White Label Loyalty Platform For Agencies and Affiliates

White Label Loyalty Platform For Agencies and Affiliates

This video is a quick walkthrough of one of the hottest White Label Loyalty Platforms on the web. Get it here:

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If you're looking for more ways to Increase revenues to your business or Your ad agency this video is about white Label loyalty programs that you can add To your business and or if you're an Advertising agency so for entrepreneurs And agencies this is perfect but the Solution also is good just specifically For business owners that uh you know gym Owners restaurant owners Um any anything that needs any kind of Loyalty program just to check in and you Know I guess verify that they were there And if you reach 10 you get a bonus or Whatever you can set all these things up So let's talk real quick the link here Is going to be below and it's simply a White label platform where again you can If you want sign up as part of this Platform And therefore it's with Boomerang and Then you know add your own domain your Logo your colors uh create all the Schemes that you want for your own white Label site which then can promote to Other local businesses that um and that Are looking for any kind of loyalty Program so that um is really really the Whole point so hit the link and then What you'll want to do is just hit Agencies and uh you'll you'll have a Walk through video you can create as Many sub-accounts as you want for your Clients and really what we're talking

About is digital loyalty programs so Um If somebody walks into a restaurant And uh or a you know a bar or again if They're you know the hoagie place Um really what you're doing is you're Showing your card it's an opportunity to Kind of just quickly scan and or um you Know figure out a way to uh you know as The business they'll figure out the way Um what's easiest for them to just hit The button and it shows that you got a a Transaction and you know you can set it Up for uh 10 you can set up for 30. Whatever you're you're looking for it Gives you an opportunity to grow local Business Um through loyalty repeat customers this Thing kills it uh it's one of the Fastest this platform is one of the Fastest growing small businesses out There as far as uh you know loyalty Programs it's real simple you install it Um quickly uh it's a fast install you Get the stamps you can give cash back You can give subscriptions Um you can give discounts coupons Certificates whatever you're looking for Um and uh it gives you the capability And this is really where I get excited About it it gives you an opportunity to Um to Market while Um while this loyalty program is working So once somebody becomes part of your Loyalty program you can send text

Messages Um emails you can do push notifications Based on geolocation if they're driving By and they're close a lot of cool Things that can can work Um and it most importantly integrates With a lot of a lot of the major Platforms so Um for a lot of agency owners you're Familiar with high level Um and if not you're familiar with zappy Or zapier or whatever you choose to call It but it integrates with a number of Different things including Activecampaign and square square most Importantly so if you're accepting Payments Um and so again there's over 30 000 Companies already utilizing this Platform Boomerang is is a killer Um and it's really uh you know there's a Lot of different pricing plans so first And foremost I believe there's a free Trial with my link below Um and if you have any questions I can Set you up with Mike who's the uh the CEO but there is an annual Um and a quarterly and monthly plan Capability and this is what I'm talking About here listen close With your white label capabilities you Can set your own pricing you can set Your own annual plan pricing you can set Your own quarterly plan pricing you can

Set your own monthly plan pricing you Can have them all be the same or you can Incentivize people to sign up for the Yearly and depending on how many uh Clients you're looking to sign up you Can start with the grow plan increase it To business and then go to agency or Franchise you can do all these things Whatever you're looking for the reseller Options are aren't linked and most Importantly again they do have a fully Managed service so you can actually have Them set this up Do A to Z to get you Started so they can create the the Design of your website they can set up Your white label platform uh with your Logo with your color scheme how you want It what the uh what the stamps are going To look like all these different things Um so all you got to do is hit the What's the cost button and they'll walk You through uh exactly what you're You're looking for and they can provide A price based on it so super affordable Again Mike is really looking to uh to Grow this thing as far as you know Giving out free trials and uh so really What I would love you to do is go ahead Use that link and uh you know get Started so first thing you want to do Hit the link below Um sign up Create your own white label platform and Take it from there if you do have any

Questions fire them off it below in the Uh in the actual or I'm sorry in the Comments section or you can always just Schedule something on here where you can Set it up with Mike and Mike Will is the CEO he'll get uh either himself or Somebody else to run a info session for You to get you all squared away