Do I Need Actionetics?

ClickFunnels gives you the freedom to choose any type of email service to use with it. All the known, genuine, and trusted email services are integrated here. Sure, you could use other Email Marketing Tools for what you think is convenient. Yet, you might get second thoughts once you discover ClickFunnels’ efficient and powerful marketing automation platform, Actionetics.

What is Actionetics?

Actionetics was not originally part of ClickFunnels’ launch, but it was later added in 2015. You cannot unlock it with the standard $97 a month package, but it will be accessible once you upgrade to $297 per month Etison Suite plan.

But will this upgrade be a wise choice? Let’s find out.


What makes this platform so powerful is its unique set of features which takes automation in a whole new reach.

It can make email lists, store your contacts,  and deliver broadcast and automated emails. Catering to SMS is made possible with the help of Twilio Integration. You are required to integrate with another SMTP service to actually send emails. Action Score is Actionetics’ very own form of lead scoring, which will automatically rate the engagement of each contact.

These traits will help you up your knowledge about your market, communicate with your market,  automate your communication with your market, and improve many other necessary actions.

Here are some favorite features of most Actionetics users:

  1. Flexible Email Delivery

What makes Actionetics different from other email services is the fact that it relies on a separate SMTP to send emails. Others might see this as a downside, but it actually gives you more flexibility. Why? Because this means that you are not limited to the kind of email marketing you can do by your email service. Also, email deliverability is an issue to some email services in which you are sharing your SMTP. If any of them make wrong actions, your email deliverability could be affected. But if you’re using your own SMTP, you don’t have to worry about any of this.

  1. Smart Lists

Like other email services, Actionetics lets you create email lists. One unique trait of Actionetics is making Smart Lists. A Smart list could automatically add or remove contacts from an email list. Its accordingly follows the set of rules you create for it to automatically add or remove contacts.

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Making use of rules saves you time and effort.

  1. Desktop Push Notifications

If you are buying a desktop push notification separately, it could cost you a lot of money. You could also use Actionetics as your desktop push notification tool to help you in decreasing your business expenses immediately.

  1. Unlimited Contacts

Most email services base their pricing structure on the number of contacts you have. If you have 10,000 contacts, most email marketing tools will cost you $290/month or so. The price will get higher when you get more contacts. But what if you exceed your list to that number? You don’t have to answer that question when you use Actionetics, because it lets you have unlimited contacts! You can get as many contacts as you want at a constant cost.


Because Actionetics is built directly to ClickFunnels, you can’t use it to make forms that can be placed in your WordPress site. Also, it doesn’t work on commonly used lead generation software. So you can only stick to the sales funnels you create in ClickFunnels.

Here are some things users don’t like about Actionetics:

  1. No Support for Custom Fields

Actionetics doesn’t provide support for custom fields. Thus, you can only stick to the built-in fields that Actionetics gives you. You need to look elsewhere if you need the extra flexibility from custom fields for your email marketing.

  1. Expensive for Small Lists

For people with small lists, it might be hard to justify the $297 cost to access Actionetics. In these cases, most people believe that using the standard ClickFunnels would be just fine.

  1. It’s completely tied to ClickFunnels

If you are really into ClickFunnels, then you have bigger chances of being into Actionetics as well. However, if you ever quit on ClickFunnels, you would also stop using Actionetics. Thus, you have to transfer everything to another email service.

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You won’t lose your list of contacts, because Actionetics lets you export them. But, conversion of all your Action Funnels to your new email provider could be a real hassle.


Now that both sides of the coin have been presented, do you think upgrading to Actionetics is wise and worth it? We could say that the stated negatives above are a potential hindrance. But, when it comes to the quantity of facts, the pros clearly outnumber the cons. Actionetics provide just the right tools to help you become successful. As soon as you finally get the hang of  these unique features, you’ll be able to gain all the benefits that will help you all the way.


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