DIY Starter Plan $149

DIY Starter Plan $149

This is the best deal in SEO!

DIY.Agency was formed to share the secrets that the agencies use, without the markup!  Having worked in agencies for over 15 years, we knew there was a better way to give clients results… for less!

Introducing the DIY Starter Plan

If you have ever heard of the 80/20 rule, you know that 80 percent of results, gets done from 20 percent of the effort.  That is what we have done here for you.  Of course there is more to SEO… but if you can get 80 percent from just 20 percent… you should do it!  So we stripped the best of SEO down to what we know will get results, but not cost a lot.  This is made for small businesses, entrepreneurs and startups that need to keep costs under control.

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Uh Oh… sounds cheap and risky!

Funny, that is exactly what was said about the internet… both e-commerce and advertising… by the people that fear change.  In reality, there is little to no risk… but more importantly, a huge reward opportunity.  There are no contracts, and you can cancel anytime you want.  If you don’t start seeing improvements within the first month, we want you to fire us!!  Risky… is spending 10x that amount for the same type of results!

What do I get for $149?

As mentioned, we stripped down our SEO strategy to the basics that we know get results.

  • We provide you with a Full Site Technical SEO Audit (Everything you need to improve your SEO)
  • We provide On-Site Optimization for a page of your choosing each month
  • We create 125 Google Map Citations so you can dominate your local market (Google Maps)
  • We provide you with a 1,000 word article for your website, blog, etc focuses on your keywords

What does this all mean for my business?

It means that your SEO improves each month.  Better SEO gets you higher rankings in Google searches (yes, Bing too).  Once you start ranking higher, you start to get more website visitors each month.  As you know, the more people that come to your website and see your offers, the more people will engage and become prospects or customers!

When can I expect results?

Established websites will take 4-5 Months, but will see improvement within weeks.  Newer and brand New websites will take longer, typically 6-8 Months.  If you need faster results, we encourage you to take a look at our other Plans or setup a free consultation to speak with an expert about your specific situation.

Case Study –

Case The Client started our services in February of 2015.
The client sold their company around March 2017, after the traffic got super high and the owner got an offer he couldn’t refuse!
So our SEO services were canceled then. You can see in the chart as it started to drop off.
The original owner said the only SEO he had going was ours, which accounted for the massive keyword gains.
This is an extreme example of a ton of keywords ranking… It is very common, however, for many more than just the target keywords to rank.