Boomerangme ✅ Review and Demo

Boomerangme ✅ Review and Demo

This is a boomerangme review and demo.
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Boomerangme offers customizable loyalty cards that can significantly increase customer retention and revenue for local businesses.

Join the thousands of businesses already benefiting from Boomerangme. Sign up today and start growing your customer base and revenue with the simplest rewards program for local businesses. With pricing plans starting at just $99 per month, there is no reason not to give Boomerangme a try. Start creating your loyalty program today and watch your business thrive.

Start any plan with a 14-day trial without a credit card. Need more time? Make the decision easy with a 30-day no-questions-asked refund option.

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Hey what's up everybody uh this is Adam With DIY agency and today we're going to Talk about Um a couple of different things for uh All types of businesses so um if you've Watched any of my videos you know that I Hey what's up everybody it's Adam with DIY agency and this video is going to be Hey what's up Hey what's up everybody it's Adam with DIY agency and in this video we're going To talk about Boomerang and this company Is really an opportunity for affiliate Marketers for agencies small businesses This is really one for everybody and if You know anything about me or if you Watched any of my videos you know that I Like to make passive income and I like To do it through affiliate marketing and I like to do it through white labeling Softwares I run a digital Ad Agency and Whenever I can white label a product or Service and uh and make money by doing Uh having somebody else run the Operations for me it's a huge win and of Course anytime I can run recommend a Product that's going to help a business Do better or help another marketer do Better with their business and still Yield some profits I love to do it so This company does a little bit of Everything for that so first and Foremost what they do is um you know the Product itself is a loyalty program uh

Product so it's uh it's going to be all Kinds of different Um So the program itself is focused on Loyalty programs for uh for small Businesses whether it be a coffee shop a Gym you know a gym Dentist Doctor uh you know lawyers Whatever any kind of business that Actually enjoys seeing customers over And over and over again Um obviously restaurants uh you know Coffee shops Um you know places like that are going To have the most use for this but Anytime you can incentivize somebody to Come back and engage with you and if you Can do it in a digital format this is a Great solution so this is really about Local businesses that are looking for Repeat clientele and this is a company That has done a lot of uh great things And had a lot of success really what They offer is stamps cash back Subscriptions discounts coupon Certificates and as we're going to talk About it in in a moment they really make It seamless so it integrates with a lot Of different softwares that are out There so if you're using companies like A high level or or click funnels or Something like that they actually work In the back end with those types of Companies but really what I want to show

You is that they they have a really Smart creative way way to promote Your business or your client's business And do it um you know where you can Really test it out for free so Boomerang Again is uh is going to offer a couple Different pricing strategies but before We get to that they are working with Like 30 000 different businesses They've been reviewed by um all the Major platforms that that handle reviews And whether it be trustpilot captera Um even appsumo so you know they they Have a ton of rewards and uh have had a Heck of a lot of success Um so let's talk specifically about Pricing before we get too far into Things Um first and foremost there's always a Free trial and I love free trials Anytime you can do anything with a free Trial it's awesome they do have Opportunities on a grow business agency And franchise phase and there's Different types of uh you know I guess Uh offerings that can be allowed for Each and every single one of them but What I first want you to do is just try Out their free trial and look at the Back end obviously keep watching this Video we're gonna we're gonna dive into The back end a little bit but um just Get an understanding of what the Platform is capable of and then I really

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Want to recommend that you get a demo From them I did a demo with Mike the uh The CEO today and uh I mean this thing Is just super cool it also shows that Mike and this company and his team are Really dedicated to having success and Therefore they're going to do the little Things that are needed for you to have Success which is always exciting I I do A lot with high level as you can see Um and that's another company where you Know you can get on the on on a web um You know web call or you know Zoom Whatever Um basically any day with any of the Founders um you know they are always Willing to work with their teams um and Their uh their their clients and their Affiliates to try and make their product The best of the best and do whatever it Takes and this company is exactly the Same so I'm really really excited about It um and again they offer a white label Loyalty platform for agencies so um if You run an agency and you know I know a Lot of people that I that watch these Videos run either affiliate marketing Companies or agency companies Um this is really a good opportunity to Just increase your Revenue stream Um without having to do that much more Work Um it's just an add-on that you can uh You can again integrate through high

Level and uh you know really really have Success and similar to high level Um once you white label it you can Change the pricing platforms for you Know for uh the three different levels That you want to offer Um you can offer to you know have people Pay by uh by month by uh by quarter by Year we're going to get into all that Stuff but before we do that you know the Other thing I I absolutely always love Is affiliate programs Um and so they offer a really sweet Affiliate program where you can offer a Coupon or a discount to somebody Um when they do sign up so if you hit The link below you will find a link for This that will get you 20 off your first Month if you decide to try these guys Out after the free trial and then of Course what I'm going to receive is if You do stay with it I'm going to get 40 Of that that Revenue every single month So you know the way this works again is Companies are out there and hey there's Mike right there Um they're out there to try and grow and It's really about having recurring Revenue for them for me for all of us But if you have a solution that makes Sense for clients and you know everybody Can have a win-win scenario I'm always a Huge fan of that so how it works um Really you offer a 20 off discount

Um you uh you basically get 40 Um of the sign ups and again it's a Month after month after month and then It's a double double affiliate program Platform which means that you have two Different tiers so if I recommend John Smith and John Smith becomes an Affiliate and John Smith uh you know Hires Mike Mike Jackson Bill Bill Schwartz whatever Um those people I will still be able to Make a little bit of money from each one Of those sales from John Smith so um It's really a great platform for Affiliate marketers and you know as you Probably know most SAS companies and Most companies nowadays that are running With affiliate marketing realize the Growth potential that affiliate Marketing provides and that's why They're willing to give up such a share Of the revenue because they know that You know adding a thousand clients to Their revenue stream is worthwhile if They're going to cut you into 40 of it They're still coming out ahead it's Really the Walmart you know theory of More and more clients and they're happy To take a very very small slice of the Profits in order to just do the volume Business and that's what it's all about So Now that we talked about those things Let's go into the back end and kind of

Walk through how it all works Foreign So once you get into the back end There's a number of different things That I want to show you but we're going To kind of run through this quickly so I'm not going to give you the full Demonstration but I do kind of want to Show you Um the power of this so if you want to Create a loyalty card you can create it From scratch or you can use one of the Many many templates that are available So when I say there's many many Templates as I scroll through here I'm Going to just let you see there is just About something similar to anything that You're looking to do so if you are you Know let's just say you're a pizza shop Or something like that what you'll see Is again it's Little simple stamps for the for the Loyalty program Um and you know we'll get into the Available rewards and all this stuff the QR code all that stuff and the Capability of powering it by your Company but um as you can see each one Has its own kind of little different uh Images so even again if you you know God Forbid you have to see a plumber every Day but if you did or every week if the Plumber wanted a loyalty program they Could use this for it so a lot of

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Different customizable options that you Can go with Um you know what so let's actually go Back to that And let's just pretend that we're Working with Um no I work with a lot of dentists so Let's go with Dentistry so Um what we can do from here Um is again we'll see the stamp itself We can customize what the rewards are The balance um you know you can see it Differently on different things if There's a discount uh cash back reward Uh if you want a coupon you can have an Expiration date Um you know any and a lot of different Things so um what we'll do is again just Kind of do the stamps Um And of course you can choose your Language uh we'll go with uh you know English card expiration date if I want To put a specific date that it's uh Expiring on I'm Gonna Leave it unlimited Um locations you just simply add in your Location and that way if you have Multiple locations it can work with with That Um card issuing form uh you can put utms In there again your privacy policy your Analytics all that stuff is uh is right There so Um very cool very simple the E and easy

To work with you can decide whether you Want 10 stamps whether you want 26 Stamps you can uh you know do kind of Really whatever you're looking for you Can have an active stamp image and a Inactive stamp and you can customize This so if you actually want to have a Picture of yourself or your business Logo all you have to do is upload that And again just showing you that the Inactives mean that you got to get there If you've already been there um it's you Know it's stamped that way You can of course create your own logo To put on there as well and then of Course background understands an icon All kinds of different stuff to again do Whatever you want to with the um the Customization of this you can show logo Backgrounds like I said all that stuff So let's continue Um Again there is some form fill Information that you need to put in There um which can be uh you know kind Of time consuming but um you really just Have a lot of Um flexibility on what you choose to do Here and I think that's actually a great Thing um is that it's uh you know There's just so much opportunity to kind Of create information and then you know Of course you can Simply do this where you have a QR code

That you can then you know let's just Say you're in the dentist office and you Want to be able to offer this Um in the office literally you can have This print out Um you can again have all the details Written on it so if you know you just Print one of these out for each and Every single page that you're uh that You're on or every uh desk that you have And so here as you can see I customize It a little bit with uh just to you know Quickly put my face on there put my logo On the top put something in the Background so you can kind of mess Around with what you want to do as far As uh you know all this kind of stuff Um And uh you know just the same uh you can Kind of do whatever you're looking for So once you're done that you can go Ahead and create as many as you want Next thing we want to talk about is just Where all your customer information Would be you can import your customers We'll get into the the push in a later Video But I did want to just show that you can Push send push notifications at any time That you want based on whichever card That you want you can select uh you know Whichever customers you want and uh and The like so let's get into the Capabilities of the agency white

Labeling and um and then of course the Affiliate program so what I think is Great about this again is uh the ability To kind of white label this software and Create it as your own so um you know the First thing that you'd want to do is go Ahead and create Um you know your your Agency information Your white label information integrate Your payment systems for example it has A number of different things enter all Your company info You know again have your white label Connected Um you can just simply create Um you know a page on your site um with C names and uh again I'm gonna have you Do this on your own I don't want to go To into too deep into the uh the woods On this Um but the one thing I really really Love is that you can customize the plans Um based on what you're looking to do so Let's just say I wanted to have uh you Know a a start Um plan a uh you know a go plan all These different things what I can do is Change the name of it Um let's just say instead of start I Want to say it was you know the beginner I can create what kind of um you know Currency I want to do I can change the Pricing for uh you know whether they're Paying on a monthly basis a quarterly

Basis or a yearly basis so it's uh you Know 69 a year or I'm sorry per month if They're paying by year it's 99 per month If they're paying by quarter or 139 if They're paying Foreign Per month if they're paying on a monthly Basis and again I can go ahead and Customize each and every single one of These and have as many plans as I'm Looking for now just something to know That there are actual details based on Each plan Um that you would want to go through and Uh you know depending on how many Geo Locations your client would have all That stuff customizable a little bit but Most importantly there are certain Things that they only get with uh with Certain plans So I just wanted to share with you Quickly that I did jump on a call with Uh again the CEO of uh Boomerang and you Know we kind of walk through things and I I wanted to share that you know again This integrates directly with high level And I don't want to get too deep into The to the woods on this but there is Just so many Integrations within the Snapshot that they can provide again you Know workflows that are uh that are Super super detailed Um and it's just really uh you know Great information and uh you know the

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Capabilities that you can do with this Once you uh you know start to uh Again customize it and create your own Little page Um you know he walked in walked me Through uh you know further than I'm Doing um you know the capabilities of uh Of the white label and The Branding and How to change out the uh the powered by And it's it's all in there it's Fantastic information and again you can Use um you know a ton of different Integrations as far as uh once you're Within there Um you know you can use mailgun to send Your emails you can use twilio to send Text messages it integrates with Google Tag manager send grid PayPal stripe Um just uh you know first promoter if You want to run your own affiliate Program it's just really awesome what You can do and again you know you can Customize the agency uh all these Different things so again I spent you Know as you can probably see about 45 Minutes on this call with him to just Walk through all the details so I'm sure I'm not doing it justice Um with with what the capabilities are But Um just wanted to share with you that Again Um Mike is usually available for calls And uh can certainly help out with any

Uh questions that you might have So let's talk affiliate program because That's one of the things I really really Love um again it's a simple um you know You can give somebody a 20 discount off Their first payment and then every Single month that they're signed up you Get 40 Um throughout the the lifetime of the The their uh their tenure with uh with Boomerang so Um really all you would do is just get You know signed up um offer your 20 off Discount and then you know make some Money so that's uh you know a real Simple way to do it again link below if You're looking to get started with that Um so finally again you know just what I Want to make sure that you cover is the The agency aspect of this you can create A number of different sub accounts Um you can create Um again different types of plans you Can accept different types of payment Systems and that's all all in there and Again you know your settings are going To be based on the information that you Want to use and then again Um you know you can provide uh tons of Promo codes and the like so here's the Important thing that uh that you should Be aware of is there's a lot of Opportunities for Help Center Information

Um you know if you're if you have any Questions or anything like that Um you know usually it's just as simple As just clicking a button and you'll Find tons of video content Um there for you to you know go through Every single detail on how to do every Single thing and if you really need it Um you know I actually like I said uh Got on the on a call with um the CEO um The other day and I'll share some images Throughout this if I haven't already Which I may have already edited in some Images and details Um Mike was uh was amazing to demo the Walkthrough and uh you know again it Integrates with high level vendasta Active campaign manychat you chat Square You know there's different companies Here that you I'm sure have seen before They have all the details on the white Labeling on how to you know run this With franchise chains so if you're going Into maybe not a Starbucks but something Uh you know similar Um you know the local you know pizza Place that had 15 different uh locations Um you know it's franchise opportunities That can make you a lot of money so Um hopefully this video is giving you a Good starter Um if you do have any questions so far Um please fire them off below I can also Connect you with the CEO if needed but

Most importantly what I'm going to do is I'm going to do a series of these videos Kind of breaking down a little bit Further Um the details of each single aspect but I wanted to just get this out here to Start with because it's a it's an Awesome tool that I'm going to be Promoting the heck out of and of course Using with my agency and not wanting to Share it with you guys so hope this Video brought some value and I'll talk To you on the next one