GoHighLevel Review | Why I Switched My Agency To GoHighLevel – 30 Day Free Trial!

GoHighLevel Review | Why I Switched My Agency To GoHighLevel - 30 Day Free Trial!

GoHighLevel Review | Why I Switched My Agency To GoHighLevel, And Why You Should Too! Free 30 Day Trial!

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If you’re unsure about whether or not you should use GoHighLevel, watch the video or read on to learn more. This customer relationship management (CRM) system helps enterprises and marketing agencies retain more consumers. The main purpose of the platform is to generate new sales leads and nurture existing ones. This can help a company grow in the long run. Nonetheless, there are some drawbacks to this service. This review will help you determine whether or not you should use it.

One drawback of the service is that it can become overly complicated. There is a lot of functionality that you may never use, and a CRM dashboard can be cluttered. As a result, it is a good idea to make the dashboard as simple as possible. For example, you can have the admins or managers view everything in the system, while sales members can access only their pipelines. You can even sell each part separately and offer upsells to increase your sales. Another downside to GoHighLevel is that there are only a few payment gateway options available, but once you’ve set up an account, you can use it to send and receive reviews.

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The customer support system is very good. Users can interact with each other in their Facebook group, which makes it easy to ask questions and get help. The founders of the program are also active in Facebook groups. Ultimately, they are very responsive to user suggestions. This is a great feature to have for any marketing or advertising campaign. It’s a great option for small and medium-sized businesses, especially those just starting out.

The GoHighLevel unlimited account gives you access to unlimited client accounts. It also provides a desktop program that allows you to customize the platform. The free trial period is 14 days, so it’s a great way to test out the service and see if it is right for you. Aside from its affordability, this tool has many positive reviews. You can start getting a free trial of GoHighLevel today to find out if it’s a good fit for your needs.

Get A SPECIAL 30 Day Free Trial of Go HighLevel Here:

The value of GoHighlevel can’t be overstated. It is extremely easy to use and creates amazing reviews for your business. You can also add a Twilio account to boost your SMS messaging and calling services. The control panel offers more details about your clients’ experiences. Using GoHighlevel can make your clients feel more confident. You’ll be glad you did. If you’re in the market for a CRM, try it out.

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If you got an agency and with more than One client or even just your own uh your Your own tracking is important to you I I I want to recommend very quickly you Take a look at high level and the reason I I want you to see see this so I'm Going to show you behind the scenes but First of all you know over 9,000 Agencies are using this um they're Working with a ton of businesses that Generate a ton of leads um but I want to Show you first beyond the 14 free trial Which I totally think you should get I Want to show you kind of behind the Scenes now I'm not going to actually Show you any of my accounts I created This fake account just to uh kind of Walk you through what it's like but I Highly recommend you check it out um the Key things that I use uh for my clients And you can create as many clients as You want and give them their own little Dashboards um it allows them to track Kind of at an instant you know how much You how many opportunities how many Leads you've created for them what the Value of those leads are and how many They've closed so let's talk about this Real quick so over here on the on the Left you'll see opportunities you can Customize this to say whatever you want Like if it's a new lead um you know Client needs to be followed up on uh Appointment booked uh appointment noow

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Whatever you can customize these columns But allows you to create a um a very Simple and easy uh database of new Opportunities for people businesses so Maybe Bob Smith their email their phone Um the the opportunity name could be Bob Smith Plumbing um you know the lead Value being you know let's say $2,500 uh if that's what you're charging If it was uh you know Facebook or Google Or however you generated you can create These things very simply and you know What I'm going to do this real quick We're going to do Bob Smith Um and um Bob Gmail.com let's just say uh Facebook lead Bob Smith is his company and I'm just going To use that as The and pipeline we're just going to use You know any of the ones you want to use Uh I'm going to just put them as a Appointment booked for right now and put It at $2,500 uh and we'll just put Facebook so I'm going to show you how This works real simple first of all we Created the contact we can drag and drop This at any point and if we want to we Can say that again we can edit it we can Assign tasks notes all that stuff um if We want to say it's closed one I can Just turn that into close one now the Important thing that we're going to go

Back and see is that we have one Opportunity Unity uh $2,500 um it's showing is open right now But it's actually closed and if I Refresh it'll probably update this Um but really quickly what I want to Show you is the ability to you know see At an instant kind of where things are In uh in the The Funnel um process so Let's talk about marketing if you're Doing any kind of email marketing um or What have you um we can do a create a a Full Um Campaign that will show you from start To finish kind of where people are um in A a process and let's just say that We're doing uh you know a a funnel for a Uh a promo campaign um I can create an Email I can create a text message a a Facebook Messenger I can call them I can Have a voicemail drop all these things Are editable and creatable in a camp Campaign um so if you're using like Active campaign or MailChimp um this is Actually all included in here uh so I'm Going to move my head a little bit um You can find Facebook ads Google ads Reporting call reporting um you can link Up a Twi twio phone number so that you Can make uh outbound texts phone calls And the like uh if you're using Clickfunnels um you can create um Funnels uh that are going to be easy to

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T you know to to access and uh and track Um you know you can have opt-in Pages You can have thank you Pages you can Create all that you can build a website Um you know a simple marketing agency Website home about you can create as Many new pages as you want um if you're Doing a membership uh you know you have A course or something like that um you Can do it all within high level um which Is obviously pretty fantastic um what I Think is also great is obviously you can Track uh all the contacts so it's a it's A it's a CMS um as I'm sorry a CRM as Well that allows you to kind of track Every single data point about a customer That you want um again there's Bob Smith I can go in I can see what where where The conversations are what text messages Emails I've sent um General activity Pages visit visited on my website um I Can see their name address phone number Uh website address um I can customize Different things um about you know uh Questions I want to see uh current Annual revenue um I can build those all Out in forms um that are easy to See and let's see let's get back away From Bob Smith um let's see marketing Forms I can build forms that uh that you Know that can be easily dragged and Dropped into a website into a funnel I Can do surveys uh I I can again have Email campaigns um I can create triggers

Which means that if somebody does Something if they click yes or click a Button or click a you know on an opin I Can create an automation based on that All done here um reputation management I Can see you know uh Google ads or I'm Sorry Google reviews uh Facebook reviews All editable here um chat widgets I can Actually put this into their um their Google Maps or uh Google my business I Can have a chat bubble that goes there I Can put it on their website I there's so Many reasons to use go high level I Don't know if I can necessarily put them All into uh into one quick video but I Do recommend highly that you click the Link below you get yourself a 14-day Free trial um of this if you have any Questions use my link I'm happy to walk You through and be your guide with go High level um if not you know by all Means just give them a test drive for 14 Days I think it'll be be be well worth Your time um again thanks for your time Here and I hope you give it a shot