hacking in mind.

This implies that you should participate in a whole new and modern-day marketing paradigm.

Focus on the user experience and on providing the very best, most beneficial content and services possible!

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