5 Ways To Make More Money

5 Ways To Make More Money

5 Ways To Make More Money:

Find More Customers
Offer More Products Or Services
Get Them To Buy Multiple Times
Increase Your Prices
Convert More Of Your Offers

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Five ways to make more money hey what's Up everybody it's Adam with DIY agency And as mentioned today's topic is going To be five ways to make more money uh Very specifically we're going to talk About one at the end here but I really Want to just go through if you're a Small business owner if you're affiliate Marketer whatever you are there's Usually only about five ways to increase Your revenues the first is obviously to Find more customers so if you have 10 Customers the first way to do it is find 10 more find one more and then you're Going to of course make more money the Second thing is to offer more products Or services for those customers to buy So again if you have 10 customers and They're all buying product a if you Offer product B product C product D and Etc it's a great way to increase your Sales just think about McDonald's would You like fries with that when somebody's Asking to buy something you obviously Want to offer something else the Third Way is to get them to buy multiple times Again whether it's 10 10 customers if They're only buying once a year if we Can get them by twice a year three times A year buy once a day whatever it might Be increasing the number of times that They purchase is a great way to increase The revenues that your company is making Um the the fourth way is simply increase

Your prices so if you have 10 customers And they're paying a thousand dollars a Month the best way to increase revenues Without increa finding more customers Offering more products or getting them To buy multiple times is just simply Increase your product or your pricing so If you move it up to two thousand Dollars a month and you've essentially Doubled your income uh without changing The amount of customers or anything like That Um so that is the number one through Four my favorite way Um is number five so once you have Customers it's easy to do all those Things um you know offer more products Or Services get them to buy them Multiple times or increase your uh your Prices finding more customers is usually Pretty um pretty easy because there are A lot of people if you have a great Offer Um but converting more of your offers is Really the critical piece so if it takes You 10 meetings to get a new customer if You can increase the amount of uh Customers you get from those same 10 Meetings then you you'll increase your Revenues without having to do any extra Work and so what we're going to talk About really is how to convert more of Your offers without really doing Anything extra so one of my favorite

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Things is uh is marketing boost and Basically what it is is simply it's Incentive-based marketing so if you're Talking with uh with a prospect and you Uh you know put out an offer you can Incentivize them to close or to do Business with you by offering them in This situation uh a a complimentary Hotel stack um complimentary vacation Really what this is used for is um it's It's used by um business owners by sales Managers and marketing managers Marketers affiliate marketers so let's Talk about that real quick so a business Owner obviously it's going to be a Situation where you know you run the Business and you want to increase your Sales Um sales managers uh sometimes it's About getting your sales people to to Work a little bit harder and uh you know All offering some kind of you know Reward system for uh you know uh you Know most sales in the month or the Biggest sale of the month or something Like that another way to do it is again With marketing managers it's the same Same concept there Um just ways to uh increase Um again uh sales or average order Values or you know lifetime customer Values blah blah blah blah um and of Course marketers and affiliate marketers So this is really where I'm I'm coming

To you from is about really just Converting more offers Um so if I offered up a product Um as an affiliate marketer and I'm Telling you know hey you should use uh Product a b or c if I'm telling you to Use a marketing boost Um if I incentivize it by saying hey if You sign up for marketing boost I will Give you a uh you know a complimentary Hotel stay and somebody else is saying Sign up for marketing boost and they're Not offering that then who are you going To choose obviously you're going to Choose me I'm more likely to close that Deal um so it makes more sense so I Really want to want to talk about first Is the destination so with incentives um It's got to be something of value uh you Can't just say hey look buy this Thousand dollar product and I'll give You an extra can of Coke Um or I'll buy you a happy meal at McDonald's it's got to be something of Value Um so if you look at where what they Offer they offer vacation stays all Across the United States they offer them In multiple countries around the world And I'm just going to scroll through This as we're going and really the Concept being is it's five night five Days four nights or three days for um Three day four days three nights in a

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Location where they're paying for you're Paying for the hotel there are Resort Fees and stuff like that like Wi-Fi and And the like um taxes that they do have To pay but you know a typical hotel stay Might be let's just say for numbers sake 300 Um and if you're able to get them uh That same hotel stay for three hundred Dollars Um on on the house essentially they're Still gonna have to pay for the Wi-Fi They're still gonna have to pay for the Taxes they would be paying that for Paying that anyway but if you could get Them that discount on that 300 then That's certainly a value especially if They're already planning on doing Something like that or if you're you Know saying hey Win a contest uh go to Orlando or go to You know San Diego or Vegas or whatever It might be Um really great opportunities Um and let's just talk about Industries Like where can you use this Um again there are multiple different Industries that you can be involved in And offer this Um it doesn't have to just be affiliate Marketing and be a business owner it Could be a local business you could be a Restaurant Um you could again do uh Home

Inspections I'm just you know zipping Around here but informational products Is a great way to do it um affiliate Marketing is great that's what I like to Do is I work with local businesses and I Tell local businesses like Dennis Doctors lawyer stuff like that Um when they get a new client um they Can incentivize them so for a dentist Let's just say as an example Your uh you know your local dentist is Offering Invisalign which is a very big Teeth straightening uh you know uh Situation Um and those are not cheap it's 2 000 Bucks or if you're offering braces or Something like that can be up to five Thousand dollars so a new customer Obviously brings in a lot of Revenue Um so there's tons of dentists there's Tons of orthodontists around the uh the Country and and even in your backyard There's probably three to four within 10 Miles of you So how do you differentiate yourself From your competition you offer an Incentive for any kind of new client so Um if little Bobby needs braces and you Know Dr Johnson is offering uh you know Invisalign uh plus Um a trip to uh to let's just say uh Vegas for Mom and Dad or a trip to Charleston Um if little bobby gets the uh the the

The the braces or Invisalign then it's Going to be more likely to close than if You know Dr Smith doesn't offer anything And has the same pricing so that's the Concept here Um and again really what we're talking About with uh with with how it can be Valuable to you is there's a free basic Plan for this so you don't even have to Spend any money Um you can actually take a trip of your Own for up to fifteen hundred dollars Um and try this out on your own to make Sure it works and then you can give it Away to uh you know just an unlimited Vacations in six different destinations So you can actually try this before you Actually even spend a penny so you can Earn some business Um and increase your offer closes just By doing that so you know converting More of your offers doesn't have to be Difficult again if you're presenting Proposals to uh to clients on a daily Basis or prospects on a daily basis if You can find some way of incentivizing Them it doesn't have to be marketing Boost which I highly recommend and again They have a free trial so I definitely Recommend that but there are many many Ways to incentivize whether it's a cup Of coffee at uh you know the local Coffee place or or something like that Depending again making it representative

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Of what the sale means to you so if I'm Offering a thousand dollar product Then I can give away a little bit more Money if I'm only offering a ten dollar Product Um then you know or my you know if my my Sale price is ten dollars then obviously My incentive has to be a little bit Smaller Um because it sounds a little ridiculous To give away a hotel stay for a ten Dollar sale but if I'm off you know if I'm selling something like Invisalign For two thousand dollars or if you know I'm doing a home inspection or again if You look at many of those different Things Um as we talk about different Industries So you know again if you're doing any Kind of life insurance wow I mean this Is a recurring life life um life or Revenue stream uh retirement planning uh Home Improvement Again Fitness Gym Mortgages weddings uh you know imagine The price of a wedding you know if You're a photographer Um or uh if you're doing a new roof These things are enormous if you're Selling cars Um they are you know if you're selling a Forty thousand dollar car and again you Know there's multiple let's just say Kia Dealers or multiple uh you know Ford Dealers offering very similar pricing

But one dealer is offering you a trip to You know uh to let's just say Italy Um for uh five nights and you know six Days then you know obviously I'm gonna Buy the car from that dealer because it Just makes that much more sense so um You know again really simply there are Five ways to to make more money um from Every sale you you know every every Business it's find more customers offer More products or services to those Customers Um get them to buy more often multiple Times Um simply increasing your prices or Converting more of your offers to the Prospects that end up becoming more um Becoming those clients so I'm gonna have A link below uh that's gonna be uh be The same uh same link here um so if you Want to try out marketing boost uh There's a free trial check it out um if This is uh making sense I hope it does Uh you know and you like the video Please smash that like button and uh Thanks for watching