What is Lead Connect?

LinkedIn provides o whole bunch of prospect tools that will help you in your online marketing strategy.  One of the proven and tested tools for lead generation is Lead Connect.

What is Lead Connect?

Lead Connect provides great help if you want your business to have a strong kick-start and remain that way up to the long run. It is the most traditional LinkedIn Automated Lead Generation Tool in chrome store.

Users are overwhelmed by the convenience and handiness of this tool. With the help of Lead Connect, customers are able to find targeted prospects for business and improve your sales funnel in such a short time.

With just simple searches and clicks in your field, you can see a wide range of experts, service providers, and potential clients.   If you want to get competitive in this age of technology, Lead Connect is the perfect tool for you. It’s a good way to effortlessly create awareness for your business or develop your LinkedIn network.

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Why and How Lead Connect Boost Business

The Lead Connect professional extension helps you to engage with your audience and grow business using LinkedIn marketing. Get thousands of targeted contacts by sending personalized invitations to 2nd & 3rd contacts to get the right people in your LinkedIn network.

Lead Connect focuses on capturing your leads immediately through phone calls, texts and emails. Their goal is, with a live person, to get into a relationship right away with the consumer and convert your leads into an In-Person-Face-to-Face appointment for you.

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Lead Connect Pricing

Lead Connect Pricing

Lead Connect  executes standards that clients are proud of and works as an advocate for the consumer while they are in the “Active Phase” and ready to meet with you.

This very helpful tool is certainly understandable. That is why many find it easy to gain control of the discussion in an event that you need to message outside of the grouping you set up or skirt a succession if a lead has asked for a call before the arrangement is finished. Thus, it spares you more time.

The very responsive client administration and user-friendly interface give this tool a big plus from the users. Lead Connect allows you to track your leads in Hubspot, saving you more time for other tasks. It also helps you avoid duplicate invitations by tracking previous invites.

Unlike other software that can take over your entire LinkedIn session, Lead Connect is a stand-alone program that can run in the background so that you can have your sessions without any interruptions.

Key Features in Lead Connect

Lead Connect Scheduled Follow Ups

  • Send up-to 100 Connections a day
  • Reach targeted lead on LinkedIn
  • Send a personalized connection request
  • Boost growth of your LinkedIn network
  • Increase follow-ups
  • Time saver & Smart work
  • Performance report
  • Boost your LinkedIn presence
  • Work with Basic LinkedIn and Sales Navigator

Well-known matters users do in Lead Connect

Lead Connect can be used as better alternative to Linked Helper, Dux-soup , linkedhub, linkdomata, Jet Buzz, etc. Below are some other handy features provided by Lead Connect:

  • Team Security:
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– Team sync feature can make sure your multiple accounts are not approaching the same lead for a similar campaign, avoid repetitive work and complexity.

  • Templates:

–  You can save templates for any campaign and simply use them in the tool.

  • Reports:

– Reports tell you how many requests you have sent how many have been accepted.

  • CRM Integrations:

– Connect LinkedIn to HubSpot and automate tedious sales tasks.

– Save profile to HubSpot with just one-click.

  • Email Finder:   

– Find That Lead, Email Hunter, toofr, Any Mail Finder and others are integrated with Lead Connect.

– With a click of button, the Prospect section lets you find the email addresses at once .

– Auto withdrawal of requests

– Individual control of Follow-ups

Lead Connect gives you the freedom to choose from monthly to quarterly packages. You can pick any package which you think best suits you:

  • Free Forever- $0/month
  • Professional-$22.95/month (Great for startups)
  • Grow-$40.95/month (Perfect for business)
  • Ultimate-$77.95/month (Ideal for projects with high loads)

If you want to save a few bucks in your pocket, it’s your lucky day! You can get 10% off with Coupon Code: Adam10.


Overall, we can say that Lead Connect is the most effective option for expanding and automating your LinkedIn network. Lead Connects saves you from troubles that you might encounter in other softwares with the unique features we tackled earlier. It is a great time saver. It is very easy to use. Its interface is very understandable. It’s very practical. To sum it all up, This just the right LinkedIn tool everyone is looking for. In this era where business is everywhere, Lead Connect gives you a big boost to be ahead from others.

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