Review and Demo – Get Email Addresses From Your Website Visitors Automatically Review and Demo - Get Email Addresses From Your Website Visitors Automatically

This is a review of where you can pull email addresses from your website visitors, and then send them personal emails automatically.

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If you're struggling to get new leads For your business I'm going to show you A very cool tool that allows you to pick Up email addresses and leads directly From website visitors without you having To do anything and then most importantly It allows you to contact those same site Visitors without again you having to do Anything so let's talk about it I'm Going to take you behind the scenes in a Minute of how it all works but I just Want to introduce you to it first cover Some features and then we'll uh we'll Take it from there I will probably do Follow-up training uh on this on exactly How it works or more importantly how It's worked for me and the results but First I want to introduce you to it and Show you how to how to set it up so it's Customers Ai and basically what they're Doing is they're just capturing website Visitors and you can go uh use my link And you'll get a free trial of this Link is below but basically what you're Going to do is enter in your domain and It'll grade your website really it Covers a whole bunch of different types Of companies um you know probably good Chance that your company fits into their Model Um because they literally do everything Um and really what what again we're Doing here is it's basically visitor Retargeting so they're going to capture

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Uh some information you're just going to Put a simple pixel on your website kind Of like doing Facebook ads or anything Like that Um it integrates with a number of things Again like WordPress will show you Um and really we're just capturing data That's already been approved and then You're setting up an automatic workflow Where anybody that uh that that is Interested you're going to use what they Call a sign of Life detector email it's Going to just simply email them and if They respond back then you're going to Set up an automation to put them in a List or contact them or whatever but It's allowing you to kind of just Automatically send something which very Cool it can be automatically done by AI Uh copywriters Um but more importantly if you want to Just have a custom email you create your Own the key here is that you're going to Get about Uh 15 to 20 of of the visitors Um to your website you're going to Automatically get their uh their email Information so it's not 100 it's not a Perfect tool um but most importantly There you can then send them a Personalized email utilizing Ai and then What I really like is you can set this Up so that it's only on specific web Pages so uh rather than having you know

Every visitor from uh from your you know To your home page getting getting an Email what you can do is if somebody's Looking specifically at your pricing Page or the contact us page or a webinar Page or whatever something specific Where they're engaging and they're more Likely to be a customer Um or a a good Prospect you can set it Up just on that page so then you're only Utilizing this for your best customer so Let's take a look behind the scenes now We kind of covered this but really it's Again it's going to integrate with a Couple different uh different tools and We'll show that in a moment Um and again you know jump in for a free Uh free trial uh utilizing my link so Once you're in once you're signed up Um you're going to kind of land on a Page like this that's going to talk About your activation steps so the first Thing they're going to do is they're Going to want you to install X-ray and That's going to be pretty easy we'll Talk about that in a second then you're Connecting email connecting your CRM if You want to and then your automations And then choosing a plan if you like it So let's talk about you know Installation so you can use it in a Number of different ways for me it's Going to be simplest I use WordPress for Every single one of my sites so I'm

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Going to literally just add it to WordPress so it's going to provide me With a how-to it's going to show me a Plug-in if I want or I can just simply Put paste in the code and then click Save if I need to I can send it to my Website developer so anybody that's not Familiar with how to work on on the back End of a website real simple send this To your developer and then verify verify That the script is working correctly Once it's done you can then you know Test it and be ready to move to the next Phase if you are having any trouble you Can schedule a guided installation and Or just talk to their help help people Right away So once you've done that again we're Going to install x-ray the next thing We're going to do is we're going to Install or connect our email account so We can connect with Google connect with Microsoft Connect manually so what I do Recommend Um is that you are you kind of use a Workspace Email if you have it if you're Not familiar with Google workspace it is Our paid tool otherwise you're limited To just sending five emails per day However if you're in business you've got To invest in your business so if you Don't have something that automatically Allows you to go over that five a day if You're utilizing Gmail so if you're

Using a paid tool in your own personal You know website email a whole different Story but if you're just using a free Gmail address it is limited to five Emails per day so they do recommend uh Linking to a business email or a Google Workspace email which is not limited so You'll just go ahead and connect with uh With your account And then once you're done that you can Connect to um to a uh oops a CRM so crms Are going to be real simple so you'll Have Google Sheets MailChimp um zapier Can do a lot of cool things Um so there's more than just uh you know A few different things that you can work With there so what you'll want to do is Integrate there and then um Once we're done that we're going to go To our automation so automations are Real simple so you connected your email You can create a trigger so once Somebody does something specific uh what We're going to do is we're going to Check the lead for a sign of life and This is really real cool so what what's Going to happen is once it's it's grab That email address of that person that Visited that specific page that you want You know want them to visit Um you are going to set it up to wait For as long as you want and you can Customize this and then you're going to Send what they call a sign of Life email

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And so that sign of Life email is going To be kind of like a hey how are you so You're on my website um did you have any Questions or you know are you interested In getting more leads or are you Interested in you know protecting your Dog from you know uh fleas or whatever Your you know your value proposition is It allows you to then send that quickly And then check for engagement so if they Open it if they you can check whether They um they open it whether they click On it or whatever and then you can Create a further automation behind the Scenes utilizing this tool so I'm a go High level you level user so what I'm Going to want to do is I'm going to want To integrate it so that it automatically Then sends people into my go high level And I have a much further automation From there but it allows me to start Weeding out quickly people that are Engaged rather than just throwing people Into a list I'm looking for a very Segmented thing I can also set it up to Email me notify me so if I am selling a Product or a service and I'm looking for Hot leads I've got a hot lead based on That so that is an important thing to do Is figure out who your hot leads are so Once you're done with your automations You're then going to decide long term Whether you want to have a um you know a Plan with them so what I want you to do

Is then go check out their plans Um they're recommending their starter Plan but what I want you to do more Importantly is just get on their free Plan and if need schedule a demo or get Behind the scenes beyond that there's a Lot of different things that you can do Based on their starter Pro and Enterprise I highly recommend you start With the free plan Um just sign up using my link get uh get Set up and uh and we'll take it from There and if you have any questions or Comments please drop them down below and Uh thanks for watching