SEO PowerSuite Review and Demo | Finding New Keywords with SEO PowerSuite

SEO PowerSuite Review and Demo | Finding New Keywords with SEO PowerSuite

In this SEO PowerSuite Review and Demo I share how I do keyword research to find new keywords to target for my affiliate marketing campaigns.

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Hey what's up everybody today we're Going to look at SEO power Suite which Is a really amazing Tool uh I'm Specifically going to demonstrate how to Use it for finding keywords which I know A lot of us struggle with but I do want To kind of explain that it comes with a Rank tracker a website auditor a SEO Spyglass which is basically a Backlink profile on that analysis tool And then a link building and management Tool which uh to me is a very valuable Piece I'm not going to go into that here I just want to talk about what a lot of You know agencies and a lot of affiliate Marketers really struggle with is Finding what to try and rank for what Keywords are popular what's uh you know Some other things that people are using And how to try and uh you know utilize Those so what we're going to do is uh First we're going to talk about the Pricing before we get into anything so There is a free tool free trial so I do Want you to check that out I'll have a Link below Um and you know by all means uh you know If you do want to start up I can get you A discount on it so um Please check out the the link below but More importantly try it for free make Sure it works for you they do have a Number of different um you know Capabilities as far as free light

Professional and Enterprise uh most of You will probably only be looking at Kind of like the professional or the Light um but either way I just want to Kind of cover uh those first because I Think it's important to understand what The pricings are again really what we're Going to focus on today is focusing on Keywords but I do want you to kind of Understand that there's a lot to this Tool and uh and it's not a um a software As a service thing it's an actual Download to your computer thing so Um I'm going to demonstrate this for my DIY agency site Um and I just plugged in some keywords That uh that we've been trying to track Um here and as you can see today's the Ninth um these this was yesterday's date Uh what we're doing is trying to see What we do on Google Yahoo YouTube and Bing you know it gives you the ranking Pages and again this is just a rank Tracking tool their rank tracker Um and so really one of the things I Really I love high level as a platform As an agency owner Um I utilize it for all my clients I'm Also a member of their affiliate program So I'm a user of the of the software Um and I'm a member of their affiliate Program and a pretty successful one I Make a lot of money from it so I'm Always looking for ways to increase my

Affiliate Revenue earnings and I'm Always looking for keywords that might Be relevant to a specific platform and Or what other people are doing so we're Going to talk about keyword research as We as we mentioned so the first and Foremost thing what we can do is enter In you know what keywords we are Currently ranking for and get a feel for That I'm not really going to do that Here because um you know there's a lot Of tools that can kind of show you what You're ranking for what I want to kind Of find out is you know if I'm looking At a competitor for example what I would Do is I would enter in a competitor's Name so what we're going to do here is Uh just simply go in and type in and High level Review And let's see find a company looking for Somebody that's not going to be so Passive Secrets would be a great one so Congratulations if you own passive Secrets but what we're going to do is uh Add them as a competitor and what we're Going to do is find out what they're Trying to rank for Um and as you can see they have go live Go high level review go have high level Price they do click funnels kartra Groove funnel scripts so a lot of the Same companies if you're familiar with Affiliate marketing if you're familiar

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With click funnels Um you know they're uh they seem to be a Very big click funnels um and builderall Um so funnel building uh focused company So what it does is it Compares me um Where I am versus where they are and uh Where you know where they're ranked what The competition for the keyword is cost Per click if I'm looking to buy that Keyword and the keyword difficulty so That's pretty sweet I can also just Connect my Google search console um Which I've done and I'm not going to go Into that but I I just want to get some Ideas of people that are visiting my Website if they're you know utilizing Certain terms and I'm not familiar if I'm not intentionally trying to rank for Something but they're finding my website Anyway it's a great way to find some Keywords keyword planner again is uh you Know this isn't always great what you Would want to do is kind of just get a Feel for once you have some ideas on Keywords it'll give you an idea of you Know kind of how many searches there are On a monthly basis whether it's low Expected visits keyword difficulty you Can put them in keyword groups and Landing page groups and stuff like that Um not the best tool but you know they Have that everywhere so that's not Really what we're looking for this is Where we start to get into the blood and

Uh you know Gore of this this thing Where it's really the the the bones of The of the tool we're looking for Autocomplete related searches related Questions and I really love the TF IDF Explorer which we'll get into in a Minute but this is where we just want to Generate new keyword ideas by Autocomplete suggestions from the most Popular search engines so again when we Start to talk talk about high level Um you know uh we'll look at affiliate Um And we'll do high Level review And uh hi Oh affiliate program That should do it so while this searches And again this is not the fastest tool In the world but it does a heck of a job Um in my opinion as we can see uh just While talking here and I won't I will Probably pause this video at some point Um I have yet to do so Um but we've already found 337 keywords Uh and so it's just collecting a lot of Information about the keywords and it'll Give you an idea and now if you're Looking for a set it and forget it and Be done and have it do it for you type Of solution this isn't exactly it this Is about research and research is all About trying to test and figure out what Things are working and what's not

Working and then just you know keep Throwing uh you know stuff at the wall If you will so Um you know something that I I would Obviously consider is uh you know Starting to track these things so I'm Going to start tracking these keywords And it's just as simple as you know if I If I think it's something relevant uh I'm gonna just Go in there and so what will happen is In my rank tracking it'll now start Being there Um so what you want to do is go through And just look at you know keywords that Might be worthwhile for you so Um one of the things that I I definitely Wouldn't necessarily be thinking about For high level but something worth Searching for or you know adding to my Uh my targeted keywords is highest Affiliate programs or because people are Going to be looking for high payouts They're always looking for things where They can make a lot of money high-end Affiliate marketing programs so really If nothing else a high percentage Affiliate programs because if you know If you're doing affiliate marketing you Want to get a big payout a percentage Payout so really these are things that Might be worth starting to Target if not Starting to track and you can get the Number of searches expected visits I

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Think that's a pretty aggressive number To tell me that I'm going to get 30 of These uh these people quite frankly Because that's just only if you're in The number one position Um so I think that's it's a little Misleading and I think that should be Taken with uh you know with some kid of Consideration but I can sort these by Competition by keyword difficulty stuff Like that So again I've got something like 337 Keywords and I'm not going to go through This all right now but you know as you Go down there and you start to really Get into Um you know some of the different things Like high level affiliate program Japan Is obviously more relevant than high Level affiliate program Nike Um nobody's really going to be looking For that Nike search but if they are Looking for somebody in Japan or Something like that that might be uh be Worthwhile um to just start building Content around and if you're not Familiar with how to build content I Definitely recommend that you check out One of my previous videos I've got a ton Of content Generation videos one of them I just put out is uh you know great for Uh for anybody that's in the affiliate Marketing game that's just getting Started so it's an affiliate marketing

For beginners video and it walks you Through A to Z how to create a Content Piece on autopilot um that way you can Just you know set it and forget it once You target certain keywords so Um so now we're going to go into related Searches at now that we have our Auto Complete ideas And again we're just going to do the Same thing we're going to be looking at High level Reviews or affiliate High level review And let's just do a high level Um affiliate program again And we'll do search And again some of these will work faster Than others um so if I do have to pause The video it's just because uh some of These do take a little bit of time it Depends on the power of your um your Actual computer but it also kind of just Has to run in the background and access Your internet and stuff like that so Um or about nine minutes into the video Here um so we're going to try and uh Just let this run for another moment Here but if needed I will pause it and Try and speed things up All right so uh this is done and again We're just looking for related searches What you'll find a lot of times here is You're going to find a lot of Um people looking for logins and uh you

Know pricing and stuff like that but Um or support but really what you know Some of the things that you're going to Really try and find are like high level Software Um high level overview you'll find a lot Of different uh ways of saying it um Again uh you know go high level plans CRM reviews review so different ways to Kind of do things and again you'll see Cost per click associated with it and Keyword difficulty I disagree that some Of these are going to be um you know Pretty low and uh competition because I Think it'll be very high uh competition For some of these but again you know it Gives you ideas on some of the keywords And this is always just a research Concept so again you're not going to Just take every single keyword and go After it but what you're looking for is To spend you know 20 minutes to try and Do some research look for some keywords That are worth targeting and then Creating content surrounding it related Questions again we're going to continue To do the same things so And let's just do that and again Um these are going to all be part of a General topic so you know this is just For high level Um you know if you're looking to do Something on golf if you're looking to Do something on you know uh cameras or

You know small uh small local business Stuff like uh chiropractors again a very Great tool to kind of just utilize all The different Um you know types of searches whether it Be autocomplete questions stuff like That really good stuff as far as uh you Know things that can help you find Different Um you know different perspectives on What people are searching for and and The like the next thing we're going to Be looking at on this loads just so we Don't have to uh explain it while it's Loading um is going to be kind of the um The term frequency and what what that's Going to be is term frequency and I Believe the key word is inverse document Frequency and really what it's going to Be looking at is how often somebody else Uses that particular keyword In their uh their content so Um again when we're talking about the Keywords that we want to Target Um it'll kind of see what the Competitors are using and that way you Have an understanding of uh you know What you might be missing because Sometimes we just don't do our own uh Due diligence we don't look at a you Know enough Um do enough homework to kind of Understand like hey you know there's Some missed opportunities that are out

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There that other people are targeting And I'm just not not thinking about it So again a lot of great keywords numbers Of searches here I always try and go Anything with a thousand to a hundred is Always good but it doesn't mean that you Can't find some value in high level Affiliate marketing again this is uh Just the difference of a space and then Affiliate marketing might be very well Worth it as you can see people are Bidding on that keyword I don't do any Uh PPC on on any of these high level Stuff because I don't want to get booted From their affiliate program I'm making Way too much money to do so Um but you know what is Um you know what does high level review Mean is not necessarily great but um is High ticket affiliate marketing legit is Something that might be worth going After affiliate High commission not so Good but Um you know higher level review high Level review high level review meaning High level versus high level these are Things that you know believe it or not Will start to to rank and uh the more You rank with Google and you know find Similar keywords the more likely you are To rank for you know high level with the Space you're going to rank well with High level without a space so again just Looking for Concepts here

So to kind of speed up the process I did A little bit of uh you know pre-work Here same different keywords and again What we're finding is these are keywords That other people are using how many of My competitors are using you know Affiliate high level white label um you Know affiliate link it just shows me the Number of competitors and the frequency Of that particular keyword in their Content and again you know a number of Searches all that stuff so um some Valuable information here that other People are are sprinkling in these types Of keywords into their content regarding High level so um just something that you Should consider when you're writing up Your content Beyond just you know Seating you know sprinkling in the seed Keyword of high level affiliate program Or high level review it's important to Have stuff like website builder or Social media you know marketing agency These things are relevant Google will Understand that they're relevant to the Content that you're putting out there so It just helps you know show Google that You have valid content and it's worth Worth exploring and the final a couple Things are keyword combinations and real Simple it's just going to show me Different ways of utilizing the keywords High level review affiliate program so It just mixes it up you can do War

Combos you can do misspelled words stuff Like that and and mix it up from there And finally there's going to be keyword Sandbox which I'm not really going to Get into because it's uh it's not really Relevant in my opinion but you can Explore and you know again with this There there is support there's um they Do webinars everything like that so I Hope you enjoyed this video I'm going to Put a link below for you to try out SEO Power Suite on your own with a free Trial and again if you are going to look At one of their paid plans make sure you Utilize the link below to get a discount And uh you know and again if you do have Any questions fire them off below there Is a ton of great content ton of Resources there there's a Blog but Really what I want you to try out is the Rank tracker first you can try out any Of them the next thing I'm really Looking to dig into is the link Assistant but for the most part I've Been utilizing a tool right now to just Pump out a ton of content and once I Have that content out there that's when I'm going to start trying to build the Backlinks to it so I hope this review Helped and again if you have any Questions buy them below thanks