Adwords/PPC Management

With our PPC Management service, we get you set up to advertise on Google and generate high quality leads into your business, fast!

Paid traffic is one of the most powerful ways to acquire new prospects and customers, but many business owners and entrepreneurs find it extremely difficult to generate a positive ROI as market competition grows each year and advertising networks become more complex.

Managing Paid Search successfully takes a multi-faceted approach. At the core, paid traffic requires knowing your numbers, but also takes strategy, creativity, and a high level of knowledge of the ad platform.

Through our innovative paid advertising process, we not only avoid these mistakes, but put your campaigns on a strategic path to getting a fast return on your marketing investment.

The DIY PPC Method:

1. Campaign Design

We expertly design your campaigns and use our unique pre-optimization process to launch ahead of the curve. This smart strategy saves you money right out of the gate.

2. Search Term Optimization

In Phase 2, we continue to refine campaigns and ensure that we’re only advertising on qualified traffic.

3. Traffic Optimization

As we get more data, we break out adgroups and lazer target prospects. This not only increases CTR (click through rate) but lowers CPC (cost per click).

4. Performance Optimization

After we get enough clicks and time, we can tell what keywords prove out and what to cut. We optimize campaigns performance.

5. Scaling Up

As we find more winning combinations, the testing never stops. We keep rotating ad copy until the new contender beats the winner, which means your ads are getting better all the time. This allows you to scale your campaigns at the highest ROI.

How It Works:

Step 1 : Select Your Package

After determining your goals & budget, select your package and add-ons.

Step 2 : Onboarding

During your onboarding, you’ll grant us access to your Google Ads account, or you can create a new account. We’ll also gather the necessary information from you.

Step 3 : Campaign Design

We’ll design your campaigns including keyword research, ad copy creation, landing page creation, tracking, and more. You can approve all these before we launch.

Step 4 : Campaign Launch

We’ll launch your campaigns and start monitoring results.

Step 5 : Daily Optimization

The start of your campaign is critical as we gather data. Our unique, multi-stage optimization process ensures your campaigns are producing at optimal levels at all times.

Step 6 : Ongoing optimization, scale & reporting

With weekly reporting and a dedicated campaign manager, you’ll have full confidence in what’s happening with your campaigns at all times.


Do I own my own account? Expand

Yes, we setup the account for you, or can take over an existing account… but we require you to keep the account in your name in case we ever decide to part ways.

How much should I spend? Expand

We recommend our clients spend between $1,000 to $10,000 per month, paid directly to Google. (There is a fee from us to manage of 10-15% depending on project.

Do I need PPC if I am already doing SEO? Expand

PPC is a quick and effective way to get targeted traffic to your website, today, even if your website is already optimized.  We highly recommend that all of our clients do both.  PPC makes it easy to get fast results that are far more easy to track than SEO.  Using an agency to manage your campaign is always suggested.  Online advertising is extremely competitive, and its best to trust your campaign to Google Certified experts who understand how to get the best results from your PPC