$100M Leads: The New Book by Alex Hormozi

Hey there! I wanted to let you know about a new book called “$100M Leads” by Alex Hormozi. In this book, Alex shares his secret method that helped him gain over 5 million followers in just 24 months. But here’s the interesting part – when he started, he had less than 10,000 followers and absolutely no knowledge of popular platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter.

Alex discovered that he had a skill deficiency and needed to overcome it quickly. He considered learning from celebrities, relying on coaches or gurus, or working with advertising agencies. Ultimately, he chose to work with advertising agencies and developed a strategy for using them effectively. He believes in setting clear expectations and deadlines with the agency, and eventually transitioning to a lower-cost consulting agreement once his team had the same expertise. Alex also talks about the benefits of transparent communication and eventually bringing the work in-house. So if you’re interested in growing your audience and learning how to use agencies to your advantage, this book is definitely worth checking out!

$100M Leads: The New Book by Alex Hormozi


In his new book, ” $100M Leads,” Alex Hormozi reveals a secret method that helped him gain over 5,000,000 followers in just under 24 months. Despite starting with less than 10,000 followers and no knowledge of popular platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter, Alex managed to become a top one percent content creator by leveraging this rarely discussed method. In this comprehensive article, we will delve into the key insights and strategies shared in Alex’s book, providing you with valuable information on how to achieve remarkable growth in your own business or personal brand.

About Alex Hormozi

Before we explore the concepts presented in ” $100M Leads,” let’s take a closer look at who Alex Hormozi is and his background. Alex is a highly successful entrepreneur, investor, and content creator. He and his team have invested in various ventures, including YouTube channels, local businesses, and IT services. Additionally, Alex generates income by purchasing and growing businesses. However, his true passion lies in creating free content to help others succeed in their own entrepreneurial journeys, with the intention of potentially establishing partnerships. With his vast experience and proven track record, Alex is a credible source of business strategies and growth methods.

Overview of the Book

” $100M Leads” covers a range of essential themes and concepts that are crucial for achieving substantial growth in your business or personal brand. The book is tailored to aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners, and content creators who aim to maximize their online presence and generate consistent leads. Alex Hormozi provides a structured approach in his book, with each chapter carefully crafted to guide readers through the necessary steps and strategies for success.

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Alex’s Ventures and Business Strategies

One of the reasons Alex Hormozi’s insights hold immense value is his hands-on experience in various business ventures. In ” $100M Leads,” he shares his strategies and successes in investment across different industries. Alex has made strategic investments in YouTube channels, local businesses, and IT services. By diversifying his investments, he has been able to leverage multiple streams of income and expand his business empire. Furthermore, Alex emphasizes the importance of creating free content to fuel business growth and establish meaningful partnerships.

The Speaker’s Secret Method

The highlight of ” $100M Leads” is Alex Hormozi’s secret method, which he attributes to his incredible audience growth of over 5,000,000 followers. This method played a crucial role in propelling him to the top one percent of content creators within a short span of 24 months. While the exact details of the secret method are revealed in the book itself, we can expect a powerful and result-oriented approach that can be applied to various platforms. Alex’s unique insights are sure to revolutionize the way you approach content creation and audience growth.

Initial Challenges Faced by the Speaker

Before discovering the secret method, Alex Hormozi faced numerous challenges in his journey to gain followers and enhance his presence on different platforms. With less than 10,000 followers and a lack of knowledge about popular platforms like YouTube and TikTok, he recognized the need to address his skill deficiency promptly. In order to achieve significant growth, Alex knew he had to overcome these initial hurdles and acquire the necessary skills.

Options Considered to Overcome Skill Deficiency

When faced with a skill deficiency in a new domain, there are typically multiple options to consider. Alex Hormozi explores three potential avenues he considered before ultimately choosing the most effective one. The first option was to learn from celebrities, but he found their strategies to be too personalized and not directly applicable to his business. The second option was to rely on coaches or gurus, but the risk of outdated information made this option less appealing. Finally, Alex decided to work with advertising agencies, which offered a comprehensive solution to overcome his skill deficiency.

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Working with Advertising Agencies

Alex Hormozi delves into the concept of advertising agencies and how they became instrumental in his growth journey. Advertising agencies are businesses that offer services to advertise on your behalf. By collaborating with these agencies, Alex was able to pay professionals to run ads, edit and distribute content, and ultimately achieve his desired results. The initial phase involved working with a basic agency, which helped him establish a regular content creation cadence and learn the basics of the platform.

Using Basic Advertising Agencies

The first step in working with advertising agencies was hiring a basic agency to guide Alex through the fundamentals of YouTube. By committing to three videos per week and having the agency trim, edit, and create thumbnails for the content, Alex was able to establish consistency and focus on understanding his audience’s preferences. This phase primarily aimed to build a strong foundation and acquire the necessary skills to navigate the platform effectively.

Transitioning to Advanced Advertising Agencies

Once Alex Hormozi had gained enough knowledge and experience with the basics, he felt ready to move on to more advanced agencies. These agencies specialize in working with top creators and provide insights into the nuanced aspects of the platform. By working closely with these professionals, Alex gained a deeper understanding of how successful creators operate and was able to refine his own strategies and content creation process.

Moving to Lower-Cost Consulting Agreement

As Alex and his team acquired expertise and knowledge equivalent to or surpassing that of the advertising agency, they transitioned to a lower-cost consulting agreement. This transition allowed them to continue receiving necessary guidance and assistance while reducing costs. Alex highlights the importance of setting clear expectations and deadlines during this phase to ensure a smooth transition and maintain a strong working relationship with the agency.

Importance of Setting Clear Expectations

Throughout the process of working with advertising agencies, Alex Hormozi emphasizes the significance of setting clear expectations. By clearly communicating his goals, objectives, and desired outcomes, he was able to establish a mutually beneficial relationship with the agencies. This clarity allowed the agencies to align their efforts with Alex’s vision, facilitating efficient progress towards his goals.

Experience with Agencies on YouTube and TikTok

Alex shares his personal experience of collaborating with advertising agencies on various platforms, including YouTube and TikTok. By allowing agencies to manage his content creation and distribution, he witnessed significant growth and engagement from his audience. This experience solidified his belief in the effectiveness of working with professionals to enhance content quality and reach.

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Benefits of Transparent Communication

One of the crucial lessons Alex learned during his journey with advertising agencies was the need for transparent communication. By maintaining open and honest discussions with the agencies, he was able to build a strong partnership based on trust and mutual understanding. This transparent communication enabled him to provide feedback, address concerns, and collectively work towards achieving his goals.

The Agency Trap and How to Avoid It

While working with advertising agencies proved immensely beneficial for Alex Hormozi, he acknowledges the potential pitfalls, particularly the “agency trap.” This trap occurs when results decline once a junior representative takes over the account. To avoid falling into this trap, Alex recommends thoroughly vetting agencies, maintaining transparent communication, and considering the expertise and experience of the people assigned to the account.

Considering Time and Money

Throughout his book, Alex Hormozi encourages readers to consider whether they have more time or money to invest in growing their business. This consideration plays a pivotal role in determining the approach to adopt when working with advertising agencies. Depending on individual circumstances, one may choose to delegate tasks and save time or invest in learning the necessary skills and knowledge themselves.

Applying the Playbook to Other Platforms

While Alex mainly focuses on YouTube and TikTok in his book, he points out that the playbook and strategies discussed can be applied to various other platforms. Whether it’s LinkedIn, podcasts, or paid advertisements, the core principles and techniques can be adapted to suit different mediums and audiences. Alex’s versatility and multi-platform approach underline the effectiveness and scalability of the strategies he shares.


In conclusion, ” $100M Leads” by Alex Hormozi offers valuable insights into the secrets and strategies behind his remarkable growth and success. By delving into his personal experiences, Alex provides a roadmap for aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners, and content creators to achieve substantial growth and generate consistent leads. From working with advertising agencies to setting clear expectations and avoiding common pitfalls, Alex’s book serves as a comprehensive guide for anyone looking to maximize their online presence and achieve extraordinary results. So, grab a copy of ” $100M Leads” and embark on your journey towards exponential growth!

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