The Power of Incentives in Sales & Affiliate Marketing | Adam Roseland and Josh Torres

The Power of Incentives in Sales & Affiliate Marketing | Adam Roseland and  Josh Torres

In this episode of the Marketing Boost Solutions, we are excited to share another success story as Captain Marco features successful Marketing Boost members, Adam Roseland & Josh Torres. If you’re looking into growing your business through affiliate marketing, this episode covers the benefits of using incentives, the importance of creating valuable content, and the effectiveness of trade shows. Our guests share their experiences using Marketing Boost for their clients and promoting third-party products, as well as strategies for building long-term passive income streams through affiliate marketing. Overall, highlighting their wins while ensuring their clients’ success.

Adam Roseland is an award winning affiliate marketer, and founder of a leading digital marketing firm, 814 Interactive, that specializes in Automotive SEO that provides Pay Per Click Management(PPC) & Content Marketing for its clients. Josh Torres, owner of Florida State Armory, shares his success with offering vacation incentives with every firearm purchase, which has led to over 700 activations and a 34% conversion rate. Overall, the episode provides valuable insights and strategies for entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses through affiliate marketing.

Find out more about Adam Roseland and Josh Torres below:

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing [00:08:31
Using Incentives for Lead Generation [00:14:34]
Focusing on Desires and Features [00:21:16]
Getting Clients to Sell the Dream [00:22:05]
Segmenting Clients for Better Sales [00:25:24]
Offering Incentives for Affiliate Marketing [00:26:12]
Using SEO to Build Affiliate Views [00:29:40]
Automating Video Content [00:31:30]
Using Marketing Boost Incentives at Trade Shows [00:35:22]
Building Organic Traffic [00:43:41]
Paid Traffic Strategy [00:46:10]
Marketing Boost Credibility [00:47:41]

Welcome to the marketing boost Solutions Podcast join host Marco Torres Co-founder of along With expert guests as they deliver Incredible proven solutions to your Marketing challenges in each power Packed episode Captain Marco has guided Thousands of entrepreneurs growing their Sales and marketing through the use of Value-add incentives his Facebook groups Are home to more than 84 000 Entrepreneurs who are raking in sales With his advice get ready to be blown Away with game-changing lessons for your Business Ladies and gentlemen welcome to another Episode of the marketing Booth Solutions Podcast where we do our best to bring You some business experts marketing Boost members that are knocking out of The park like we have for you today Other uh success stories anything to Motivate you and inspire you to build Your business to the next level today We’ve had we have with us Adam Roseland Adam has won multiple say hello Adam hey How’s everybody doing good good Adam has Won multiple uh marketing boost Affiliate contests uh contest yeah back To back year after year and uh he’s the Founder of an award-winning Philadelphia-based digital marketing Agency providing lead generation Services to local businesses Adam has

Been working on on and in the Advertising industry for the past 20 Years and is now primarily focused on Creating passive income streams through Affiliate marketing and I think this is An incredible subject today for all of You out there that are promoting Marketing boost or other affiliate Products that’s what Adam can share with Us some insights on how to do and build That Adam has won multiple as I Mentioned earlier multiple contests and Awards from marketing boost and other Companies and we’ll share his favorite Tools and strategies on his website on YouTube channel on how to do just that So before we get into deep I just want To share uh my screen for a quick second And show the uh you know last year’s Award winning or actually 2021 and you Won the same contest in 2022 I think one Time you won over 4 000 I don’t remember What you want on the other contests but Let me uh take it away Adam say hello Hey hey uh excited to be here hopefully I can share some some great insights on What I’ve done what I’m doing currently Um and help people you know make more Money and not work very hard to do it Absolutely that’s what we’re all here to Learn how to do and I think a lot of us Are interested in how to how to how to Be successful as an affiliate marketer For whatever product you’re excited

About you know marketing I think one of The best industries that any of us could Get into today Is selling somebody else’s product or Service so you don’t have to be the Fulfillment machine you don’t have to Invent the product you don’t have to do You don’t have to deliver on it all you Got to do is figure out how to sell it And get it and get your your get your Content about that product in front of Others and uh Adam but before we get Into a lot of the details that you have Done for multiple products uh tell us About your how long you’ve been a Marketing boost member do you recall how You got turned on to us and how you’ve Been using it over the years you know I Don’t remember how many uh how long ago I got started and it has been a long Time Um I I know who got me over here it’s Greg Jeffries um who is an affiliate Marketer and the reason I know that is Because I’ve done interviews with him Because I’m making him a lot of money Through marketing boost because the Beauty of this program as you know is The two-tier uh capabilities so front End you’re making 40 recurring for for Anybody that you bring to marketing Boost but then there’s that 10 percent Recurring on any referred Affiliates and So

Um Greg has made a lot of money through Me and he always reaches out to me to Tell me you know how happy he is about You know what I’m doing because I’m Simply making him 10 Um of all my all the stuff I bring he Gets 10 of and so Um Greg is great affiliate marketers Taught me a lot of things Um but continues to teach other other Concepts to uh to his tribe if you will Um but I I think really the important Thing is is I didn’t make a ton of money On day one um I’ve been building and Building and building for a long time And as you know you know you build that Snowball Effect that you know you push That Boulder down the hill it continues To grow gain momentum and I think that’s The thing that a lot of people need to Understand about affiliate marketing is It’s not something you turn on today It’s something that you build and build And build and the income streams will Come Um it’s not a set it and forget it one Day but if you do set it you can build That one you know one blog post that one Video and make money off that for years To come Um so the idea is to keep building and Building many of those types of uh you Know pieces of content and the like and Uh and eventually you will just start

Crushing it um which is I I’ve been Lucky enough to be able to do yeah That’s sweet like I said one multi we Don’t run more contests because we know You’re going to win them all yeah I Don’t know about that but uh I like to Compete for sure Oh yeah we mostly run one every year at The end of the year but you know we Thought about if we run more shoot Adam Was going to win them all so hey I’m Good with that I’m good with that but I Do actually love that you guys put Together that contest I love the uh you Know the announcements and so it’s a big Event Um I I do think that more you know Companies like you like you should do That because you know it it’s a reward You know it’s obviously you know you’re Competing against other people but it’s Good to be get get that recognition of Some of the hard work that you’re doing And uh you know again even during those Contests award shows you’re you’re Asking like what are you doing how’s it How’s it working and uh you can always You know if you watch those shows um you Can pick up some nice tidbits on how to You know create and uh be more effective With your own marketing But I was looking at your YouTube Channel and you’ve got you know tons of Videos there and then your blog post

Page uh let me share my screen and we’ll Glance on those for a second and then We’ll we’ll maybe dive in talk about Them but I’m looking at one of your Pages here the d uh do it yourself dot Agency uh I guess that’s what that Stands for do it yourself and you know Here you’ve got you know your blog posts With your video links to you know dozens Of content that you know your 17 pages Of content that I see here at a glance And uh promoting go high level marketing Booze what other products do you Typically promote so anything you know And this is the key for affiliate Marketing anything that has a recurring Um commission structure is something That I’m always interested in I get a Lot of companies nowadays you know from My website from my YouTube channel Coming out to me and saying hey you know We’d love to have you you know review And promote our company uh we’re willing To give you 10 of you know anybody you Bring over and I’m like you know I’m not Getting out of bed for that because Quite frankly I’ve got companies like Yourself like high level that are that Are offering 40 Um and the beauty is again is that Recurring um I I like to find companies That have a uh a recurring income stream And if they can offer a two-tier Um those are kind of the big names or

Big companies that I like to do so Marketing boost go high level um click Funnels is one um Jasper uh is another Um Victory is a company that I just Started really promoting recently um and I’m having a lot of fun with that that’s Kind of like a video creation tool Um I I like companies that again I’m Able to there’s two really parts to the Affiliate marketing process is finding The right people Um to send to a product or service Offering and then it’s making sure that You’ve loaded them up with the right Information so I can hand off the sale To a company like you and then have you Guys be really you know effective at Closing the deal but if you don’t close It on day one which usually it doesn’t Happen you’ll have a marketing campaign In in in the background where you know comes over they enter their Email and they get on your list and then You guys effectively Market them on my Behalf now that I’ve presented you with That lead so I’m always looking for Companies that have a good high Commission structure it’s got to be Recurring and then of course they’re Effective in their marketing behind the Scenes because I don’t want to do that I As mentioned I run a digital Ad Agency And I deal with all kinds of local small Business owners and uh you know I

Whether you’re effective or not for them A lot of times Um their their livelihood is based on The effectiveness of the marketing and So you know if anything goes wrong it’s Always on me it’s I’m doing wrong you Know I can give them 100 leads and if They only call two of them for some Reason it’s not the right two and it’s My fault now yeah obviously we know that 98 of those people could have been Buyers and they never even called them But somehow it’s always my fault so That’s why I really love affiliate Marketing is because I’ve transferred The responsibility of closing and the Problems and any obviously there’s going To be problems but usually there aren’t But if there is a problem it’s not on me Anymore it’s not on you and you can Handle it and there’s somebody you know On your end is dealing with it and Making that customer happy and I’m still Getting the commissions while you’re Doing that and so I really really enjoy That yeah and as you know if you’re if You’re new to marketing boost you know We do have exactly what Adam’s referring To here you know we they come into our Into our uh ecosystem and we’re sending You you know voicemail broadcast email Text messaging inviting you to Live Events asking you to join our Facebook Group following up to get you to

Eventually sign up for the you know paid Versions of marketing boost get you on An onboarding brainstorming call promote You know promote it you upgrade to our Annual plan which if they upgrade to the Annual plan boom Adam gets a nice big Chunk uh all at one time versus you know Trickling in month after month so then He gets the annual commission so I’m Sure you like it when you see those Folks bump up from from a free you know Maybe even a free version of marketing Booth let me ask you this question since We launched the freemium version of Marketing boost which now if you’re new To marketing boost here we do offer a Free version you can get no credit card Required a free version of marketing Boost which allows you to give away up To seven of our 130 destinations around The world Adam once we launched that Have you seen an increase or decrease in Conversions and what have you seen on That yeah so actually what I did see was I it increased it’s slightly based on uh You know on overall I do track my Revenues on a monthly basis and Everything like that the difference was That I just had to be a little bit more Patient because I think I think first of All I think it’s great to give free Trials and free offerings and things Like that because you’ll get more sign Ups

Um and you know at the end of the day People want to test drive things they Want to figure out whether it’s going to Work for them and whatnot and if you Immediately take somebody to a a pricing Page it’s so you know it’s a big Friction um you know Creator so I love That and what it required was just a Little bit more patience so instead of Having you know let’s just say a 15 14 Day trial people were trying out the Free freemium model first and then Saying all right well now I’m ready to Sign up and so it just the as mentioned Earlier in in this you know recording It’s about having patience with Affiliate marketing so if I sign up Somebody day one you know on that free Plan I might not see a commission for You know the first 30 days because They’re trying out that free Prime free Plan so Um it did take time to see that increase And I have seen it but it just required A little bit of patience and again I Think it’s great to send people to a Free trial because they do have the Opportunity to try it out and that way I Say literally specifically try out their Free trial because that way you can get A feel for it and you don’t have to just Rely on me and my brand and everything I’m saying you can actually try it out For yourself and then make the decision

An educate a decision based on your Experience and those are those are the People that stick once they sign up They’re the ones that stay much much Longer than the people that you send to A quick paid you know paid offering they Try it out it’s not great in the first 30 days it didn’t meet their their Expectations are gone the people that Try it out first on a free plan usually Do stay because they really love the Product yeah and then we we continue to You know to promote the benefits of the Paid version versus the free so whether They sign up for that you know 30 days 60 days is later they’re they’re getting The uh you know you’re eventually going To start getting paid yeah so that’s Sweet uh tell me this on your you know For your your uh digital agency that You’re doing you know local business uh Support helping them with lead Generation doing I guess you do their Facebook ads pay-per-click ads all of That yep SEO all that so anything Involved with trying to drive more Traffic to their website and help them You know convert them into calls so you Know it’s not just about getting them The at you know driving a person from a Facebook ad to their landing page it’s About making sure there’s some kind of Phone phone lead form something like That that we can then track and then

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Creating with another product high level Um a follow-up system where we’re you Know we’re tracking the phone calls We’ve got the voicemail drops we’ve got All that all that automation behind the Scenes because a lot of small business Owners don’t know about all these Software tools that are out there to Help make their lives easier so part of What I’m doing is I’m Consulting with Them you know obviously I want to get Paid for the ad part but you know I’m Trying to teach them to be more Effective at converting those new leads But I’m also implementing Incentive-based marketing with marketing Boost I mean in you know putting in that Automation with high level I’m helping Them to write their ads with you know Jasper or something like that or you Know their email automation with Jasper So we’re trying to do all these things To help them but also integrate those Softwares where I’m essentially putting Myself out of a job once they figure out How to do it but if I’ve gotten them Signed up through marketing boost and High level and Jasper or something like That I’ll still be making money whether They stick with me or not not because They’ve already signed up using those Tools and it helps them become more Effective as business owners and it Makes my job easier to just say hey

These are the best tools on the market I Literally use all of them all the things I talk about I always use for myself for My clients but it’s great to tell a Client like hey here’s what we’re going To do we’re going to try and bring a Lead in through Facebook we’re going to Let you know put them on that landing Page we’re going to have a follow-up System of automation but what we’re also Going to do is add in this incentive so If they set up a consultation with with You or you know with your company you’re Going to offer them a complimentary Vacation stay and we’re going to use Marketing boost to do it and here’s how And people just understand and it clicks And they’re like hey that’s really Awesome and then I tell them hey look I Want you to sign up with marketing booth That way you know I’m not upticking you On the price the cost is right there if You ever want to stop doing it you just Cancel with them and it’s not part of my Service and if you’re transparent people Find that it’s a lot easier to say yes Or no two things like that and I find That you know if I can recommend your Company another company and just say hey I use them and I want you to try it this Is what I strongly recommend let’s get It going go sign up and give me your Your link and boom boom boom that’s Awesome

Um speaking of that let’s hold that Thought let’s take a break from our Sponsor automation booster which is our Version empowered by go high level so Let’s hear from automation booster and We’ll be right back It’s time to wow surprise and impress Your clients with the most powerful Customer draw card available anywhere The marketing boost Solutions show is Brought to you by marketing boost where You can get valuable travel and Restaurant incentives to drive your Leads from prospects to paying customers Now you can offer complimentary hotel Stays in over 130 destinations worldwide Go to and try it For free right now Greg we’re just talking about uh Affiliate marketing with Adam Roseland Multi uh year affiliate contest winner For marketing boost and others he’s an Expert at affiliate marketing and we’re Talking about how he uh uses marketing Booths for his clients with his digital Agency how he promotes uh marketing Boost and other companies as an Affiliate marketer and we were talking About uh the software platform of uh High level which by the way you know I’ve been using it for five or six years Already we’ve been using it for all of Our marketing all of our companies I

Think it’s been that long maybe not Quite but anyway we’ve been using it for All of our Brands and for years I was Just you know I need to offer this to Our clients because it’s such a powerful Powerful tool and it does everything for Such an affordable price now we went Ahead and white labeled it and uh called It automation booster and but for those Of you listening we provide this Platform and we enhance it over what go Idaho does directly so if you go through The review you know using automation Booster we’re providing you with about 30 different templates for multiple Industries with the marketing boost Incentives pre-built in that you’re uh So that when you’re whatever your Business Niche is as we help you build That funnel you know your these Incentives are built in for appointment Booking you know get a 200 Hotel savings Card for booking for booking your Zoom Call no obligation call when you buy Product B to go with product a you get The complimentary hotel stay and we have All these different examples of and how To disclose all the disclaimers and all Of that we put together in there plus we Throw in some additional bonuses Softwares that are that are only Available through automation booster but We have been a major believer in the Platform uh we’re thrilled that it’s you

Know powered uh high level is uh you Know the probably overcome click funnels You know as as the tool to to be using Very powerful tool very affordable and Uh anyway uh check it out at automation but back to you Adam let’s Um uh foreign How you use I really like the idea also How you use the incentives for your Clients because we’ve got you know a lot Of a lot of the marketing boost audience Many of them are agency owners many of Them are using high level on their own And obviously hundreds of hundreds of Them are using automation booster but um What do you do for your clients or what Do you recommend they do how do they Implement the incentives uh to add or Enhance their call to action yeah so First of all I’m going to give a quick Nod to you guys as we talked about high Level and and marketing Goose um behind The scenes when you sign up as an Affiliate there’s a ton of information On how to be more effective as a Marketer in general in as an affiliate Marketer in general in your back end in High levels back end Um those two companies both you guys are Very committed to helping agency owners Affiliate marketers get more sales for Their businesses Um and and I love that and that’s again Why you you and uh and high level are

Two of my favorite companies to work With is because it’s not just about you Making Revenue it’s about us making Revenue as well and there’s a lot of Commitment to that so I try and do that Same thing with my clients um there are Ever since covid and all that there’s a Million and one do-it-yourself Um agencies out there that you know Never did anything with marketing before But they learned how easy it is to start Up an ad agency and they just throw it At the wall and say hey if we don’t you Know if we don’t bring you this uh you Know this many clients in 30 days then You know it’s free and blah blah blah And they’ve really ruined the kind of The agency experience out there because There’s a million and one marketers Doing this for for for for no money at All essentially Um so what I’ve really tried to do is Really jump into my you know my clients Uh business that you know specifically And say like what do I do Beyond just Driving that traffic and that’s where Again trying to really help with the Conversion process writing them scripts On how to answer the phones Um so you know let’s just say we’re Talking about I do a lot with Dennis so Um I’m working with a dentist or an Orthodontist and we’ve got an Invisalign Offer where you know we’re taking them

From Google or from Facebook and it’s About trying to get them signed up for a Three to five thousand dollar Invisalign Package and so part of that is really The first job is get them to the website The second job is to get them to provide Their information the third is to book a Consultation so what we try and do Is or I always recommend at least and Doesn’t always work because sometimes Doctors don’t want to you know they know More than any marketer uh out there but What I’m always trying to do is have Kind of steps of incentives so you know When we’re trying to get that Information obviously we want to give Them some kind of gift card for that you Know five bucks to Starbucks if you Provide your name email address and Phone number so that we can get you into That automation Um and then what we want to do is is From there get them to book a Consultation so that’s a button to seat For the doctor to kind of walk through The before and afters and tell talk About you know what they are are you Know are offering Um but really where I recommend this for Both Affiliates agencies and for my Clients is don’t get focused on trying To sell as much about you know what your Service offering is your product is or The features of it sell the desires and

The features to what you’re offering so You know I don’t want to tell people About how long they’re going to be Wearing a tray in their mouth or what It’s going to do is straightening the Teeth talk about how much better their Smile is going to look in the pictures That they’re posting on Instagram talk About how much more confidence they’re Going to have walking into a room with a Big beautiful smile that they don’t have Right now and that conversation that Consultation means the world between Getting a sale and somebody walking out And saying ah it’s too expensive because There’s not a price tag on how good You’re going to look in that graduation Photo or in that picture with your you Know with your with your your first Grandchild while you’re smiling you know People understand that feeling a lot More than the cost of three thousand Dollars so talking about how to get your Clients to get you know to sell the Right things is important but from there You say hey look when you do sign up I’m Going to give you this you know this Complimentary vacation I always try and Recommend destination close to where They are so you know you don’t want to Give somebody a trip to Italy if they’re In Nashville you know you want to give Them something a little bit closer but Trying to say hey if you do sign up

We’re going to provide you with XYZ you Know incentive of you know either going To a destination or a hotel savings uh Discount or you know card all those Things you want to try and again Incentivize them step by step you don’t Want to give away a free trip to you Know XYZ destination for just getting an Email address you want to make sure it’s Measures you know uh it’s commensurate With the amount of money that they’re Going to be spending with you and it Doesn’t just have to be you know the Incentive of a free vacation or Complimentary vacation vacation it could Be you know a uh you know a pair of uh You know of headphones or an iPad or Whatever if it’s a five thousand dollar Sale so you’ve got to kind of just get In the in the pocket of the dentist or Your whatever your client is and try and Make sure that the incentive the reward Is kind of worthwhile and appropriate For the amount of money that they’re Spending and so I think we’ve had a lot Of success trying to talk about those Things with our clients and that Transcends into them getting getting More sales because they understand the Process a lot better that way it’s not About just getting a button seat it’s Trying to sell a dream sell the future Sell what that that that new smile is Going to be for their clients and not

Talking specifically about numbers and Talking about you know hey it’s going to Move that overbite and do the like it Those are those are features and they’re Great but selling that dream makes the Difference A quick question for you rather uh you Said all most of your clients are in the Dentist industry or do you have a whole Realm of differences so I have multiple Agencies I I have painters I have you Know I have literally a painter Advertising company I have a Ortho Advertising company so I’m all over the Place I I do try and make sure it’s Segmented so I don’t want to be a Walmart agency what I want to be is I Have multiple Boutique agencies so when Somebody walks into my business if you Will online I want to know that they’re In the place that they’ve been before They’re they’re dealing with other Dentists and orthodontists and that’s The messaging that’s on our website That’s what the email automations are Going to be about is all this for my Painting company it’s going to be all About painters and the like and so I I Work with anybody that really needs any Kind of Legion because you know selling Elite or generating leads for a painter Or a dentist it’s really the same thing But it’s the motivation behind that the Communication the concepts all have to

Be aligned with painters or you know Yeah they got it they gotta they gotta Visualize that you actually have the Solution for my Niche absolutely another Quick people want to be with people that They’re comfortable with Um you know it’s really hard to say hey I work exclusively with Dennis and then Sell somebody that’s an accountant That’s just it’s going to be really Really hard even though I know I can do The job for them I need to make sure That they know that I’m working with Multiple accountants and this is what it Is and they’re a lot more comfortable And it’s an easier sell awesome that’s An awesome strategy uh Adam back to Affiliate marketing Um uh do you use the incentives as part Of uh Affiliates I mean are you offering Hey if you you know sign up for a high Level with me you get a bonus trip or or If you say you know I’m sending you a hotel savings card Just to check it out or tell us about That sure so um I do that exactly um and So on my YouTube channel depending on What videos you look at sometimes There’s a little clip that literally Talks about marketing boost specifically It’s like a 45 second promo piece if you Will Um so if they do sign up using that um I’ll say hey I’m going to give you X Y

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Or z Um but there is one one there’s another As an ad agency I work with a lot of Different companies but I actually try And consult with coaches and everything Like that and there’s a company Imperium That’s out there and I’m not sure which One it what which one it is but Um on there I can’t tell you how many Times I’ve had people that I say if you Book a consultation with them I’m going To send you a 200 dining voucher and Then if you actually sign up with them I’ll give you a free vacation and you Know a complimentary vacation stay and Really what I’m doing is trying to again Do the same thing as I do with my my Actual clients is align their commitment With the rewards so I don’t want to give Somebody a you know a big huge hotel Stay to Greece or something like that Just because they uh you know they book A consultation but if they do sign up For like a five thousand dollar Commitment you know then yeah I want to Make sure that I’m rewarding them now Granted I’m getting paid for that um When they do sign up because they’re I’m An affiliate of that company but um at That point I want to also make sure I’m Giving them a reward of a free you know Complimentary vacation and I say hey I’m Actually even going to give you a uh you Know a 200 uh discount on their program

That’s coming straight from my venmo or PayPal account and basically what it is Is I get a commission and part of that Commission I’m just refunding right back To them but they see a discount by Signing up through me and therefore They’re more willing to to sign up with That company because I know it’s a lower Tier price when they sign up right so You’re giving up some of your first Month commission or what have you yeah I’m happy and leaving the recurring Revenue for you as is yep and that’s you Know again that’s that’s kind of like The free concept like you know obviously I don’t want to I don’t want to lose Money on any deal but you know I’m happy To give away a commission to somebody The first month give them back my Commission if they if they sign up Because if you do a good job that and You’re you know your company high level You know Pick 3 whatever I’m happy to Give away part of my commission because If they stay in their recurring month After month after month I’m gonna win in The long run so why not give back a Little bit to incentivize them to get Started using my link as opposed to the You know millions of other marketers That are out there offering something Similar you know money So yeah you mentioned you so that’s Powerful take away from that is you’re

Using the marketing boost incentives for Other third-party products that you Promote by saying hey you know check out This this other third-party product book A consultation with them and you get a I’ll give you a 200 Hotel savings card For uh for participating Etc and uh and Then and then you know so you’re using Marketing moves to get them involved in In other third-party affiliate programs And so on now as far as building that Affiliate uh views you know you’re Building those video contents you’re Doing like reviews I’ve seen some of Your videos with marketing business You’re doing reviews of uh of uh you Know their product and is that mainly it It’s about SEO and it’s about people Finding those videos and links elsewhere It really is so so a lot of my strategy Is based on doing it once and trying to Reward myself over and over and over Again so as you showed my my you know my Website Um they’re that’s really being fed Automatically with every video I put up On YouTube it automatically creates a Post there’s a way to just pull the Content directly from that and so I’m I’m doing that on Iowa software I’m not Going to promote it here that I work With that um that basically allows me Like to copy one video to multiple Websites and every time it copies to

That those different websites the text That’s provided on those different Websites will be a little different so It’s not an exact same replica it’s kind Of five variations on five different Sites and so with SEO Google you know is Looking for keywords they’re looking to Make sure it’s not identical content Content so you know when you build this This as you’re building your brand you Know as you’re building your you know Whether you’re an individual an agency As an affiliate marketer you’re Essentially building a a brand of Yourself or your company what you want To make sure you’re doing is trying to Give yourself as many different Opportunities to score that that Recurring commission as you can so if I Build one video I wanted to post it on As many websites as I can and so I use a Tool that allows me to do that and so Google then indexes or YouTube indexes First that video based on keywords and So I’m you know making sure I have the Right keywords but then Google who owns YouTube is also indexing those videos And that content on multiple different Websites so I can have multiple pieces Of position on their search engine Result page based on doing one video so It’s it’s buying a house on multiple Different Lots but it being a little bit Different on you know on its own and

Then you don’t have to do anything at All to make that happen other than you Have an affiliate link for that product I’m sorry do you have an affiliate link For that product I I do indeed it’s uh It’s a company on yeah I’ll I’ll share That with you so that you have to share That with us and I’ll leave it and I’ll Put it in the notes on this video so we Could I I I’m one ready to sign up for That I’m interested it’s awesome it Really it makes life so much easier and You can and here’s the cool part Marco It doesn’t even have to be your video so You can like with this software let’s Just say I wanted to you know Target Again Dennis or something like that I Can type in keywords or I can select Specific YouTube channels so I can say You know Invisalign or I can select Doctor you know Dr Johnson’s video Channel and every time Dr Johnson Creates a video I can automatically copy Those videos onto my website or anytime Invisalign is brought up I can select Channels or whatever that automatically When they create that video it Automatically pulls so I’m not even Doing the work in the first place Creating the video but it auto pulls Into my website so it’s really cool cool Content very cool yeah I found uh some One software I’m using thing for my Podcasts and shows it it will take the

Video it’ll you know transcribe Everything it’ll write newsletters for It it’ll do all sorts of things and then You know technology today it’s like I’ve Always said there’s never been a better Time in business you know to be in Business as an entrepreneur in today’s World there’s so much technology Available so affordable uh with that Let’s take another break in here from One of our uh sponsors we’ll be right back Is your business on autopilot yet do you Have Automation in place to capture Nurture and convert prospects into Clients via email SMS reinless Voicemails appointment setting get all The inbound and outbound marketing Tools In one place go to for more on Automating your business so you can make Money while you sleep Welcome back to the marketing booth Y boost cast show folks we’re here with Adam Rose Torres joined us as well Adam do You have a moment to stay on a little Bit longer yeah I do awesome so I wanted To introduce Josh Torres is another Marketing boost member for quite some Time he’s also won a number of uh Affiliate contests or more so the uh the Contest for activations all of the Vacation certificates that he’s

Distributed that are being activated and Uh what’s unique about Josh’s business Josh has been in uh travel sales for Since he was 16 years old Josh is an Expert at trade shows sales and Marketing and uh he in the last couple Of last year or so and a half he Launched a gun show rather a uh it Became a a dealer a gun dealer and Josh You can correct me on all the proper Language for all of this but he’s a gun Dealer today and does the the circuit of Trade gun shows throughout the entire State of Florida and what blew my mind Is one he’s one of our top producers of Of incentives that are activated and Being used by consumers and uh what Really blew my mind is you know I wanted Him to share with the audience is how he Uses the marketing boost incentives at a Trade show to stand out from the crowd And how he you you know when you think About it so many marketing prospects for Marketing boost they’re like I don’t see How a uh how a travel incentive would Work for my industry Niche well I think Anybody would have thought that for how How can you mix a complimentary hotel Stay with purchasing a firearm but Josh Has done it so Josh say hello and we’ll Talk about how you do it hey guys how we Doing today again my name is Josh I own A company called Florida State Armory Um we travel again like like Marco was

Saying up and down the State of Florida From Jacksonville to Orlando to Miami Tampa all over uh all over Florida Um and and we sell firearms now yeah how Are we different than everybody else That sells the same Firearms at these Shows we give these vacation incentives You know at each one of the shows we Offer from six days five nights in in Cancun to Las Vegas and and we Definitely have uh one up on everybody Else Um I think since last year we’ve sent or We’ve had over 700 activations Um from these vacations Which is a super high number a Conversion rate when I look at it is is Through the roof Um and when you see people’s faces at These shows at first they don’t believe It like what I buy a gun I get a Vacation but then we go over all the Details on it and it definitely helps us Close the deal and be one of the top Producers at the shows which has been Pretty incredible for us Yeah you launched that business in 2022 Correct we started our first Show April Of last year so we’re just on a year We’ve done over a million in sales the First year so that’s been incredible and And definitely Um a big part of that is with marketing Boost

Imagine okay whatever you think about You know gun ownership or gun sales or What have you the the key that I wanted To bring you into here a lot of people For gun ownership a lot of people Against it so take that out of the Picture in your mind audience or whoever You know however you feel about gun Owners the key here is think about is You know are you doing one are you doing Trade shows and if not why not because Trade shows can be a very effective way To expose your business to to the local Communities or you like Josh does Traveling all over the State of Florida But you know in a case like what really Again the gun show business everybody at The gun show’s got the same black guns You know they’re all yeah they sell Pretty much all the same product Different table we’re all pretty much Priced the same I mean that’s you know One of my things is I’m able to give Away the vacation versus giving away my Money so someone might tell me hey this Guy’s got it a little cheaper over here Like okay well does he offer you a six Day five night Cancun vacation for two Adults and two children 12 and under or Even you know for the some of the Gentlemen purchasing it when they tell Me oh you know my my wife might give me A hard time when I get home if I buy This when I say sir you tell her you

Bought a vacation and it came with the Gun and then you’re the hero when you Get home and you know that’s that’s Definitely been uh one that helps us out A lot as well That’s awesome awesome go ahead Adam you Have any questions sir I have a question Actually so one of the cool things that Marketing boost allows you to do is to Actually Um pay for that uh that that trip for Your your client um are you doing that As part of your program or are you still Making the uh the clients pay for that So the clients are still paying for it I’ve I’ve had no real issues with that Like I said I’ve had over 700 Activations in a year Um so that’s been been no issue at all For them paying for it and uh they’ve Paid my annual membership fee you know Three times over you know just from Getting the the commissions back on it That’s all so it’s definitely been an Amazing thing to have for sure yeah uh Plus you won a contest once where I Forget how much you’ve got yeah one over A thousand for that and I didn’t even Know there was a competition going on so It worked out it was nice that’s the Best type yeah when I got that call hey You won I said did I well man if I would I was in a competition I really would Have pushed it you know so you’ve been

Selling you know prior to this I know in Your background you used to uh yeah I Had been selling at trade shows all over As well um I feel like I’ve been to Kearney since I was 16 years old and we Traveled around and we would sell Vacation packages and and we’d offer Different incentives as well so it’s Always been Um you know been a nice thing to to be Able to use incentives to to close deals But to be able to offer an entire new Vacation on top of it this would have Been amazing to have back so you’re Standing at a show you’re talking to a Prospect interested in a gun how do you Disclose again this is for the listeners They always have the hard time how do I How do I pitch this and how do I tell Them about what’s included and what’s Not do you mind sharing like a little Bit of the elevator pitch for people Listening sure so you know when I’m Talking to somebody here I’ll say you Know whatever they may be interested in Uh you know every firearm that we sell Today comes with a complimentary Vacation where you can choose from Cancun Mexico to Punta Cana Las Vegas Nashville Tennessee Myrtle Beach South Carolina and the list goes on I try and Narrow it down so I don’t become a Travel agent at these shows so I pick a Certain amount of destinations that I’d

Like to give that I think would be Enticing and I let them know you know It’s again for two adults two children 12 and under 18 months to use it Um you know depending on the resort they Require minimum 30 day advanced booking Notice and you just have to pay your own Way to get there and you pay the resort Taxes Um you know once they they hear that They’re all good to go I’ve barely ever Had any issues with that and like I said My conversion rates I was just looking Today for this month I’m at 34 Conversions I have about I have a list Here that I need to send out today at Probably another 60 vacations Um you know that I think will have Another great turnout on those Activating so you know they see the Value in it I’m selling the value of the Actual vacation I give some examples of Of different Resorts I try not to say Exactly a particular Resort Um obviously I know that that can change You know over time so I don’t want to Over promise Um you know but but I know the value of It I know the great resorts that these People are getting so we just go over The exactly they pay the resort taxes on Their own airfare to get there and they Still see the value that these Resorts Would go for 500 a night on top of all

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Those fees Quick here what we’re talking about Conversion rate Overall Now Probably over close to a million of These vacation certificates over the Years and uh problem you know business Owners like Josh like Adam that are Giving them away as a incentive for Whatever they’re called to action is Well once people receive that incentive Which can be delivered digitally via Email text message uh and or a printed Certificate you can hand them over the Counter at the trade show for example uh But not everybody’s gonna actually go And activate it and what is activation Activation is paying the government Taxes that are going to be due when they Travel to that destination that’s part Of how our process works the activation Is paid and then they’ll have 18 months After that to to log in select travel Dates get an instant confirmation Instant booking no Hoops to jump through No time share presentations ever Required none of that kind of Hoops and It can be a game changer for building Your business as in the case of Josh Here standing out from the crowd where Everybody’s selling the same thing he’s Got people I’ve I’ve actually visited Him one one of his shows up in Fort

Myers not too long ago and you know you See people coming back to his Booth you Know they’re they’re doing the shopping Around and they want to shop they don’t Want to make the decision on the spot But then they’ll come back and Especially if they’re with their spouse Because they’ll be like well let’s go Back to that guy’s Booth we get a free Vacation with that Booth over you know Over this other one and so they they Might walk around if they don’t buy on The spot they’re coming back and they’re Saying can I see that vacation thing Again and they’re ready to buy the buy The gun along with the vacation Certificate and Adam’s been using it Successfully you know for to build his Affiliate passive income business which Is uh amazing there uh you know back to You Adam tell us more uh if you would About you know building that long-term Strategy of passive income you know you Said it’s about building the content It’s uh you know you’re not are you Advertising with that you know the Videos and what have you that you create For these Affiliates yeah so so for the Most part I try and do it all Organically I’m not going to lie there Is some paid marketing involved in it But for the most part it’s building that Organic and so as mentioned I want to Build a video and then have it kind of

Replicate into different places so There’s a lot of YouTube video content That I’m building out there and again That’s you know demos it’s reviews I’m Always making sure you have a link to Whatever you’re trying to promote in the Description you’d be you’d be amazed how Many people forget to put a link into Their content Um they want that call to action they Want you to sign up but then they forget To actually put a link in it’s Mind-boggling so you know you don’t Always need to make sure that you’re Doing that but you know I have multiple Blog websites and again I think I Mentioned it earlier about the way I run My agencies I try to avoid having a Website that talks about you know email Marketing and then also talks about Video content and then it talks about You know XYZ always try and be Niche Oriented so if it’s about you know uh Doing sales funnels for example it’s Always got to be about sales funnels you Can’t really talk about you know do Doing something beyond that so I create Multiple different unique you know Categories of websites and then if it Fits then I want to make sure that I’m Putting it in the right pieces there so I promote different products on Different websites but once you do it You can I have a sales funnels uh videos

I have a sales funnels blogs I know like I create multiple channels if you will Of website content all around that same Category and so once you build it Because of all the Automation and all The cool things like chat gbt you can Quickly replicate things and not take More than a minute to say I wrote One Article and now have it be seven other Pieces of content that you can just put Into different uh different things so There’s a lot of mass page websites that I build where they’ve got five thousand Five thousand pages of content where I’m Just filtering in different keywords so For marketing boost it’s not just you Know vacations it’s finding 10 different Words for vacation it’s 10 10 different Words for incentive and then put you Know putting that all in there and then Google will just index things Differently based on those keywords so a Lot of it’s just building that content But being very strategic about what Keywords you want to put in there and Then making sure that that contact Content’s out there to be indexed now When you publish one of your videos are You uh are you like buying traffic to That video before you actually publish It live or something along those lines To get any retraction or what have you So typically I’m trying to get some kind Of organic balance if I can get some

Good traffic going organically and then I see like if you know as mentioned I’m Big about tracking an accountability of What I’m promoting or what I’m building So if I’m doing something for marketing Boost and I see that you know I built This video I want to track how many Clicks come from that video how many Times that you URL is being used as part Of that referral process and if it’s Starting to build some steam then yeah You know what I know I’ve got good Content out there so I’m going to start Driving paid traffic to that video or Paid traffic to that organic post Because then I know that it’s converting Well the last thing you want to do is Spend good money and and send it to bad You know bad converting content so once I see that it’s working that’s when I Start to really throw the money on it And that paid traffic then it’s just Fuel for the fire Adam this was a great conversation with You all about affiliate marketing Obviously it’s a strategy that has taken You some years to probably figure out And I’ve been building it little by Little and becoming one of the top Affiliate marketers for multiple Products and multiple uh industry niches Plus you run your own uh digital Agency For local businesses plus you use Marketing boost for all of it so I love

It Um uh back to you Josh would you uh what Would you say out there to anybody who’s Questioning the you know marketing boost Credibility of it you know uh I mean it uh The credibility of it uh The the year I’ve used it it’s helped me Generate over a million dollars uh it’s Paid for itself three times over like I Said in in the activation so if you’re Uh questioning it don’t question any Longer sign up uh I mean the annual fee It doesn’t cost you much to to be Completely different than your Competition and be able to offer such a Valuable incentive Um so this is your little this is your Little secret at the gun shows you’re Not talking yeah I’m not signing up Anybody on my affiliate link None of them are gonna figure out how I’m doing it they’ve asked they don’t Know so I wouldn’t tell them either in That case I can’t blame you for keeping It a secret yeah that one I gotta keep a Secret at the show for sure now Josh He’s got I’m gonna quickly Show You by The way another quick demo on my screen Here if I can get to it quickly maybe Not uh we have if you’re you know Josh Is mentioning the annual membership to Marketing used as an the only way to get Paid commissions for actually giving Away the vacation incentives over and

Above the affiliate commissions you can Earn is if you are a annual member of Marketing boost if you’re a monthly paid Member you don’t qualify for the Commissions we pay for the vacation Certificates you’re giving away but the Um uh so as an annual member you get a Number of bonuses including these Templates inside of the platform that we Give you free as an annual member you Get a free version of automation booster With a bunch of templates that you can Edit uh you know Josh uses these big uh Joshua I have big Banners at the show That we use and we put out on our Display so everyone can see the the Different destinations that are Available and as well as we put all the Terms and conditions Um you know one of the questions that For sure people do ask me you know is is There a timeshare tour or a sales Seminar that I’m required to sit through And on the first line on there it shows That there’s no sales presentations no Time shares no Hoops or Loops that you Got to jump through to use it Um you know and being able to be upfront About that is uh is very valuable and And people sign up they’re not afraid to To activate yeah so what I’m showing you Here for example is one of the templates We built for Josh and now it’s available To all annual members come in here

Change the logo change the copy you know If you’re not a gun uh dealer then come In here and change this to you know with The purchase of any uh Furniture you get One of our free uh Complimentary hotel stays with the with The install of a solar system you get Our complimentary hotel stay so I mean We’ve got a whole library of digital Creatives videos and now printed Printable uh templates such as you know Five foot banners that you can use at a Trade show or Flags or whatever and the Next step for me is you know I’m Creating a membership you know through Our website for uh you know a monthly Fee which gives do different kind of Discounts and all type of different Incentives and we’ll definitely be using The vacation aspect on that on online as Well so we’re not only going to be using It in the future at the trade shows but For all of our website sales as well Well folks to wrap up this call before We wrap up this call let me just see Adam do you have any last words for Anybody listening to this uh this this Podcast well I think the the key Josh Actually mentioned earlier um the the Faster you can get people signed up the Quicker they start paying for your fee Um I try and do that with any product or Service that I’m that I’m I’m using I Want to be a user I want to be be

Somebody that can be an advocate for a Product and so I want to be trying that Product and doing it but that means I Gotta pay So the faster I can get my Affiliates to pay that fee for me the Better it is and then I’m living there For free and that is absolutely the best Advice try and work on that but always Be a user of the product that you’re Trying to promote because too many People out there don’t try the product They don’t know what they’re talking About and they try and promote it and it Just comes off wrong and people can feel It they know it so the sooner you can Get in there test things out and then Review it or demo it the better the more Likely you’re going to have success Selling that to other people yeah what I Really like about your story Adam is That you you use marketing boost for Your clients as an agency you use it for Your own business as an affiliate Marketer you promote marketing boost Directly and you promote marketing boost As incentives for other other affiliate Products that you promote and represent So you’ve really used it in all of its You know the best the real good circle Of usage on how to use the marketing Boost incentives to grow your business So I said a moment ago that I just made A new sale so I actually checked at uh 11 26 and a 1208 I made two sales

Um one was for 179 sale where I get 71.60 and the other one was a 38.80 I’m Sorry 37 sale where I get 14.80 so Um made up made almost 100 bucks while Doing this call literally passively and I love you know that’s the way I love Making money it’s the best and it’s Recurring yeah you get that every month You know boom boom and Adam thank you so Much for sharing let me ask you this Adam before we wrap it up do you offer Any kind of course or training to Affiliate marketers to to emulate what You’ve done you know I don’t necessarily Yet um like Josh I’m going to be working On a membership thing in the meantime But I do recommend people check out my YouTube uh videos honestly so my channel Is all about I literally walk through All the things that I’m using or things That I’m recommending and I talk exactly About how I promote it um I know in There somewhere there’s a marketing Boost demo and review and I teach people Exactly how to do the things um that I’m Doing and so if you watch my content You’ll learn exactly what I’m doing the Tools I’m using and you can get it for Free without having to be a member or Anything you know use me as a coach or Anything like that they’re Do-it-yourself agency search that on YouTube and find Adam uh thank you again Adam very very much for sharing all of

That Insight on how to use marketing Boost for your business to build passive Income to build to grow and Josh you Know you can use it as Adam does to for His clients for his own business for Affiliate marketing for you know Building that content in Joshua case Direct sales at trade shows standing out From the crowd and uh powerful uh Powerful uh testimonials today from both Of you thank you very much Thanks for listening to another episode Of marketing Booth Solutions podcast With your hosts Captain Marco Torres now It’s on you take the next step now go to for more on How you can wow delight and surprise Your clients with the most amazing draw Card on the planet so stay thirsty my Friends stay thirsty for knowledge see You next time