Pictory Review | New AI Voices From ElevenLabs | Faceless YouTube Videos Demo

Pictory Review | New AI Voices From ElevenLabs | Faceless YouTube Videos Demo

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Today, we’re diving into something super cool called Pictory and a new feature from ElevenLabs. It’s all about using new AI voices to create amazing faceless YouTube videos. Let’s break it down!

Pictory is a special tool that uses artificial intelligence to generate voices and stock videos to help you create custom video content. It’s like having a bunch of virtual storytellers at your fingertips! With Pictory, you can make videos without showing your face, which is perfect for those who might be a little camera-shy.

Imagine you have a story to tell, but you don’t want to be on camera. Pictory steps in to help. You just type in your script, choose a voice, and voila! Your video is ready to go. It’s like magic!

Now, let’s talk about the different voices. There are so many to choose from! You can have a voice that sounds friendly and warm, or one that’s professional and serious. You can even pick a voice that sounds like it’s from a different part of the world. It’s like having your own personal voice actor.

Using Pictory is super easy, even if you’re not a tech wizard. The website is designed to be simple and user-friendly. All you have to do is type, choose, and watch your video come to life. It’s like painting with words!

One of the coolest things about Pictory is that it opens up a whole new world of creativity. You can make videos about anything you want, from cooking tutorials to storytelling sessions. The possibilities are endless!

Now, let’s talk about why this matters. Some people might feel a little shy or nervous about being on camera. With Pictory, that worry disappears. You can focus on your message and let the AI voice do the talking. It’s a game-changer for content creators!

So, whether you’re a budding YouTuber or just someone who loves to share stories, Pictory is here to help you shine. Say goodbye to camera jitters and hello to a whole new world of video-making.

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In this pictory AI review we're going to Talk about how easy it is to create Videos uh faceless videos that you can Use for YouTube and their newest feature Which is a uh partnership with 11 Labs Where they've added I think like 51 new Voices that you can use that are just Awesome so let's jump right into it so If you're not familiar with pictory uh It's really all about um easy video Creation and so um some of the things That I that I use specifically um is the Script to video and so really what You're going to do is you're just going To Simply provide a script to the Platform it will then automatically um Create a video utilizing video clips That uh sync up pretty well um not Perfectly but pretty well with the um The script that you provide and then of Course you can put a uh voice over which Is what we're going to do here in really Awesome voiceovers um and pretty soon They're going to be able to use your own Voice but in the meantime you're just Using a a very clean um Nar varation Voice that you're going to apply to the Uh to the video and produce it in uh in Just minute so first and foremost let's Talk about the the uh partnership it's 11 Labs I'm not sure if you're familiar With them or not but they're really big In the uh the AI voice um so they again It's 51 brand new voices um that are

Super ultra realistic they do have other Voices beyond that outside of the Partnership and uh as me mentioned um They're going to be offering a voice Cloning very soon which is really really Cool so let's get into that part um Where we're creating the video so once You have your account set up um and Below you'll have a link for a free Trial to uh to pictory um once you have Your your account set up you can go for A couple different things uh there's Scriptive video which we'll demonstrate Here there's article to video there's Edit video using text and then visuals To video so I primarily do most of my Work with with pictory on the script to Video and uh all we're going to do is Just simply put in a um a script that Either you write or that we use chat GPT To write now for me it's always about Having chat GPT doing the work because I Don't like to do any kind of Creative Concepts um I like a a quick put it in Let it let it do its own work and then Get the output um without me having to Brainstorm or do too much uh thinking Time so all we do is hit that that uh That button and then we're going to have This script editor so um we can put in Whatever name we want for the title we Can always edit this later um but we're Going to use a hoodie video and the Reason I'm doing this is because I get a

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Lot of Amazon products and uh people Want to uh because of all my videos uh I'm I'm part of the Amazon influencer Program so I get sent a lot of stuff and One of the things I've I recently was Sent was a hoodie so I will then do a Review of the hoodie uh for example and Post that to Amazon but I also create a YouTube um Channel or created a YouTube Channel where I post all these videos as Well so I always like like to have a Script that kind of entices people to uh To learn more about the uh the hoodie And then visit it on Amazon so um really What I do is I go right to uh chat GPT And I create a um a YouTube summary that Covers kind of what what people might be Uh you know having a problem with their Solution how to buy um the product Listing and then you know a Recommendation to purchase some tags Hashtags stuff like that so what we're Going to do here is we're literally just Going to copy this over um and we're Going to put it in here and so uh one of The things I like to do is make sure That I create new scenes based on um Line breaks not sentence breaks and I'll Explain why so each one of these is a Sentence so it it ends up creating so Many different videos um or you know or Or trying to match so many videos I Prefer to do the sentence break so um That's it uh create it you know again a

Title and then create whatever input you Want um again you can write this if you Want um I tend to try and keep these Videos really really short um I will Usually submit um my own review and post It up there but I also want to show you How easy it is to create a faceless Video if you're uncomfortable um you Know getting on on camera so um from There we're just going to hit Proceed while this loads we're going to See a bunch of different templates and Uh really all you're looking for is the Different layouts and uh so we're Looking at kind of back ground um how it How it jumps onto the screen what the uh The text looks like um and then uh we'll Take it from there so this one looks Pretty cool so we'll try a remote and Then we can select um what our what our You know layout's going to be do we want A um a landscape do we want a horizontal Or do we want vertical or are we doing This for Instagram for example where It's going to be a square so um you know Again it's uh you know sideways upright What have you so this is for me it's It's kind of like YouTube um YouTube Shorts or Instagram what do we want to Do so for this one we're going to hit 16 By9 and this will take a couple minutes Um typically so they're going to just Literally just um you know apply the Storyboard to it and so really what it's

Doing is using AI in the background to Try and match the best videos they can Based on the actual um script that you Provided so it looks like it's creating 15 different Scenes and again this happens in minut Um once we uh have have completed this Um it's just going to kind of show some Some Hoodie stuff so um you know scene One um scene two is going to be kind of Talking about feeling cold um the Solution and this is not the actual Hoodie but again if I'm looking to do This really really super fast um it's Just going to automatically you know put In some videos um associated with Exactly what I'm looking at for it to do Um you know again choosing things um I'm Just kind of showing you exactly what it Looks like um in the first step so the First thing I'm going to do once once We're done here is I'm going to go and Click on scene one and I do this for a Very specific reason because I'm going To want to match up a a voice over a Narration and then I'm going to want to Copy this over to all of them so um so We're going to go into audio and there's Going to be a an automatic um background Music applied so you can choose which Background music you want if you want Something different I honestly don't Care um what I'm here for is the Voiceovers so again we have premium

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Voices um this does require a premium Subscription with uh with pictory but um Then there's your standard voices so You've got 111 um voices to choose from Um I'm going to just use Adam because Why not right my name's Adam I'm going To use that and we're going to apply That to the uh to the actual um video so This might take take a second and then Once it's done um you know apply Applying this to this particular video This one slide or scene um what I'm Going to do is and I'm going to copy That voice over to all the others now That's not available yet because we're Still uh still operating here but what We're going to do is literally just Apply it to all the videos and I'm going To do the same with the background music So uh I can show you that right now Where we just click that and it Automatically applies it to all of them So the voice over has been applied um so Then we can go back into our story uh Again we're on number one so um we're Going to then just apply it to all and That literally will just make sure that The voice over is applied to each and Every single one of these now I know That my audio here is not going to be Great so once I I finish this video and Uh I upload it to YouTube um you know This this particular uh pictory uh Review what I'm going to do is on the

Back end of that I'm going to actually Um I'm going to download this and then Uh I'm going to share that video so you Can watch the output um so you can get a A good feel for what the videos look Like and everything like that so you'll See Getty Images that'll all disappear Um once we actually create this so if I Want to I can change and edit any of the Script here um I can also change the Layout if I want to I can go in um and Again change the change the text I can Add headings um I can change any kind of Different elements you know add elements Um Styles um all kinds of branding Format stuff like that so I'm not going To get too deep in that but I just want You to understand that if I don't like a Video for example um you know for this One and I'm looking for something with a Hoodie um literally all I'm going to do Is just type in Hoodie and it's going to show me all Kinds of different video that it has Available um so again you know workout Hoodies are something that I'm looking For um So I might want to consider changing um You know some of these to something like This now they do have times there 17 Seconds and it will auto match again Based on the time length in your uh in Your story I really just want to show You really quickly how this works so I'm

Not going to spend a lot of time mixing And matching but if you choose to you Have the ability to kind of swap out um Different you know and we'll do that for This um so in the how to buy for example We can change out Um the video and Uh see what we want to do so um you know It's not really great here um Howes it Work um they did a pretty good job Actually of matching up the buy now so Um you know if we want to say buy now For example maybe that'll give me a Better uh better selection and so feel Free to kind of just move around and uh And search through and see uh see what's Available so you know buy now there um Add to cart we got you know a lot of Different stuff um that we can work with Um and let's do this one so we'll just Click on that um and now it's there so It's really just that simple how it Integrates into there so again if I uh You know want to change a scene um I Find something uh that I don't Necessarily want to see um you know We'll say see it on Amazon Or and it'll probably just give me a Bunch of stuff Um uh yeah another add to cart um so We'll we'll change that out um because I Don't like sold out sold out means that It's not available I want people buying So it's just that simple um and then

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Really all you're going to do once You've made all the changes that you Want um you know and again let's just Uh just show you what we can do um if we Want to change this we can just Simply add text That simply so um again it it doesn't Take a lot of work um they will update The uh the audio and so now that um now That it's saved Autos saved we're just Going to download now this process does Take a little bit of time so we're going To save the Video um again it's going to it's going To take probably about 5 to 10 minutes Depending on uh you know how fast your Processing is um on your computer um so I'm just going to go ahead and uh let You uh jump right to that when I'm done Now about 2 minutes in and I did just Want to kind of share with you some Information um if you choose to and I'm Just leaving this up and running it uh You know while while it's going but you Can click run in the background and it Will just send you an email um to let You know when your video is ready it's Actually going to send me an email Regardless uh whether I run it in the Background or not but just giving you a Heads up that um while this is going you Can actually do other things you don't Have to just sit there and wait and uh It'll process in the background and then

Notify you when it's done so you can Just click a link and it'll take you Right to your project all right so we're Done here and so the next thing we can Do is export the text um the audio we Can copy a link um I'm just going to Straight download it but if again you're Looking to upload to um to YouTube you Uh may want the subtitles text to uh to Upload as well so you can export that um So we'll get this downloaded all right The problem have you ever felt chilly During your workouts or wished you had a Convenient place to stash your Essentials it can be frustrating and Distracting right the solution Kandy Men's workout hoodie introducing the Kandy men's workout hoodie this special Hoodie is designed to keep you comfy and Stylish dur your so I'm not not going to Play it but the voice sounds great it Doesn't sound like a robot in any way Shape or form which is great um as you Can see it's all video based um sorry I'm not going to talk over that um you Probably can't hear the audio anyway but Um it's all it's all pretty great Content um again if you want to shrink This you can you can change the the Layout you can change the color you can Put it up top you can do all kinds of Different stuff with this so you can Customize it however you want um again I'm going to I'm going to add this to

The back end of this video just so you Can see what it looks like um but uh but That's it so really it's a it's a simple Process um and you can create these Things um whether you want to do YouTube Shorts or you want to just do regular YouTubes um it's a great way to do Faceless videos um so uh you know again I love the script to video feature um I Love the new voices so that's my quick And uh quick and uh well maybe not so Quick review of pictory AI hope you like It if you want a free trial check it Below and thanks for watching the Problem have you ever felt chilly during Your workouts or wished you had a Convenient place to stash your Essentials it can be frustrating and Distracting right the solution Kandy Men's workout hoodie introducing the Kandy men's workout hoodie this special Hoodie is designed to keep you comfy and Stylish during your gym sessions it's Not just any hoodie it's a GameChanger How to buy in three simple Steps step One visit Amazon now to get your hands On this amazing hoodie head over to Amazon you can find it easily by Searching for Kandy men's workout hoodie Step two choose your size and color once You're on the Amazon page select the Size and color that suits you best the KU fandy hoodie comes in various sizes And stylish Shades so you can pick the

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