Descript’s AI Text To Image Creator Review and Demo

Descript's AI Text To Image Creator Review and Demo

✅💲 This is a quick review and demo of Descript’s AI Text To Image Creator tool.

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Today we're going to talk about the Scripts AI image Creator hey what's up Everybody it's Adam with DIY agency and Uh there's a lot of different AI Image Creators out there so this is a product I've used before I already have a Subscription with them so I just want to Showcase and demonstrate exactly how it Is and give you a quick review of uh you Know what I've found so really what We'll do is once we start up into Descript if you're not familiar with This to this with the script Um I would suggest you check it out they Have a lot of a lot of cool tools and Capabilities I've done their other Videos what I really like is they're uh They're uh their their text and audio uh Capabilities but here what we're going To do is we're going to talk about text To video or I'm sorry text to image so When you're in there um you know you Start a new project and you'll look for The media button here And then it gives you an option for uh You know videos gifs images whatever You're looking to to put in audio as Well but what I want to specifically Talk about again is the ability to Create text image AI capability so we'll Click on this and I've done a couple Already but I just want to kind of show Exactly what the prompt is so let's um You know let's just say we're looking

For something Um I don't know a softball Um player Uh sliding Into Base so It does take a little bit of time it's Uh it's not a lot of time but you know While we're doing this I want to just Show you what what I've done before just Trying it out Darth Vader surfing again That kind of looks like Batman so it's Not great Voluptuous blonde you know again nothing Maybe this one but neither of those two Really worked but I did like dog on a Skateboard they kind of nailed it very Well and again these are pretty darn Good Um that's uh you know not necessarily Somebody sliding into base but they're Showing the bass so let's try it out one More time just to give you a good feel Again this is a just an add-on as part Of their um you know their package so It's a free piece of the descript Platform so for me it's an it's a No-brainer I'm not going to say it's Going to Trump you know mid-journey or Any of the other AI creators but to me It's pretty pretty decent so you know I'll talk about a stock broker on the Phone because I was just thinking about Stocks and I just looked at phone just a

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Second ago so again it usually takes About 15 seconds to kind of create a Couple images and you know if you like One um you know there's options to go in And uh you know get a little bit deeper On it Um And I'm not sure exactly how to go back So I'm just going to go right back to Well there's the stock broker on the Phone Um so this is good um this is good again This one kind of looks fake the faces Are a little bit Askew Um so not too bad but again Um you know if I look for you know stock Broker on phone here you know I'm not Gonna always get um a lot of uh you know Great images even you know with with Unsplash Um so it does give me um some great Opportunities um and again really what You're going to do with this is either Utilize the images in your blog post Your website your videos whatever you're Looking to do but um just wanted to Cover it very quickly um that I thought It was uh was a decent um you know Decent capability and uh you know you Can do with it what you wish but um you Know to me it's a fair AI tool it's not The best by any stretch of the Imagination Um you know again maybe it's a really

Bit better with animals um so let's try That out again so let's talk about Um I did dogs so let's do cat In a tray And this will be the final one and uh Then we'll end the video but I just Wanted to see uh let you see exactly What you know the opportunities are and Again all you're really doing is if you Do like one you're dragging it into your You know these are great great so um They kind of really uh you know Considering it's an AI creation these Very much look like real pictures Um so Um you know to me that absolutely is a Believable image and uh you know can Definitely uh be editable Um and uh and the like so Um you know something that you can work With in my opinion and again if you like The tool you know you should check out The script and I hope this video helps

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