ClickFunnels Affiliate Program Review

ClickFunnels Affiliate Program Review

This is a real screenshot from the affiliate section of the ClickFunnels Affiliate page.

The ClickFunnels Affiliate Program is insanely popular when compared with other digital marketing software and sales funnel affiliate programs that are available online today.  ClickFunnels offers recurring lifetime commissions, sticky cookies? (still not sure this works) and most importantly, an opportunity to refer other affiliates with their two-tier affiliate program… which lets you make commissions of other affiliates who get signups.

Not cool enough?

Russell Brunson, who is one of the better pitch-men on the internet and his company share with all their affiliates the tools, resources, training, and pretty sweet incentives to help you promote the program (like an offer to make $20 for every free book you sell for them).  There are many affiliate programs in the digital marketing space… and this one has to be the most popular and best opportunity for people in the affiliate world.

They also offer a number of secondary affiliate opportunities… with a wide assortment of other products that they offer that include (Dotcom Secrets, Expert Secrets, Funnelhacker Cookbook, Funnel Scripts, and more.  Hopefully as you continue reading, you will get a better feeling of whether or not the ClickFunnels Affiliate Program is right for you to promote.

How much can you make with the ClickFunnels Affiliate Program Commission? 

I know.. that’s all you really care about, right?

SO if you are are here to find out whether this high paying affiliate program works for you… here are the details.

When you try to determine what is the best affiliate program online, you start asking questions like:

How much do I get paid?

How fast do I get paid?

How many products can I promote?

To me… the best features of the ClickFunnels affiliate program are the commission percentages and how easily the are willing to pay it out.

For most of you, you will be promoting the main Clickfunnels services.  These include ClickFunnels, and their “Funnel U” program.

Not only does it pay a whopping 40% commission, but it pays it out for the lifetime of the signup.  YUP, you read that right.

One of my personal favorites is the Funnel Hackers Cookbook, which gives you the opportunity to make $933.40 for each FREE Cookbook you give away

What else?

Well, you also get 40% commissions on one time purchase products (such as Funnel Hacks and Funnel Scripts).

They also offer many options to promote products that are completely FREE or have little cost (Russell is the king of the “free plus shipping offer” with books such as Expert SecretsDot Com Secrets and Perfect Webinar Script, and again my favorite the Funnelhackers Cookbook)

Something great for the weaker marketers… or those without a lot of time… the product is Sales Funnels, and so of course, their specialty is getting people to convert on their offers!!

So… they have One Time Offers (OTO’s), upsells, downsells, and basically every option you can think of to help you convert people through their sales funnels.

Well that’s great Adam, but how do I get paid?

Once again, the ClickFunnels Affiliate Program delivers with a extremely convenient weekly payout every Monday via PayPal.

Please note, that there is a 30 day clearing period on most sales to make sure the “Free Trial” converts and/or there aren’t any chargebacks.  This is simply due to the fact that they offer a 30 day refund guarantee for all of their products… something that is very common among most affiliate program offers today.

The ClickFunnels Affiliate Program also offers Affiliate Training, Facebook Group, and other Marketing Resources and Bonus Offers

New to Affiliate Marketing?  NO Problem.. ClickFunnels has you covered here.

They provide one of the largest and easy to implement affiliate training programs out there… it’s called the ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp.  (This affiliate program also has it’s own Facebook Group called the Avengers).

This program, which is completely free to all affiliates, covers a 100 day outline focused on providing CF affiliates with tips and tricks (scripts too) in order to get you making progress quickly.  They offer a sweet dream car contest (which I will cover in a moment) and the goal is to teach you how to Retire in 100 Days with their program.  If you want to learn any type of affiliate marketing, whether you become a ClickFunnels affiliate or not… I highly recommend this Affiliate Bootcamp.

You had me at Dream Car…

Well, if money alone isn’t your thing… and you want something that you can show off to your parents and friends… this is it!!

Hey Mom, see… this internet marketing thing is REAL!!

As an added bonus to the payouts, the ClickFunnels Affiliate Program Dream Car Contest (officially titled “The ClickFunnels Dream Car Program”) is quite simple.

Get 100 active subscribers using Clickfunnels, and ClickFunnels will pay $500/month toward the lease of your dream car!

Get 200 active subscribers using Clickfunnels, and ClickFunnels will pay $1,000/month toward the lease of your dream car!

Please note, that sales of the $19/month discounted “share funnels” plans do not qualify for the Dream Car Program, but heck, who really cares at that poing?  If you have 200 subscribers, you are already making about $8k/month in recurring affiliate revenues, so this is the Cherry Red Ferrari/Lambo on top!!

Once again… ClickFunnels makes it easy to promote and get yourself some affiliate commissions by providing tons of images, videos, email swipes (Text copy), and of course banner ads that you can use to promote.  And yes, they have different tools for the different offers (softwares, scripts, books, etc)

Awesome.. where do I sign up??

First, we need to cover something HUGE about this program!

You don’t have to buy the ClickFunnels Software to be an Affiliate!!

Most people are likely salivating to get their own ClickFunnels account just so they can get access to this sweet program.. but you actually don’t have to.

While ClickFunnels offers a variety of membership levels (The Basic is $97/month, and the Etison Plan is $297/month **best offer alert**), you don’t actually have to have a membership to promote ClickFunnels.

Now that said… I NEVER recommend anyone try to promote or sell something they don’t believe in and/or use themselves… so I certainly suggest you use the product.  (I have had ClickFunnels for a few years now).

One of the best ways to get the most, for free… is to use a “Share Funnel”.

This allows you to teach and train people that you refer ClickFunnels to, without actually having to do any work.  This helps with your conversion and retention rates, which simply means more people signup, and they stay longer.

To do this, we also recommend our ClickFunnels Business In A Box Share Funnel

The concept here is simple… you can provide training and let people use your Funnel Template (or ShareFunnel) and provide that to them as a lead magnet, which encourages them to sign up.

ClickFunnels has a unique feature that allows you to build funnels, and share them with others so they can easily import them into their ClickFunnels account.  They either have to create a Free Trial account (Free for 14 days), or if they already have an account, they can easily import at the touch of a button.

These ShareFunnels automatically include your affiliate ID code, so once you share it… new subscribers to ClickFunnels will automatically be tracked and linked to your affiliate account, and after the 14 day free trial you will begin to earn your 40% commission and get another entry into the ClickFunnels Dream Car Program.

Get creative with your promos, but know that when you provide value, or people begin to know, like and trust you… you are well on your way to being a respected resource for others and your recommendation will be acted upon!!

Pretty sweet, am I right?

OK!!! Shut up and tell me how to join the ClickFunnels Affiliate Program already!!

Yeah, I know… so much to cover and you are ready to get started.  Phew, this was an extremely long ClickFunnels affiliate program review, but I wanted to make sure you got all the right information in order to make a decision.

Now that you have read this ClickFunnels review, you are likely planning to get started and sign up for the program…, here is how you do it:

There are 3 options for you to choose from.

Signup for a 14 day free trial of ClickFunnels (recommended method). Once you signup for a ClickFunnels free trial you’ll automatically be enrolled as an affiliate, and will be able to access your affiliate dashboard from within your ClickFunnels account. Pro Tip: It’s much easier to promote ClickFunnels as an affiliate if you are an active user of the software.

Signup for the free ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp (100 day challenge). Once you enroll in this free online affiliate marketing course, you’ll automatically be enrolled as an affiliate and will be able to access your affiliate dashboard through a special login link provided to you when you signup. If you decide to purchase the ClickFunnels software at a later time, your ClickFunnels affiliate account will automatically be imported into your ClickFunnels account (provided you completed both signups with the same email address).

Signup for the ClickFunnels affiliate program directly (ClickFunnels Dream Car Page). You can also enroll in the affiliate program directly via the ClickFunnels ‘What’s Your Dream Car?’ page. As with the Affiliate Bootcamp signup method, you can signup for a 14 day free trial of the software at a later time, and your affiliate account will automatically be imported to your ClickFunnels account.

Still on the fence?  Perhaps the best way to get started is by reading Russell’s book.