Sort Express Demo | AI Split Testing Tool for Paid Advertising

Sort Express Demo | AI Split Testing Tool for Paid Advertising

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Leveraging insights from past interactions, SortExpress AI determines the optimal page to display to new potential visitors. Upon a new user’s arrival, SortExpress AI dynamically loads the most relevant page, ensuring a reduction in lead costs with a guaranteed outcome. Drawing from its understanding of prior conversions, SortExpress intelligently selects the ideal page to showcase to each new prospective visitor. Upon the entry of a new user to the site, the SortExpress system seamlessly serves the most fitting page, resulting in a definite reduction of lead costs.

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Hey what's up everybody it's Adam with DIY agency and today we're going to Check out sort Express and see how AI Can actually help you with your paid Search and your paid marketing campaigns So Um real simple it's uh They do offer uh all kinds of different Plans uh what we're going to talk about Today is the free plan to start with and Then the difference between what I would Say is probably your best choice which Is the AI assistance plan and then if You're a corporate entity the the Monthly plan so basically what you're Going to do is you go ahead and create a Free account And you're going to have to fill in some Information about the website that You're looking to work with and so what We're going to do is we're going to put In a couple different Um And these are autofilled but um you know Really what we're going to do is we want To have a couple different website Addresses and here's the concept if I'm Driving a um a paid search Campaign Which I wouldn't do for a high level I would want to drive either Um you know to a couple different Destinations depending on what this the Keyword search is so for example If I'm looking to just get a generic

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Person to the landing page or home page I would you know want to send them to DIY agency if I'm looking to get them to The pricing page Um I would send them to a pricing page If I'm looking for them to find out any Specific capabilities I would want to Take them to that keyword relevant page And so one of the things that we're Going to do is uh you know look for and Set up A a landing page where you know when the Actual visitor converts and submits Their opt-in or they buy or whatever They get a thank you page now the reason That I want to talk about this Specifically is because for affiliate Marketing it's not always going to work Unless you're sending them through your Own website if I'm trying to send them Through a third party website it's going To be sometimes difficult to have a Thank you page but it does give me some Options on you know submit form whether It exists on a page you know whatever it Is so if it is high levels page and they Do end up submitting information a lot Of times with an affiliate program They'll give you kind of a thank you Results page which you can enter that Value here for my purposes a lot of time What I do is I'm driving people directly To my site even though it is a affiliate Marketing plan I'm going to have a DIY

Dot agency slash you know high level and Then looking for an opt-in so if they do Opt in then I'm going to drive them with Uh with an email automation campaign Behind the scenes but I'm also going to Put them on a specific landing page After that to watch a video or get more Information and that's where I would Enter in this value here And then really what we're going to do Is we're just going to copy a script and Put it into the body section of your Website so um if you're not familiar With how to do this I do recommend that You learn how to place header code into Your website but basically what we're Going to do is just copy that code and We're going to enter it into the header Section of our website and then just hit Go next so now this is where it does get A little bit complicated it's about the Only complicated part that is involved But if you utilize WordPress or or any Other kind of uh you know CMS it's going To be pretty easy so we're just going to Create an empty landing page on your Site named you know sword Express and We're going to create that website with That page there is a reason for this but More importantly let's uh just set it up And assume that we're going ahead and Creating this page in WordPress right Now And then we're going to start sending

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Traffic Um to that landing page and the way that We're going to do that is uh we're going To actually Have a code All right so once we see that actual Campaign set up what we're going to do Is we're actually going to just drive Our traffic From our Google ads or our Facebook ads Our Instagram ads to this specific Landing page and really the reason being Is we want to then track What the activity is of the people Coming from those pages so As we kind of and I'm going to take you Behind the scenes of a campaign that's Already been run Um So let me do that now So I jumped on a call with the owner of Sword Express today and walk through Exactly what uh you know what I wanted To talk to you guys today about and so Um really without having to share the Video Um I did record the call the key Components of of what we're tracking and What the AI specifically is going to be Able to Provide the best results based on is um First and foremost is the operating System so whether you're coming in Through Windows uh Linux Mac

It's going to deliver a page based on That that uh that result whether it's a Device whether it's again whether it's a Specific Handheld device an Android an iPhone Desktop it's going to provide the best Experience based on that the browser and Again this is all based on engagements And conversions and the like whether It's again an opera whether it's on Um you know a Chrome browser safari Stuff like that and then of course um You know you can create other data Points um whether it's uh you know a a Location so if I have um you know Multiple languages that I'm targeting if I'm targeting multiple countries Um I can have different uh results Pages Based on that and the AI is going to Sort this all out as well as kind of Just keywords so if I'm looking for Three different keywords or ten Different keywords all I'm going to do Is just create different data points That it allows uh to track based on so Again if pricing page is uh if Somebody's looking for pricing they're Going to the pricing page if they're Looking for a demonstration they're Going to the demo page um and so you Know we spend a lot of time walking Through this uh stuff and and it really Was as simple as you know again kind of As I demonstrated you're you're

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Literally just going to set this stuff Up in in moments and uh you know be able To track data and run your campaigns and Again the key being that you're able to Figure out um the the AI is going to Calculate what the best results are for You so that's kind of just one to one What I wanted to share with uh with you Um is that not only have I tried this Out myself but I actually got on a call With the owner to kind of demonstrate That so So when entering that keyword in here What we're going to look to do is just Uh you know create a or when we enter in That code we're just going to put it in And it'll look something similar Um to that obviously it'll be a little Bit different because it'll be on my DIY Page so I'll have the tracking code and Again I'm just going to enter it into The finer final URL section there so That's how it works these guys work with A ton of big companies there's been Plenty of good reviews about it but Really what I again I want to focus on Is who's this for so it's really made For anybody that is running paid search Campaigns or paid advertising campaigns Whether you run a small business or if You run an affiliate marketing campaign And what you're looking to do is Track By you know provide the best information Relevant to whether they're coming in

Via Mobile or desktop you know if They're coming in with a different Language it's a nice little thing where You know again you can track based on You know what country they're coming in For what spoken language what browser if They're coming in via Google Chrome if They're coming in versus Bing something Like that providing different Information and then specifically for me It's about keyword so again if I'm Trying to get somebody to Um to see reviews I want to make sure That uh you know they're seeing the Reviews page Um you know if it's about pricing I want Them to see the pricing page and the Beautiful thing is is that the AI will Actually do this automatically and Figure out what the best landing page is For them and what kind of results so Thank you again to sword Express for uh Walking me through this process I'm Looking forward to uh trying this out And uh you know if you want to try out With a free account the link below is uh Going to get you that and I look forward To the next video thanks