Hostinger Web Hosting Review | Supercharge Your Website with Hostinger Web Hosting

Hostinger Web Hosting Review | Supercharge Your Website with Hostinger Web Hosting

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Are you looking for a way to make your website faster, safer, and more awesome? Well, you’re in luck! Hostinger Web Hosting is here to save the day. Let’s dive in and discover how Hostinger can solve your website problems and make your online journey a breeze.

Do you ever get frustrated when your website takes forever to load? It’s like waiting for a turtle to cross the road! Plus, keeping your website safe from sneaky hackers can be as tricky as solving a puzzle. But don’t worry, we have a solution.

Introducing Hostinger Web Hosting! It’s like a superhero for your website. With Hostinger, your website will load faster than a speeding bullet, and it’ll be as secure as a fortress. No more slow-loading pages or worries about online threats.

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Step 3: Follow the easy checkout process, and within minutes, your website will be on the fast track to success!

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As an affiliate marketer one of the Biggest struggles I have is website Hosting I'm constantly building out Websites landing pages content and Trying to build bigger more Niche Focused websites I've got my Ad Agency Website so I'm always building out Websites and customizing websites and I've been using a lot of different web Hosting companies this is the most Recent one that I've really jumped into And I love it it is hostinger link below If you uh if you use my link get a Couple months free I am using their Cloud Enterprise Edition I'm going to Take you behind the scenes in a second I'm using their big one um it's 30 bucks A month uh still cheaper than what I was Using with another another company I was With siteground still cheaper and Getting a ton but there's a lot of Different choices that you can have Specifically on building WordPress Websites So this gives me the capability of Putting up to 300 websites on their Platform all of them actually do Um and depending on what your uh your RAM requirements are um CPU requirements Storage you know yada yada yada there's A lot of information that um depending Where you are in your uh your your Marketing Journey Um you may or may not require kind of

The uh the plan plan I'm using but um With my link you'll get three months Free and uh again for me what was really Really important was ease of use and Ease of transition so I moved a lot of Websites away from site uh siteground And they have um you know free one-click WordPress installations they have free Automatic website migrations now the Migrations generally take about a day Depending on how many websites you're Doing you can do three websites at a Time some of them will just Automatically go if you have bigger Um you know fat websites with tons of Content Takes about 24 hours from my experience They tell you three to four days I never Had one take more than 24 hours one of The challenges is making sure you have Enough hosting on your previous provider Because what they will do is uh they'll Basically duplicate your website before Yanking it over on the other web on the Other provider because they're putting a Backup on there and so what you do need To do is make sure that you have enough Room for let's just say you have a set You know four gigabyte website make sure That your hosting has eight gigabytes Currently to transfer Um otherwise you will get a get a bit of An issue so Um there are I'm not going to go too

Deep into the security or the service Service has been fantastic immediate uh Every time I have a problem I'm chatting With somebody within three to four Minutes and problems solved quite Frankly within 10 minutes Uh usually user error frankly it's Usually been my issue but Um very very happy with them and again There's WordPress hosting there's Website building Um and there's a lot of different Options for your website hosting whether It be um you know uh just general Websites Um Cloud hosting or VPS Um so let's go behind the scenes so Um as mentioned I've got 23 websites on This already I still have a couple other Um you know web hosting companies that Are that are out there uh I have a Couple of my websites my agency sites I've got some um you know some uh I Guess uh General affiliate marketing Websites so let's talk about that so Um from the from the front you can claim A free domain I don't ever do that I Always register my domains elsewhere Um and I use a couple different Companies I use namecheap I use GoDaddy I use one-on-one which is I now inos and Cloudflare Um so I don't never ever really realize Or need

Any uh domain hosts or domains uh from My web host because if I do leave the Web host I want to make sure that I have The domain still Um so I just recommend that so with the Package um you'll get web website um Hosting and uh in email so let's dig in Deep so Um as a sample um you know on the back End very easy to see what they do um Whether it's just general you know Performance security emails so I I Intentionally didn't set up an email on This particular account because I just Wanted to show you how easy it is Um but I also want to run a speed test On my website just to show you kind of One of the nice things about this um Is uh is they do offer a speed test so They can understand exactly how fast Your uh your site Um page speeds are because if you are Doing any kind of SEO work or if you're Doing any kind of Page search and you're Driving people to a website Um obviously uh that is a critical piece So um what it does it gives you an idea Of what's going on on the website Um how things are things that you can Work on so to me this is really Important because then I want to go Through and do again the same thing on On a mobile device because a lot of People are looking at mobile and see

Exactly what is the speed of the page And then make the adjustments based on It so this is kind of a new one Obviously I haven't optimized it yet I'm Just filling it with content right now And I will start to uh you know optimize It for affiliate marketing uh plans Whether it be um through Amazon or just Affiliate products so again desktop and Mobile well I wanted to specifically Show you that there are different scores So you know for me it's more important To optimize for mobile because mobile is Kind of the thing everybody does but Let's go back to uh you know that General dashboard here Uh and set up a an email so you know Real simply what you do is um you have To select a plan Um they give you a gigabyte of storage Per account Um so I'll let you kind of see exactly You know what what what's on there and If you want to you know pause and pause The video and read this but really what I'll do is just hit select Um you know I always go with the free Plans for emails because I I really Don't use that many I set up an email I Set up a password I create the new Account so we'll go ahead and just Create something Um And we'll create the new account and

Then it gets you access to your Webmail And uh if you need to you can copy over The passwords Um and uh and you know see the accounts Now you can share the login info you can Um you know do a lot of different things From there but what I do recommend is That you uh you know sync it up with Gmail or something like that and that'll Help you uh you know and that way you Have an email immediately that you can Start sending from and sending to Um for any of your email accounts so Let's talk about the WordPress behind The scenes now so a couple nice features Um they do automatically uh help you With a Lightspeed plug-in there's a Caching plug-in you can flush the cache Whenever you want they let you know About any updates Um the the SSL certificate comes free With this and they suggest some plugins And everything like that but you know The nice thing for me is being able to Quickly uh set up https for my website You can put these things in maintenance Mode but you can really see all the Information that you need very quickly It has a quick file manager that allows You to go right to your you know to your Stuff Um and so it's a very simple and easy to Use platform Um and it allows you to kind of do all

The files and it's you know just click And click and move on so I do want to Again remind you that if you hit my link Below you'll get three months uh free uh It's the best experience I've had so far With the web hosting company and they do Allow you if you have a ton of websites Now I I do once you max out your um your Current hosting plan you can just add in Another hosting plan you don't Necessarily have to upgrade you can just Go with two of them three of them Depending on what suits you best for the Uh the finances so again hit the link Below get signed up and let me know your Thoughts about what what web hosting you Like and uh thanks for watching