AIWiseMind Review And Demo For Affiliate Marketing

AIWiseMind Review And Demo For Affiliate Marketing

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Discover the benefits of AIWiseMind, an AI-powered content creation tool for affiliate marketers. Save time and effort with automatic website setup, content management, and SEO optimization. Be ahead of the competition by creating high-quality articles that adhere to Google’s guidelines. Don’t miss out on this opportunity! Get your AIWiseMind today and optimize your affiliate marketing efforts.

In this review, we’ll be taking a deeper look at AIWiseMind, the AI-powered content creation tool designed specifically for affiliate marketers. If you’re an affiliate marketer, this product can greatly benefit you. With its range of features, such as automatic website setup, content management, and SEO optimization, AIWiseMind can save you valuable time and effort. It allows you to create comprehensive, informative articles that adhere to Google’s guidelines for search engine rankings. Without AIWiseMind, you may find yourself struggling to create high-quality content that stands out from the competition.

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Who Is AIWiseMind For:

AIWiseMind is specially designed for affiliate marketers who are looking to enhance their online presence and stay ahead of the competition. This includes:

Affiliate marketers who want to streamline their content creation process and save time

Individuals who are new to affiliate marketing and need assistance with generating engaging content

Website owners who want to optimize their SEO and improve their search engine rankings

Professionals who want to establish their expertise and credibility in their respective niches

No matter your skill level or experience, AIWiseMind provides a user-friendly and efficient solution for all affiliate marketers striving to create compelling content and boost their online presence.

AIWiseMind is a groundbreaking AI-powered content creation tool designed specifically for affiliate marketers. Its sequential prompt approach, adherence to Google’s guidelines, and website management features make it an invaluable asset for online marketers. By generating comprehensive and in-depth content effortlessly, affiliate marketers can enhance their online presence, attract their target audience, and ultimately boost their affiliate marketing efforts with ease. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced marketer, AIWiseMind offers the tools and capabilities you need to stay ahead of the competition and achieve success in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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Hey what's up it's Adam with DIY agency And today we're going to talk about AI Wise mind uh which is a new product from Chris derenberger and I hope I'm saying This name right uh Darren burner um he's Made a lot of products um and softwares That uh that I use and this one is Really about just creating SEO friendly Uh content uh through Ai and doing it Quickly and easily Um it's a very passive system so Um as noticed or noted here it's Effortlessly create schedule and publish Rank dominating content on autopilot so The first thing I like about it is it Offers informational content but it also Does a lot of reviews Um it looks like it's launching uh to The general public on July 24th so uh Either you'll see this before or after And uh when that does happen Um you know be sure to use my link below To sign up and if you haven't already Signed up it's a great time to uh get Get in Um through uh through that link so Really what I like about it is the set And forget Amazon reviews and we're Going to show that in a second you can Link this up with your WordPress website You can just create create the content And copy and paste whatever you you're Looking to do so I'm going to show you Kind of the back end here

Um and what what it offers again is Informational posts Amazon product Reviews or general product reviews So if we're doing an informational post Again you just enter your campaign name The keywords or URLs that you want the Information to be based on and then if You want to use a keyword as a title and Then if you want to put any additional Information like hey I want this article To talk about X Y or Z you would just Add in extra context it automatically Can add videos from YouTube or images From a number of different image sources And then really what you're going to Have is a couple different content Customization capabilities so You can do GPT 3.5 turbo or their 16k Which is a little bit cleaner you can Use multiple different languages Multiple different tones of voice and Then content length it can be short Medium long I generally use the medium And just because it says about 1500 Doesn't mean it's going to be there I've Gotten a number of posts that are a lot Longer than that Um total number of posts to create and You can publish on a schedule Um and literally you can choose every Minute hour day week you know if you're Doing 100 you could do a hundred a week Or 100 a month or 100 a year Um and really all you're going to do is

Again if you want to put in a custom Title you're going to add that there and Then post it to WordPress what it would Do is allow you to select whichever site You have already added and then you can Put a publish pending or draft and then It'll generate a featured image generate Tags or generate categories you can if You wanted to for instance create your Own category Um you do that and then you can create Create and do all these things so Um this is the count the campaign Section um the content just shows you What you've already created uh Connecting sites this just allows you to Um connect your WordPress site uh Directly to uh aiwise mind you can do Site groups so you can do category Um groups meaning that um it's going to Be a number of sites together based on You know a niche or something like that Site wizard is if you're starting from Scratch and you don't have a WordPress Setup it will actually help you go Through the whole uh process of setting Up your WordPress site I am going to Show you kind of um just my background Here Um I am on the uh the Platinum Plus plan That's the largest plan Um and it's got me a bonus so I signed Up and took advantage of uh I'm getting 370 I'm sorry 3 750 pieces of content

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Per month and as you can see I've Already used a significant amount of Them Um And so really it does again also give You an opportunity to export your Content Um you know and whatnot so let's take a Look at an example of a post Um so I told you about the informational Post so let's go back to that um real Quick Um so we can also create Amazon product Reviews or regular product reviews and It gives you the option of a single Product uh review for each post or Multiple product Roundup so if I'm doing Uh let's just say I'm making 10 reviews About a softball pitching machine for Example what I would do is I can either Do it if it's an Amazon product I can Link the Amazon URL here or I can create A a bunch of reviews on pitching Machines specific to that category so I Would literally just go into Amazon type In pitching machines and then I'd copy In the URL here and then I would you Know associate my affiliate ID from Amazon and then you can select which Domain you want from there All the other options are the same the Only difference being if I'm looking to Do a product review of a regular product Not not affiliated with Amazon I could

Enter in my affiliate link here so Really awesome capabilities and again Once you set this up if you set it up to Do 100 or if you set it up to do one it Can run on autopilot or I can just do The one so I'm going to show an example Of one I did and I literally did the Jugs Pitching Machine and that's Literally what it was called this just Doesn't necessarily name it but that's How I want to identify the category Um or the campaign Um like I said I took the URL directly From Amazon I created one post now you Can again publish immediately or publish On schedule and I posted directly to uh WordPress and as as mentioned even Though it was set up I'll show you the Setup here Um It was set up as a um A medium article and I don't think I Covered this you can do first person First person plural second person third Person or random for these articles so It gives you a a point of view as well And so I I did one and I published to One of my sites and you know selected a Category and again it was a 2600 word Even though it was set up for about 1500 So let's take a look at what it looks Like so Um here you can kind of view it you can Download it you can do it again you can

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Publish you can do all kinds of Different things but we'll just take a Look at what the article looks like And uh this is really the the amazing Part is um it's all just one push button Thing and you get an introduction and Since this has actually been posted They've actually keep they've tweaked it A little bit better so you're actually Getting better results Um because one of the drawbacks at first Was kind of the um the links weren't Really big Um but you know this takes it directly To my affiliate link Um but basically what it did was um it You know shows me all the information Writes a one heck of a long article Um about it Um including again videos images stuff Like that pros and cons FAQs reviews Conclusions and then of course it'll Show you exactly what it looks like on Your website so we'll go ahead and do That Um so as mentioned on the website uh you Know for me it didn't come out too clean Um as far as the get yours now wasn't Obvious so they have actually made Updates um again this was uh created Three weeks ago so uh since then since The lease they've been Chris and his Partner have been updating the software Uh continuously but as you can imagine

Um there's just tons of information uh Here so That's uh the beauty of this and so you Can just you know crank out a ton of Content Um very quickly and easily so the final Thing I want to talk about is there are A ton of different tutorials that are Available to walk you through a lot Further than what I've done and they Show you how to connect your uh your API Key Um how to you know connect with YouTube Pixabay whatever connect your WordPress Site Um you know and again how to do each Type of review or informational post and So there's just a ton of information That is available from these guys and Again this is uh the two guys that have Put it together are Nasir novin and Chris direnberger um just awesome Awesome product creators and again it Will be sold I believe through Warrior Plus so there are refund capabilities And the like so hopefully this review Helps and go out there and crush it with Some content